Saturday, June 24, 2006

Sinful Gathering..

Sinful food with great companions! We just had our Donnatz Clan gathering at my place. Lotsa food were seen on the table! Perut boleh kembong sey!! With jokes & chattering, we ate the managed to try all the food. Each member gets to tapau the food too.. So the next few days it's diet time!! rite gurlz?? ;) wahahahaha

Here are the list of food that we had:

1. Black Pepper Pasta
2. Nutella Frosted Cuppies
3. Nuggets & Balls
4. Veggie Quiche
5. Breadcrumb Stuffed Hotdog
6. Polar Sugar Roll
7. Polar Curry Puff
8. Donnuts
9. Pizzas
10. Bread & Butter Pudding
11. Manggo Pudding
12. Ice Cream
13. Dark Chocolate Truffle (besday cake)

Banyak kan????!!!

At the same time, we celebrated hubbie's advanced birthday. I had ordered Dark Chocolate Truffle from Royal Cake and Nollie was assigned to pick the cake up in the afternoon.. Tenkiu hor Nollie ;)

And today also mark Alisha 16th months! So the Daddy & Daughter cut the cake togeder-geder..

So let the peektures do the talking... :)

Absent with Apology : Cennie

The Food

The Shots

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