Monday, June 26, 2006

Happy TIGA POSEN Hubbie!!

Hubbie turns BIG 30 today! *dah tuek* :p

On this very day, I was down with flu + fever and was on mc. Spent my day on the bed, sleeping due to the drowsiness from the medicine taken. Hubbie is on Family Flexi Leave and take care of Alisha. We did not even go out in the day. So today after maghrib, hubbie drove me to AMK as I need to meet the simply cupcakes lady, Ayu, to pick up my order.. I've ordered hubbie's besday cuppies from her.. :)

Then we went to Jalan Kayu for dinner. Bump into Rosie & family there. After eating went straight home.

At home, I surprised hubbie with his besday present. The "thing" that he longed for... ;)

HAPPY 30th BESDAY to my BELOVED HUBBIE, RAHMAT.. Semoga dipanjangkan usia dan dimurahkan rezeki.. Insya Allah... From: Mama & Icah

The Liverpool theme Cuppies

Hubbie with his 30 sen Besday Cuppies

The 30 sen Besday Present, Swatch

Opening his 30 sen present

Showing his 30 sen present to Icah

Posing with his 30 sen Besday Present

Wearing it

Mama & Icah with Besday Abah

The Liverpool Cuppie with the soccer guy

Thanks Ayu for the Nice Birthday Cuppies! My hubbie simply lurve it!

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