Friday, June 23, 2006

Friday Finally!!


Just finished eaten my Zinger lunch meal. Feeling so bloated suddenly. Went to Taka with Nollie & Nana... I picked up my loan book from the Orchard Library! Yesh! Finally I've loan a book from the library after 1 year & half.. When I was pregnant with Alisha, I so very the rajin borrowing books from Bedok Library but I stopped when I stepped into my 36th weeks. And TODAY I stepped into the library again after sooo long.. hiak hiak hiak.. I just miss the peaceful library environment... So I shall be going library often now as it's just 1 MRT away from my werk place :p

This evening we will be visiting my granny again. She has been admitted to SGH for more than a week. At first was due to low blood. Now doctor found tumour growing in her intestine and what make matter worst is that, her intestines are bleeding.. Gosh! The same thing happened to my FIL last year except that FIL does not have any tumour in his intestine. Seeing my granny in that condition really makes me sad. In fact all of us (my dad's family) are so sad to see granny sooo weak. She is bedridden. She used to be a strong lady. Likes her children to bring hee out. But now she could not even walk nor speak. I just hope that she will be well again and get to go back home. Hopefully the tumour is not a cancerous one! I don't want to lose another granny as she is the only granny that left. My maternal granny & great-granny left us last year. 2006 begins with the lost of my maternal grandad... Now we can't afford to lose another family member again! It's soo heart wrenching...

On a happier note, tomoro will be a long awaited gathering for the DoNNatz clan over at my abode.. Can't wait to see them again!! There will be lotsa food!! So wait for the updates perhaps sometime next week!

I leave you guys with Alisha's peektures... Have a great weekend!!

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