Monday, June 19, 2006

Why Oh Why?!

Why Shah Iskandar is not the winner of Anugerah Skrin??! I just like the way he hosts & acts but too bad luck is not on his side! Shahril is not bad tho'.. I'm sooo happy that Huda won! yay!! Lucky it's not that super "yek" Surianny!!! wakakaka.. Call me bad but I super dunt like that Surianny's attitude and she is over confident and over-acting/over-hosting..

Nevertheless, I knew Datuk Yusoff Haslam was quite disappointed that Shah Iskandar is out but my instinct said that Datuk Yusoff Haslam will sure take in Shah to be in his drama, even for a minor role. Can see Shah is his favourite! Huda really captivates him since the day he became the judge.

Hopefully Huda & Shahril will do Singapore proud by giving their best in the film industry in Malaysia led by Datuk Yusoff Haslam...

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