Saturday, June 10, 2006

World Cup Munchies..

Hubbie wanted samosa for his "tidbits" munching while watching the World Cup matches. So this morning I made it for him. Stocked up in the freezer and when he wants, I fry..

The samosa ready to be freezed

Met up with hir & Nollie at Bugis and we off to New Hawa Restaurant at MacKenzie Road. Hubbie "mengidam" wanting to eat noodle in daun opeh. So his craving has finally came to an end when he get to eat it over at Hawa Restaurant.

Nicely wrap Mee in Daun Opeh

The Mee Hongkong

Nollie & hir

My LiL Darling

After our late lunch, hubbie drove aimlessly not knowing where to go. All of us too had no idea where to lepak.. But we end up at Marina Square and I end up shopping for Alisha's pyjamas at Kiddy Palace. They are having sale at the atrium for this weekend. Then we tot of sipping some ice blended at Starbucks but we ended up at Secret Recipe. It's all hir's fault..wakakaka.. Anyway he treated us there. Both Nollie and myself have been craving their cakes so we finally get to eat it after sooo long. It's all led by our MMVD members, Maslia & Zana kept telling us that they always get to eat the cakes in their offices. Either they bought it or someone gave it to them. But today both of us get to eat those yummylicious cakes!! Sungguh sedappppppp!!

The pakai baju Thai couple

The food we ordered

After dinner, we sent hir & Nollie back and we made our way home as hubbie wanted to watch the World Cup matches which starts tonite. So I shall fry some samosa for him...

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