Friday, March 31, 2006

Weeee! Weekend is here!!

Yay!! It's Friday!! Meaning time to boogie woogie!! Can't wait to go back and fetch our Lil darling.. Since we had went over to my parents' hse yesterday so tonite we shall bring her out...

Yesterday we found something amazing coming out from her mouth. My parents, sis, hubbie and myself heard her saying "Allah" upon putting her hand at her left ear... She will do that when we said "Allahu Akhbar"... But for the first time, she followed us saying "Allah" ... We were sooo happy. I tot it's only a passing word but it came again and again.. It's an achievement for her! hehe... It's all thanks to my MIL who keep teaching her ukhrawi basics like "Alhamdulillah", "Amin" and she will put her hand on her face and slide it down.... She's growing! Yesh my lil darling is growing!!!

25 mins more to go before I declare OFF....

Have a great weekend frens!!!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Finally an update!

Lately I'm being lazy to update this blog.. really! The tot of ending it up really crossed my mind but shall see how lah...

Anyway some updates over the weekend...

Last Friday my lil girl turned 13 months... At 13 mths she :

  • Has 8 teeth in total (comprises of "gigi kapak")
  • Trying her best to walk on her own but still afraid.
  • If she holds on to someting, she can "tawaf" the whole house
  • If we, adult we laffing, she will follow suit. Laffing her heart out
  • She will show her teeth when asked "Mana gigi Icah?"
  • When asked "Mana mata Icah?", she will blink her eyes
  • When someone wants to carry her, have to say "where's meow?" den she will follow you.. hehe
  • She loves to sway herself when listen to any music

That's all that I can update about my lil girl at 13...

Here's her pic @ 13th....

Just the 3 of us

On Friday itself, we went over to my parent's place and watched APM together.. Once APM finished, the 3 of us went in JB to top up petrol and turned back to SG. Went back after that..


Attended Reen's daughter Nur Alyssa Qaizara's cukur rambut. Picked mayang & Rian up den off we went to Reen's abode. We being the first arrived guests had our touched on the delicious food first! At that time the Marhaban still going on.. Thanks Reen for inviting...

Pictures of Alisha Ameera & Rian Haris

Then off we went to my ex-kolig, Celine, house at Pine Close for her housewarming. Met Hani and some of my ex-kolig there... Simple but nice house... Stayed there for 45 mins before we made a move back home.. Thanks Hani for Alisha's belated present... Alisha got a nice pair of gold earring and gold love pendant from Uncle Faizal & Aunty Hani...

At nite after hubbie watched his Liverpool game, we went out again to meet Ros & Adam at YD to pass something to Ros... Stayed there for about 45 mins enjoying the windy moment.. Hubbie and Adam talked abt cars while Ros & me entertained my lil girl... After that Ros & Adam made their way home and the 3 of us had our supper at Jalan Kayu... Reached home about 1.45am...


At 12 noon, we picked up my parents and my sis to go for Metro Sale.. Surprisingly, not so many people in the Expo Hall... While my mum, sis, hubbie and myself busy shopping, Alisha is taken care by my dad.. hehe.. Aman sket shopping... :p

I din buy much things tho... Sep sket duit.... After the shopping spree, we went to Bedok Hawker Centre for lunch... Then off to send my parents and sis back and we went back too.. Back home, Alisha slept for nearly 3 hrs as she was sooo tired...

After maghrib, we went out again for dinner... Both of us din know where to go.. Hubbie drove from PIE to CTE to TPE and end up again at Jalan Kayu.. aiseyyy... Then back home as Monday is a working day!!

Ohh ya..Yesterday when hubbie opened the letter box, we found the Progress Package letter addressed to each of us.. When we opened, muka ada sinyummmmm.... Wow!! Alhamdulillah..rezeki!!! So come May, all Sporean will be "richer" with a certain amount... :)

Till the next update, adious!!!!

Presenting Alisha with her Dancing COW (her new toy bought by her Atok Bak)

Thursday, March 23, 2006

A day more to go!

Yesh! So fast it's Thursday! Meaning a day more to go before weekend!! Yehaooooo!!!

Yesterday nite I was super rajin you know... I baked the Nutella Frosted Cupcakes. Got the recipe from her.. I made 24 cups of it. And it really turned out well! And the taste, goodness!! Very delicious!! Hubbie loved the cupcakes too!! So I packed some for my koligs in the office, not forgotten for my partner in crime, Nollie... Hubbie wanted it for breakfast today... :) Perhaps shall do it again this weekend if time permits!!

Now need to start thinking where to go for lunch!!! Nollieeeeeee, where shall we go later???!!!!!! This is an everyday problem for us.. Thinking where to eat lunch in this busy Orchard Road!! hehe

Shall stop here for now...

Monday, March 20, 2006

Aching, Swelling Gums..

My poor darling has a swelling gums... 4 teeth coming up at the same time and that caused her gums to ache & swell.. Pity her.. These few days she is really cranky.. We do apply the Detinox teething gel on her gums... At one time she can be very active, playing & laughing and one moment she can starts to cry out loud. One thing is that she is so clingy to me.. Just this morning when I was about to take my bath, she cried out loud till I just cudn't stepped inside the bathroom.. Hubbie had to pacify her yet she cried and cried.. I have to take a quick shower and get dressed. Took her in my arm and she held me so tightly... Pity her... After awhile she started back her cheerful mood.. Phew!

Updates on what we did during weekend...

Saturday : Went BBQ at East Coast. We organized Ewah2 BBQ for the chatters... It was a windy day... Luckily Alisha was not that cranky... Stayed there till 10.30pm... Once back home, I bathed Alisha up and put her to sleep... By 12am, the 3 of us off to dreamland....

BBQ Pics

Sunday: Noon, I went to cut my hair at Bedok Central.. Feel so fresh and lighter... Phew! Then around 3.30pm, we brought Alisha to Tampines.. Went Haagez Dasz to redeem our voucher.. Ordered Fondue and Ice Mango Tea... Alisha enjoying the fondue too! Went window shopping and finally ate our dinner at the Food Culture at Century Square at 6.15pm... We tapau New York Pizza back for our later consumption... :)

The Fondue set.. Yummylicious rite??? *slurp*

The ice cream....

The buruk face of me & my cutie Alisha

Till then, have a great week ahead!! Tahh!!

She's trying to be a potential entertainment journalist.. :)

Sunday, March 12, 2006

euww...Tomoro is another Monday!

Why?? Why must weekend come and go like a flash?? I was like so happy on Friday cos weekend is finally here and now tonite, beginning to grumble as tomoro will be Monday again.. For now, I will look forward for our KL Trip this coming Good Friday... cepat lahhhh!!

Anyway yesterday we went to the IT Show. My goodness, it was crowded as usual! Hubbie said that we dun have to bring Alisha's stroller as the walkway will be so cramp and we both will take turns to carry our "heavy" princess... So I said OK... Met Nollie in front of the IT Show entrance and we proceed inside while waiting for hir to come over... Before we set to Suntec, we had 3 things in mind. Network Storage, 1GB SD card & extra battery pack for our Lumix.. In the end, we din get any of it.. Believe me or not, I was carrying this heavyweight princess most of the time as hubbie has to look out for the things and she also wanted to cling on me all the time.. By the time we finished rounding, I was having a bad backache! Mak oi, I just cudn't bend down.. Sakit gilerrrr seh!!! Till now, my body is still in pain... Princess ku sorang ni sungguh berat tulang dia ye... isk isk isk....

Image hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by Photobucket

Anyway, after that we went to McKenzie Rex at Prinsep St to have our super late lunch.. Den off to Rendezvous Hotel Coffee Club to lepak... Both Nollie & I had Ice Passion Tea topped with Vanilla Ice Cream and Fruit Fondue.. Been ages since we had our fondue back then... Hubbie and I still have our Haagen Dasz voucher to redeem... Next trip perhaps...

Image hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by Photobucket

Leave Coffee Club around 8 plus... Had told hubbie about the YD meeting with Mrs Hyundai, Mrs Nissan & Mrs Chevrolet but hubbie said it's not confirm yet whether we will be meeting them as yet.. hmmm... So we sent Nollie back den off to sent hir.. I was hoping that hubbie changed his mind to go to YD... Finally hir sounded hubbie that since YD is just a stone away from his house, why not we just dropped by for awhile.. Luckily hubbie agreed.. hir called Megat to see if he is back from his work. We then went over to Megat's blk and picked him up and drove to YD.. Mr & Mrs Hyundai & also Mrs Nissan and family had arrived... Few minutes later, Mrs Chevrolet & family arrived... Mrs Nissan brought keropoks & drinks... She also brought groundsheets for us to sit.. The wind was blowing soo 'sepoi sepoi bahasa" .. My Alisha was like sooo happy get to walk here walk there but with me to hold one of her hand lah.. Penat layankan karenah dia...

Had ice cream roti there... Talked2 and a bit of photo snapping before we all went back.. The kiddos were already sleepy by then... Made a move around 11.20pm.. Sent both Megat & hir back and we went straight back.... Penat sungguh....

Image hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by Photobucket

As for today, we just went to Raffles City to meet Nollie, hir, Putra, Naj & Daya to finalise our ewah2 BBQ next week... Alisha is soo cranky today and I'm having hard time to pacify her.. iskk budak ni!! All of us stayed for awhile before making move to our respective places.. The 3 of us went over to Bedok Corner Hawker Centre to have our dinner... Both of us had pari bakar, kailan & kerang.. Too bad no Lala..iskk.. After that we went back home.. In the car, both me & Alisha really knocked out..

Now my eyes barely can open so I shall take my leave for now... Till I update again... Have a great new week ahead!!

Coffee Club session
YD Nite Session Pix

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Weekend is here!

Finally weekend is here...

Yesterday we had our Corporate Affairs & Finance D&D at Swisshotel - Merchant Court. We brought our outfit to work to get changed. At 5pm, my koligs and I were busy changing to our D&D outfit and started our make up session.. For me, I have my own "mak andam" to set my hair and another "mak andam" to do my eyeshadow.... wahhahaa.. Dah mcm Pengantin plak.. ekekek

By 5.45pm, we set off by taking cab to the hotel. Registered ourselves and mingle around.. The ballroom door finally opened at 6.45pm.. Peh lama!! Penat kita berdiri..

Function only started at 7.45pm... Food was okay but entertainment a bit boring... No luck in the lucky draw... So sengkek like that.. aiseyman... It finished at around 10.30pm.. Hubbie fetched me and went straight to pick my darling up at MIL's...

Reached home, I quickly take my bath as my hair already soo keras kojol due to the hair spray.. ehehehe... Tot of going out again for a car ride but we forgo the idea and off to our dreamland...

And today, we gonna go Suntec for the IT Show.. Waiting for our darling to wake up and shall leave the house after that....

Have a great weekend guys!!

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Image hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by Photobucket

Monday, March 06, 2006

Back in action

Oops! I have not been diligently updating my blog! Really have no time to update lah... Once back home, I have to entertain my Lil Kenit till she sleep and by the time, I am too tired to on my PC to blog or surf around. Nowadays my Lil Kenit really wants our attention. We need to be in front of her all the time else, she will make noise.

At 1 year & 1 week old, she :

- knows how to throw tantrum when she din get her way.
- likes to point with her "pointing" finger (eg. when we scold her, she will do the pointing and said "ohhh")
- trying to stand by herself
- can walk by herself when clinging on to table or anything
- have a total of 4 teeth and 3 coming out soon.
- loves to dance when listening to music
- knows how to kiss people when asked to do so
- knows how to eat biscuits by herself

See, sometimes we can help but laugh at her "keletah-ness" ..

Anyway the weekend just over and looking forward to this coming weekend.. Just can't get enuff of weekend and it just came and ended so shortly.. This Friday will be my dept D&D at Swisshotel - Merchant Court... No idea what to wear actually... Hubbie's D&D just over last Thursday. Din get to win any prizes in the lucky draw. Just hope that I'm lucky! hehe

I was saddened by the death of the Lil Nonoi. Been following up with her story since her disappearance and when got to know abt her death, I cudn't help it but feel so sad that such a young girl has to end her life in a tragic death. Her step dad is really inhuman! What a 2yrs old girl know?? Nuthing!! And yet he had a heart to kill her! BEAST!!!

Shall stop here.. Will update again when time permit.. Meanwhile, I just uplaod some Alisha's pictures. Happy viewing...

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Image hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by Photobucket