Thursday, March 23, 2006

A day more to go!

Yesh! So fast it's Thursday! Meaning a day more to go before weekend!! Yehaooooo!!!

Yesterday nite I was super rajin you know... I baked the Nutella Frosted Cupcakes. Got the recipe from her.. I made 24 cups of it. And it really turned out well! And the taste, goodness!! Very delicious!! Hubbie loved the cupcakes too!! So I packed some for my koligs in the office, not forgotten for my partner in crime, Nollie... Hubbie wanted it for breakfast today... :) Perhaps shall do it again this weekend if time permits!!

Now need to start thinking where to go for lunch!!! Nollieeeeeee, where shall we go later???!!!!!! This is an everyday problem for us.. Thinking where to eat lunch in this busy Orchard Road!! hehe

Shall stop here for now...

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