Friday, March 31, 2006

Weeee! Weekend is here!!

Yay!! It's Friday!! Meaning time to boogie woogie!! Can't wait to go back and fetch our Lil darling.. Since we had went over to my parents' hse yesterday so tonite we shall bring her out...

Yesterday we found something amazing coming out from her mouth. My parents, sis, hubbie and myself heard her saying "Allah" upon putting her hand at her left ear... She will do that when we said "Allahu Akhbar"... But for the first time, she followed us saying "Allah" ... We were sooo happy. I tot it's only a passing word but it came again and again.. It's an achievement for her! hehe... It's all thanks to my MIL who keep teaching her ukhrawi basics like "Alhamdulillah", "Amin" and she will put her hand on her face and slide it down.... She's growing! Yesh my lil darling is growing!!!

25 mins more to go before I declare OFF....

Have a great weekend frens!!!

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