Saturday, April 30, 2005

So So Tired!

Today by 9.30pm, we have already went out.. Have to go to ICA to collect Lil' Alisha's passport.. Luckily Abg Ngah from Malacca drives us there.. Together with Kak Ngah & Lil Syazwan, we went ICA.. Was so shocked to see the crowd! *terbeliak jap* But luckily collection of passport didn't take so much time.. Within 20 mins, we managed to get hold of Lil' Alisha's passport.. Selamat!

After tat went over to Loyang Drive as Abg Ngah got a job interview there.. Then went back to MIL's place... Had lunch there... Today's special : Nangka Masak Rempah, Telor Scrap & Ikan Ayam Ayam Goreng.. Sedappp!! Hingga menjilat jari non!! hehe.. Once at MIL's place I get to free myself as MIL gave her full attention to Lil' Alisha..Both me & hubby managed to take a nap for awhile as I'm so so so tired due to lack of sleep.. Pity me!!

Went back home at 8 plus..Tonite Abg Ngah & family sleep over at our house.. See I managed to blog bcos Lil' Alisha is in good hand of hubbie's niece.. hehe.. Free sket mama dia.. ;)

Yesterday we went SGH as hubby has another appointment with his specialist.. After the check up, went over to Bugis again.. This time we had kissy Nollie's company... She joined us after werk.. Sat at Coffee Bean and talk talk.. After tat went over for window shopping at Seiyu.. Tot of eating at Tong Seng but we know for sure Lil' Alisha will feel uneasy as it will be quite warm over there so we just tapau back... Took a cab back and after few mins reached our house, Lil' Alisha went to her dreamland.. Fenat dia! hehe.. Luckily I had cleaned and changed her clothes over at Kids Section inside Seiyu... Good place for us mum to changed diapers, gave milk and let the kids play over there...

Okay here are some pics taken yesterday.. Will end my babbling here.. Have a great weekend and Happy Holiday!!

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Peh Panas!!!

Do you guys noticed tat nowadays the weather is sooo warm! At home we have to switch on few fans..Bill tak melambung nasib lah! But we can't tahan! Even Alisha so carnky nowadays just bcos she's feeling hot and warm! She perspire a lot too even with fan directing at her... last 2 days we slept in the room with the aircon on for the first time with Alisha's around.. Goodness! It was so syiok lah! Makin menjadi si Alisha ni! hehe.. But have to off it by 4am as my nose giving me problem ah.. As usual I can't sleep with the aircon on the whole nite or else I will have sore throat and flu! Tapi yg heran nya tido kat hotel boleh! hahaha..

Today MIL came around 3 plus... Got my time off liao! hehe... So I managed to create 2 blog layouts for Mal & eL-eisha :)

Mal's pinkish layout..

eL's purplish layout..

Kay now I'm gonna watch Sinetron DIA!! Gonna make my blood boiling seeing tat vicious fifi's face!!!

Adious!! Have a great Friday and wohooooooo..Long Weekend ya!! ;)

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Another one!

See my hand so itchy tat leads me to do another layout.. Fun ah! But of course I have to toggle between my kenit gurl and my PC..hehehe.. But now MIL is here so I got my time off!

Here is the recent layout I did!

Here is the code!

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

First Attempt!

Guess what? I've managed to do my own blog skin by myself today! All bcos of the strong influenced by her .. :p

Image hosted by

You can find the code here ...

Lil' Alisha is in good hand of her nenek and tat's why I have the time to do the layout.. ;)
Sad to hear from my partner in crime, kissy Nollie, tat she has stopped blogging *sob* But nevermind, gonna look forward for more juicy things in yur multiply *wink*

Okay lah shall stop here... Now my hand so itchy to do another skin :) Papai!!!!

Monday, April 25, 2005

Needle Prick!

This morning I brought Lil Alisha to Bedok Polyclinic for her 2nd dosage of Hep B.. First time I wore the sling to carry Alisha.. Luckily she didn't cry... Once step out of the house, she went to sleep.. cam comfortable gitu dia kat dalam sling tuh! ehehe

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by

Mum waited for us at Bedok Interchange.. Register at the counter and was given a Q Number.. Waited for awhile before me & Lil Alisha went in.. First the nurse took her weight and I was sooo shocked to see her weight now!! heehehe.. 5.63kg!!! Koosmangat! hehe... Alhamdulillah ah! Asal kan sihat semua nya! When the nurse gave her the jab, she cried for a few secs den she's back to normal! Good girl!! :)

After finished everything, both me & mum ate prata at the hawker ctr nearby before going over to my Aunty's place at Chai Chee to visit my paternal grandma.. Around 5pm, we went back to Bedok Home before going back home at 6.15pm.. Took a cab back and asked hubby to wait for us at the bus stop cos I've got lotsa bags to carry..

Now Lil Alisha is sleeping soundly in her Swinger beside me.. Tat's why I managed to be seated in front of my PC.. hehe...

Shall stop here for today... Have a great week ahead of you guys! For those who are bored at work, do look forward for tis coming long weekend ya!! Holiday!!!! ;) Tata!!

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Sunday, April 24, 2005

She turns 2 mths old!

Today Lil' Alisha turns 2 mths! Fast ya!! And today we brought her to see her maternal moyang at CCK with my parents... Her moyang so bery the happy upon seeing her.. She kept kissing Lil Alisha.. hehe.. Apa tak nya cicit perempuan pertama..hehe.. Lil' Alisha a bit cranky cos the weather is so warm and she as usually cannot tahan panas!

We stayed there for about 2 hrs before we made a move back.. Together with my parents, we went over to MIL's place... Reached MIL's place, Lil' Alisha had her afternoon bath as she was sweating like wat!! MIL bathe her and I get to relax..hehee... We went back at 8 plus...

Tomoro gonna bring Lil' Alisha to Bedok Polyclinic for her 2nd dosage of Hep B... Hopefully after the jab, she wont be cranky...

Okay lah better stop here... I'm sooo tired liao!! Need my rest now since Lil' Alisha has gone to her dreamland... Here are some peektures of her taken today..

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by

Saturday, April 23, 2005

New Gadget!

Yeah! Finally I got hold of Nokia 3230!! Was so happy tat hubby let me changed my HP to tis new Nokia 3230! At first was eyeing for Nokia 6630 but when my sis bought Nokia 3230 and showed it to me, I fell in love with the phone immediately! So I told myself tat I shud get one for myself! hehe.. So today, I asked my sis to follow me to M1 shop at Parkway to trade in my Nokia 6600 to tis Nokia 3230.. Alisha is in good hand of hubbie.. Thanks dear for giving some time off for me to rush to Parkway.. ;) Got myself a maroon kaler!

Image hosted by

Yesterday me & Lil Alisha followed hubbie to SGH for his check up.. But since we were a bit late, the doctor was not around to attend to hubby.. Aisey! penat2 datang sana doctor dah takde... iskk... Anyway we went down Bugis for jalan2... Met her inside Seiyu.. :) After tat we sat down at Coffee Bean where I had my Pure Vanilla Ice Blended while hubbie had his Brew of The Day.. After magrib, we went back.. Have to take the cab as MRt will be very very packed!!

Tomoro we gonna visit my maternal grandma at CCK.. She wanted so much to see her great-granddaughter, Lil Alisha..

Okay shall stop here for tonite... Have a great Sunday guys!! Byee!!

Thursday, April 21, 2005

My Time Off!

Phew! Both mum & MIL are here today! I got my time off finally! (Dah cam maid plak aku ni, ada time off ni..heheehe).. After I bathe Lil' Alisha, tried to put her to sleep but aisey, her eyes open big2 one!! She's oredy sleepy but force herself not to sleep.. Mum came around 11 plus.. She brought few dishes here.. MIL oso came over around 12 plus and brought fried bee hoon..

Just ate my bfast cum lunch! And now here I am blogging with peace..hiak hiak hiak! Lil' Alisha now is in good hand of her 2 neneks!

I just received the Sarong Carrier tat I ordered thru Moms in Mind .. It comes in handy when I have to bring her to polyclinic for her 2nd jab tis Monday!

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by

Kay gotta continue finding jobs now! Wish me luck ya! ;)

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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Wo Hen Lei!

See my title?? Tat's how I'm feeling rite now! Tired, sleepy, stress.. iskk.. pinggang cam nak patah pon ada... hehe.. I tink I'm trying to get use of taking care of Lil Alisha alone.. For these 2 days, MIL did not come over as there's guest from kampung sleeping at her house so she needs to bring them out. I told her it's okay and I'm able to handle Alisha alone.. Tot it's orite but errr.. it's tough!! I can't even do anything ah! Lil' Alisha needs me to be around her else she will ekk2 one! Dia plak tido2 ayam..isk isk isk.. Yesterday I managed to have my bath when my sis came at 4.30pm.. See, I told u, I can't even eat, bath, cook or do anything else.. At times, she doesn't want to sleep and wants me to carry her.. I was sooo tired and my arm so lenguh one! Sometimes I feel so stress till I broke down but wat to do, she's my lil precious doter and I have to give her my attention.. Takpe lah, berkorban apa saja lah utk si kenit ni!

Today lucky hubbie took half day.. Early morning I was not feeling well actually. Was feeling feverish, headache and body ache.. Iskk.. I tot sure I gonna fall sick.. But luckily I did not.. But suddenly now I got flu! iskk.. I just hope Lil' Alisha wont get it!

Kay lah stop here for today! Papai!!

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