Saturday, April 30, 2005

So So Tired!

Today by 9.30pm, we have already went out.. Have to go to ICA to collect Lil' Alisha's passport.. Luckily Abg Ngah from Malacca drives us there.. Together with Kak Ngah & Lil Syazwan, we went ICA.. Was so shocked to see the crowd! *terbeliak jap* But luckily collection of passport didn't take so much time.. Within 20 mins, we managed to get hold of Lil' Alisha's passport.. Selamat!

After tat went over to Loyang Drive as Abg Ngah got a job interview there.. Then went back to MIL's place... Had lunch there... Today's special : Nangka Masak Rempah, Telor Scrap & Ikan Ayam Ayam Goreng.. Sedappp!! Hingga menjilat jari non!! hehe.. Once at MIL's place I get to free myself as MIL gave her full attention to Lil' Alisha..Both me & hubby managed to take a nap for awhile as I'm so so so tired due to lack of sleep.. Pity me!!

Went back home at 8 plus..Tonite Abg Ngah & family sleep over at our house.. See I managed to blog bcos Lil' Alisha is in good hand of hubbie's niece.. hehe.. Free sket mama dia.. ;)

Yesterday we went SGH as hubby has another appointment with his specialist.. After the check up, went over to Bugis again.. This time we had kissy Nollie's company... She joined us after werk.. Sat at Coffee Bean and talk talk.. After tat went over for window shopping at Seiyu.. Tot of eating at Tong Seng but we know for sure Lil' Alisha will feel uneasy as it will be quite warm over there so we just tapau back... Took a cab back and after few mins reached our house, Lil' Alisha went to her dreamland.. Fenat dia! hehe.. Luckily I had cleaned and changed her clothes over at Kids Section inside Seiyu... Good place for us mum to changed diapers, gave milk and let the kids play over there...

Okay here are some pics taken yesterday.. Will end my babbling here.. Have a great weekend and Happy Holiday!!

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