Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Potong Stim Abis ah!!

Iskkkkk...Ingatkan si Farhana tuh dah gol..Tapi next episode ada plak muka dia..aiseyman.. Kacau daun betul ah bila part Shahril & Julia nak kahwin, dia plak muncul..iskkkk...Dah tak happy ending ah cam nie...Tadi gue betul nyer happy bila si Farhana tu dah kiok...At least dapat gak si Julia & Shahril tuh kahwin.. For once I tot
cerita yg Julia & Dr Chopra kahwin last episode tuh gimik jer ..hmmm... Tapi si Shahril nie pon cam susah nak accept Julia balik tapi oleh kerana nak sedapkan hati mak dia sebab tuh dia terima jer lah nak kahwin ngan Julia..Kay takpe..meh kita saksikan episode terakhir nya minggu hadapan....jeng! jeng! jeng! hehehe
Alamak..maap lah eh, saya nie day ter-carried away dgn citer Cinta Bollywood 2...hehe

Hari nie takde apa apa yg best berlaku...Masak mee goreng & ayam goreng jer utk suami gue.. Selain dari tuh tak buat apa apa sgt lah..

Oh ya..cad bilang yg her manager dah confim kan yg I mula kerja Isnin depan..Sungguh gumbira hati beta!!

Okay okay...Nak minta diri dulu lah ye..Suami ku pon dah ngorok dari pukul 8 malam tadi.. Kesian dia..penat sangat kat kerja...

Sebelum saya blah...Nak share sket pasal kisah Secondary School dolu-dolu yg saya dapat dari CaRLiTA kat Friendster.. Pada sesiapa yg nak share jugak, jgn malu2 copy & paste jer kat awak nyer blog dan tukar info2 yg ada ye!! Selamat membaca!! :D

Get to know what everyone was like in secondary

Your Secondary School: Ping Yi

1. nickname in high school?

2. sport you were into?
Captain's Ball

3. had a gang of frens? how many were you?
Sec 1 - 4 of us, Sec 2 - 4 of us, Sec 3 - 7 of us, Sec 4 - 7 of us Sec 5 - 3 of us...

4. best subject?

5. worst subject?

6. a teacher you owe life lessons to?
Ms Anisah, my Maths teacher.. She pushed us to get a better grade in Maths..Her teaching technic is superb.. She always make sure I get high grade..Too bad my sis did not get her for her Maths Subject now....

7. a teacher you wanna kick in the ass?
Ermm...a few lah...

**Describe In One Word**

8. sec 1 year: innersen nonsence plus selenger

9. sec 2 year: crazy & "wild"

10. sec 3 year: maintain cool beb!

11. sec 4 & Sec 5 year: relax

12. your best friend(s) ever was?
1 - NurSuhaili Hamid

13. your worst friend was?
Quite a lot...

14. cafeteria food sucked?
No...Great food...

15. most hilarious school rule?
Socks must be folded for girls..

16. wore uniforms?
yep...pinafore (ermm do I get the spelling rite? to be exact...

17. how was the prom?
Sadly there was no prom..

18. who was prom king and queen?
No prom meaning no prom king & queen..

19. friends hang out wif?


20. were you popular?
Sort of..haha

21. best song that reminds you of high school?
Fixing a Broken Heart y Indecent Obsession - attend an audition with my classmate, Mohd, for the Teacher's Day celebration.. But he screwed up the song!! Arghhh!! But was fun lah..

22. unforgettable sec school crush? lah...

23.most embarrassing moment?
I have to tell tis one story..cos till now I cud erase from my mind - Happened during Sec 2..We had tis combined Maths lesson cos our Maths checher is away for 3 days & the checher which took us for Maths was soo boringg.. So 4 of us decided to skip the lesson..We den decided to hide inside the toilet..But after awhile, we felt so bored so one of them suggested tat we went near the hall to see other classes having PE..Luck is not on our side when we were laffing2, one of the PE checher saw us and straight away questioned us.. So after the ned of the day, when we were at the parade square, our form checher, Mrs Choo, informed each a& everyone of us tat to get ready for annoucement..*gulp* SHIT!!! We are in trouble..hehe..Before singing the Majula Singapura, our names were being called by the VP..We have to go in front of the flag pole and stand there while singing the National Anthem..After the students were dismissed, the VP told our form checher to inform our parents...One of my fren, cried..She was scared upon hearing calling od parents..So our form checher decided not to call but instead she said tat she will punished us the next day..Our VP asked Mrs Choo to put a table & chair outside the classroom for us to sit the next day.. So when the next day came, our form checher, Mrs Choo, asked us what punishment we wanted..Bleh gitu?? Gerek kan.. But then we told her up to her lah cos we're in wronged here.. And u know wat she punished us??? Sit under our table for 1 period!!! haha..But she take pity on us and made us sit under the table for just 10 mins...Gerekk ah tis teacher!!!!!
Okay tat's the story..Phew!!

24. memory you'd like to forget about sec?
all the unwanted people..

25. best memory?
Tarian (from Sec 2 to Sec 5) days

26. any regrets?

27. would you like your future child to attend your high school?

28. were the bathrooms clean?
okay lah...

29. any crush wif the seniors?
have!! I remembered few of my frens were eyeing on Aaron Aziz cos he's so damn popular at tat time in school cos of his good looking...hehhe

30. song that would best describe your sec school life:
School Song ah...Perserverance Yield Success (our school Motto) ..see I still remember tat!! hehehe

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Total darkness???

Just came back from Al Ameen meeting Klopez, Nahar & Nezam for late dinner..Phew! Luckily Ubi is not affected by the blackout else we will filled with darkness & sweatiness.. But unlucky for kissy, Aliyah & Bunnyz..Received their sms tat they were in a total darkness.. Was quite surprised tho' cos Bunnyz live quite near to me but she kena the blackout..

But tho' my area is not affected, but damn! our Maxonline is affected...We cudn't surf.. Arghh!! Expected cos Ayeh Rajah side shud be affected too...I was so sian by then.. So I pick up the phone to call kissy...Chit chat with her till she regain her electric back.. hehe.. She told me tat she was fanning herself away & listening to battery operated radio for the news update..hahaha..Dah macam kat kampung dahhh...hehehehe.. Well after put down with her, I tried again to see if Maxonline is back to norm but NO!!! Dah mcm cacing kepanasan w/o internet connection...aiseyman...

Kay lah enuff of tat...Wanna share a piece of good news...I get the job @ Cecil St as a temp..Pada takde keje...So tak cerewet ah kan.. Thanks to cad!! But have to wait for the manager to confirm the date when I can report to werk..But most probably cad said it will be next Monday.. Alhamdulillah....Dunt mind doing a part time job... But who knows tat I can get the full time Admin Post tat they gonna open soon... Pray hard!!

Oh ya...I met Buffyana @ Al Ameen just now with her family..She was filled with excitement when she salam me..So cutee of her!! hehehe..At last we got to meet each other after sooo long...hehehe.. She sooo sweet in person...Hope we can bum each other more frequent @ Al Ameen..hehehe

The whole afternoon I was not doing tat many things... I took a nap as I was soo sleepy while reading a book..

I actual backdate tis entry just bcos tat stoopid maxonline connection..hehehe..Anyway have a great midweek!! 2 more days to weekend! :D

Early Morning Color Quizzes...

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the html color quiz

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Mild-tempered and stable. Not to mention very
intelligent. Along with the fact that you're
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dependable and devoted--just the kind of person
everybody needs. Wouldn't it be great if
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What color are you? (Amazingly detailed & accurate--with pics!)
brought to you by Quizilla

Monday, June 28, 2004


Met my ex-colleague, Nazreen for lunch today.. It's been a long time since I had lunch with her.. So we agree to meet around 11.20pm @ Utama Cafe just a few blks away from my house...She came with a new colleague of hers, Lina...When I look at Naz with her maternity dress, my memory flashed back the time when she was pregnant Lil' Syahrun last year.. She & her big tummy @ tat time when I was still @ the old werking place..hehe.. Now tis year, she is pregnant with her 2nd child.. She's very lucky to get another child within a year or shud I say only within 5 months...Fast huh????!! hehehe.. Naz, I know u gonna read tis..!! hehe

Naz looked so cute with her short hair... We ordered Chicken Rice for our lunch... We talked as we eat..Really got soooo many stories to tell with each other.. Itu pon masa singkat..She said there are still more juicy stories to share with me but we will go out another day together..hehe.. Met Laila (SIA helpdesk) @ Utama Cafe...Managed to chit chat for awhile..

We made our move from Utama Cafe at 1.20pm.. Naz & her colleague, Lina went back to office & I went straight home...

I started cooking early today as I tot I can rest later... Started cooking @ 2pm...Today I'm extra the rajin one...Cooked 3 dishes...Usually I will cook 2 lah but today extra 1 dish...Menu of the day: Sambal Tumis Udang, Schezuan Chicken & Boncis Goreng.. Finished cooking around 3.30pm..Spring cleaning the whole kitchen before I finally took a rest..

End Result -->

Went in to ewah2 for a chat with the gang...Chatted with them till 6pm (of cos there's interval every now & then..hehe).. Received email from nz7976 on a temp receptionist position for 2 mths over @ her werking place.. She was asking whether I'm interested to take up the post as she is going on her maternity leave.. She emailed me the job scope.. Pretty simple I can say...Starting will be either 5th or 7th July and ends around 13th Sept provided she did not extend her leave.. I told her tat I will discuss with hubbie den revert back to her..

Hubbie came back around 6.30pm...Layed out our dinner at 7pm while watching Double Happiness..Did talk to hubbie on the temp post..Hubbie is okay with it as long as I'm okay with the job... Well, I shall tink abt it in awhile.. Checked my Yahoo Mail and found tat one of the forummer, cadbury82, emailed me informing tat her company needed an urgent temp doing data entry of accounts, checking & recouncilation. And she also told me tat her manager said tat there will be an opening for an Admin Asst post.. Oerhaps after finished tis part time assignment in the accounts dept, I can be transferred as a full time Admin Asst..Sounds good rite?? Who knows my rezeki is there.. But let see... I did sms cadbury82 just now.. Waiting for her reply tho'...Oh ya it's located at Cecil Street..Shall see how it goes for me... Hopefully I can get the job cos I'm just bored staying at home...At least even a part time job, I can earn $$ too.. Pray for me kay guys!! :D

Now chatting with kissy & Klopez in MSN...I guess I'm gonna go bloghopping soon.. Sian ah dunno wat to do... Shall stop here for tonite... Papaiiiiiiiii!!!

Sunday, June 27, 2004

The Atrium Lounge...

As both hubbie & myself were bored @ home, we decided to ask kissy, Klopez, Nahar & hir to go town...Once set, we decided to meet at 4pm @ Paragon Starbucks...Helped Farhan with his project first before going out...

Klopez & Nahar reached our meeting place first.. We then decided to go over Delifrance as hubbie is famished and need to "top up" his empty stomach...Informed kissy of the new meeting place.. Hir cudn't make it today due to some "technical problem"..
We ate the new Pasta Gratin & Potato Gratin set menu...Tasted nice!! We decided to just hang around at Delifrance instead of going over @ Starbucks. Furthermore, Starbucks if full house today...Difficult to get seats for us...

We're thinking on where to go later...We then decided to go to the cafe, The Atrium Lounge @ Pan Pacific Hotel where Nezam work..Before that we went over to Metro to see see look look at the Sale.. Tot of wanting to buy a pair of slip in sandal but non captured my eyes...At about 5.30pm, we made a move to Pan Pac... Me & Klopez accompanied kissy to take bus whereas the guys took their bike there...Reached Pan Pac about 6pm... When we reached there, we saw hubbie & Nahar chit chatting with Nezam @ the lobby...Nezam just started his shift...

We then proceed to the Cafe lounge...The ambience there is so fine-looking & comfy with the soothing jazz music... Ordered Capuccino for hubbie, Cafe Latte for Nahar, Lollipop Mocktail for Suzie, Sunset Dream for kissy & Pacific Punch for myself.. As for the food, we ordered Fish & Chip & Coin Chicken which turn out to be appetizing & mouth-watering dishes...We lepak there for about 3 hours...Before we went back, we decided to go up the Open View Elevator to take a breath-taking view from 37th Floor.. Managed to capture lotsa nite view pictures of ECP, Padang, Suntec, Conrad Hotel & National Stadium.. Being a jakunist, can you beleive tat we went up the elevator twice ?? hahaha.. Klopez was scared...Rileks ah beb!! Kan best!! hehehehe...

Finally we made a move at 9.30pm..Kissy took a cab home & we zoooooom our way home...Reached home nearly 10pm.. I quickly ironed hubbie's clothes for tomoro den off I went to take my bath...Feel so fresh after the bath and started to upload all the pics & at the sametime chit chatting wif kissy via MSN..

Wow! Tomoro oredy Monday... Is a werking week oredy and school re-open tomoro...Surely the roads & public transports will be packed with werking adults & students... But for me, have to stay put in the house...Arghh!! I want to werk!!!! When can I get a job??? So sian sitting at home for nearly 5 mths... *sigh*

Hmmm..Enuff of thinking abt werk else I will get depress easily... Well, I shall stop here for today... Have a great week ahead guys!!

Peektures of the day....

Saturday, June 26, 2004


Woke up as early as 7am to help SIL to prepare food for today small feast... Hubbie decided to hold a small feast withing family to celebrate his besday... Dah niat dia nak kasi makan ngan ahli2 keluarga.. :) SIL cooked Nasi Minyak with 4 dishes which include Ayam Masak Merah, Beefsteak Daging, Acar Jawa & Rojak Petis.. sedappppp!!!! As for the dessert, SIL made Talam Bandung & Agar2 Gudil..My dad bought 4kgs of grapes....

MIL came down around 9 plus wheras my mum came @ 10 plus to help out too... Dah cam org tunang plak nak masak memasak nie..hehe.. Finished the cooking around 1 plus where after tat all of us took a rest..My dad, sis & bro came later den followed by my BIL & family from Pasir Ris.. Last min, hubbie called kissy, hir, Klopez & Nahar to come down as SIL told me tat the food shud be enuff if hubbie wanna asked our fren to come.. She insisted to call our frens down...

Around 5 plus, kissy came...Then followed by hir, Klopez & Nahar.. BIL & family went back earlier cos BIL has to work nite shift...

Mum, dad & sis went home at 7.45pm as mum dunt want to miss the Bintang RTM Final at TV2 bro went back earlier as he gonna meet his gf...

My CCK BIL & family came later... Luckily SIL helped me to clear my kitchen else pengsan gue nak kemas..hehe....

Around 8 plus, PIL, BIL & family & my SIL went back and left the 4 of them.. As usual, Nahar & hir will conquered PS2 while kissy & Klopez watched Kuliah Cinta VCD... I joined them after I took my bath... Feel so fresh!!!

The guys went back at 10.30pm..Suddenly there's a slight downpour outside.. Hubbie decided not to follow Klopez & Nahar to JB tonite cos he said tat he's tired...

I feel a slight pain at my right hand now..Dunno what is the cause of it..iskk..
Okay, okay..I better stop now...I'm running out of idea on wat else to type... I need a good sleep tonite & hope to wake up late tomoro..hehe..

Have a great Sunday eberibodi!!!!!

Today's peektures

Friday, June 25, 2004

Pre-Advance Besdae Celebration

Met kissy @ 12.30pm @ Dhoby Ghaut MRT...We're taking the NEL to Little India as we gonna shop around @ Mustafa to get hubbie's present...Before tat me & kissy ate our lunch at Komala Villas Rest..I had Onion Rawa Tosai while kissy had Battura...Klopez joined us awhile later.. She had just finished her TP bud unfortunately, she failed her first attempt..It's okay gurl, Insya Allah u will pass in yur next attempt.. Dunt' be disheartened kay!!

After lunch, we proceed to Mustafa Ctr...Actually the Sakurapz Gurl gonna get hubbie the new Liverpoll jersey but when we went to Mustafa to buy it, there is no size for hubbie.. Ohh noo!! Where else can we find the jersey arnd Serangoon Area...? So we decided to go Bugis... Before tat, sempat kita 3 ekor tgk2 kain sari.. Klopez tempted to buy but in the end she said "Tunggu bila dah kaya sket"..hahaha...Bila nie nak kaya byk? hehehehe

We took a cab down to Bugis as shanah had already waited for us there.. Once reached we proceed to Royal Sporting House to find the jersey but hampehhhh....They dunt have it there... *sigh*.. We then proceed to Seiyu where there is World Of Sport there but again...not a sight of tat jersey again... We nearly gave up... So we tot of an alternative idea on wat to buy for hubbie...Kissy suggested tat we cclooklook at the watches in City Chain.. We spotted a nice Casio watch.. KIV...hehe.. We then decided to go Suntec's Royal Sporting House... shanah met her ahemz while we proceed to Suntec..

Over at Royal Sporting Hse, again we cudn't find the rite size for hubbie...So disappointed...I know hubbie wanted the New Liverpool Jersey but mebbe "takde jodoh" ah with hubbie..ehehe...So we have to decide on the next alternative which is the Casio watch.. Went to City Chain to purchase it.. After purchasing the watch, we went over Polar Cafe to get hubbie a besday cake.. Bought Nutella Cake...Then went over to Timberland.. I got hubbie a Windbreaker...I know he will lurve it cos he has been wanting a Timberland Windbreaker... After we had settled everything, we then went over to Marina Square Cavana to wait for hubbie, Nahar & Lenny.. Had our dinner there...

After which we proceed to Esplanade thinking of celebrating there...We, the ladies walked till there while hubbie & Nahar had to take their bikes there..sham07 came by and we decided to take a place where the strong wind is blowing... 19 mins later, hubbie called asking us to go back to Millenia BK cos Nahar's bike cudn't start at all and they will be calling a tow truck to tow away the bike.. So we then walked our way to Millenia BK..Our legs are pretty tired after walking since 12.30pm jus now...Penat beb!!!

Hir joined us at BK...We decided to start with the cake cutting ceremony... Hubbie was quite surprised...hehe.. Off he went blowing & cutting the cake.. He received a total of 3 gift from them...kissy & hir bought for him a Braun Buffel key pouch & an exclusive Parker Pen with the holder.. Very nice.. Hubbie had to open the prezzies one by one.. hehe... Rahmat, Lenny's fiancee came later... We lepak there till 10.35pm before we proceed home..Lucky for Nahar & Klopez tat their bike is able to start...Phew!!

Reached home, SIL & family are already at our house.. SIL had to sleep over at my place as tomoro she gonna cooked for us as we are having a small besday feast with some prayers within hubbie's siblings & my family...2nd besday celebration on his actual besday!! After chit chatting with SIL, I went for my nite bath...

Okay folks, gonna stop here for today...Will be having a long day tomoro... Will update more tomoro nite... Have an enjoyable weekend!! Take care!

To view more peektures tat we took jus now, please click to the yummylicious cake.. ;)

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Outing wiF daddY cooL!

Was out with my dad (he's on 3 days off from werk), sis, and my 2 cuzzins, Ariff & Zaki.. Mum wudn't want to follow cos we're going Parkway..She said if we were to go Geylang den she wants to tag along..Mother will always be a mother..Geylang jugak dia nak.. hehehe

Met my dad around 1.15pm @ Parkway...We went jalan2 first before we headed to Banquet to take our lunch..I had a yummie Tom Yam noodle..After tat, we went Giant...There, we bought lotsa food...As usual, my dad will always tell us "buy what u want to buy".. So each of us picked wateva stuff tat we wanted.. My dad nie dah mcm Minister of Finance..hehe... I bought Durian Strudel @ the Strudel House.. Look sooo yummylicious! Can't wait to eat it.. ;D

Strudel House..

After a tiring of walking round Giant, we paid our stuff and window shop again..After hrs of walking & our legs dah mintak ampun, we went to take free shuttle service back to Bedok.. I spotted tis werd in the bus..

Break ASS to open?? Sure or not??

Finally reached Bedok Home..Back home, we started to taste the food tat we bought..Firstly I tasted my Durian Strudel..Was superrrrr delicious, scrumptious, savoury ermm..just dunno what else to describe...Everybody lurve it!!

Around 5 plus, my paternal grandma & aunty came over...It has been such a long time tat I didn't see my grandma... Hubbie came around 6.45pm.. He told me tat he found a wallet..When we inspected inside to find the owner, we saw tat it belonged to a Vice President of a department (forgot wat dept lah) of DBS Bank..Wow!!! But inside there's $50 bill, American Express, a VISA and some cards...Must be a rich lad!! Before hubbie called the guy, I jokingly told him to ask the guy whether he can give me a job..haha.. Wishful thinking on my side.. So hubbie called him and informed him tat his wallet is with hubbie.. so they agree to meet at the carpark where hubby had found the wallet.. As hubbie gonna go out from the door, we saw a young guy with a familiar face tat we saw in his IC (oh bt the way he's a Malaysian) near the hubbie approached him asking whether is he the guy... I was like..ermm..stunned!! Such a young chap holding a Vice President position with DBS...goshh!!! A Malaysian some more... The guy just say Thanks and went off.. ermmm...I tot he's gonna give hubbie his card & chit chat for awhile.. Hahah..but what business he has with my hubbie..Another wishful thinking!!

Den around 7 plus, my another aunty came with her children... Bedok House so kecoh already... We were talking & joking with each other..

And as usual, me & hubbie entertained the 2 kiddos, Yaya & Ariff.. Punya lah petah bercakap..iskk...mulut cam mak nenek ah si Yaya nie..hehe

But around 8.20pm, me & hubbie gonna make a move..Hubbie gonna sleep early today and waking up at 2 plus in th emorning just to watch his faveret team playing... England vs Portugal.. Sanggup dia..If I can wake up, I will join him else, I will enjoy my beauty sleep!! ;)

Okay now I'm gonna have my nite bath... It's Friday tomoro!!! I'll be meeting kissy & Klopez noon time to go Mustafa Centre... Gonna get someting from there... *wink*

Shall update for more juicy news tomoro nite....Have a great Friday eberibodi!! Enjoyy!!!!

Left: The kiddos; Right: Daddy & Me

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Jiwang Karatz!!

Didn't do much things today except finishing "What A Girl Wants" which I borrowed yesterday... Oh at last, dapur gue berasap!! haha.. Naik lemak gue tak masak the whole of last week... So today I cooked ikan kering sambal with lotsa potatoes & sayur bendi plus kacang panjang goreng..And I made hubbie grass jelly drink which I bought from G Value (de jellies).. He's been wanting to drink since our visit to Shing Shong last week..

Finished cooking at 4.15pm...Logon to the chatroom and started chatting till 6pm where I quicky rushed down to PIL's hse to give them the dishes tat I cooked today..

Hubbie came back at 6.30pm...Lay out our dinner...At 7pm, I switched the TC to Ch 8 to catch Double Happiness...Did some ironing after the Chinese Drama...

Now chatting with kissy & Husna in MSN...Gonna catch CB2 later at 9.30pm.. Mengarut pon mengarut lah citer, tapi nak tahu jugak wat's happening next..No doubt I got to know the ending from one of the forummer saying tat Julia gonna marry Dr Chopra..

Well, I stop here lah...Today it seems tat my mind is somehow experiencing some internal blockage!! :D

I leave Sejiwa lyrics from Spring for you guys...



Pada irama ku berpesan
Lagu ini ditujukan
Padanya yang Tersayang

Kasihku kau pernah dipersia
Lalu kubawa cintaku
Sebagai penawarnya
Biar lukamu masih terasa

Sesaat engkau tidak ku temu
Bulan seakan pilu
Tiada dapat beradu

Begitu jika engkau membisu
Badai jauh dilautan
Tiada ketepian
Sebegitu cintaku padamu

Usahlah cinta dibawa bersama
Ditenggelami mentari di timur
Gelap gelita tiada bercahaya
Ku tiada berdaya

Inginku selalu di sampingmu
Tiap waktu siang melambai malam
Bagaikan senja denyutan cinta kita
Penyambung hadirnya

( ulang 1 )

Akan ku bina istana bahagia
Menjadi lambang kasih berpanjangan
Hentikan airmata pedih kenangan
Yang mencakar perasaan
Mekarlah bunga cinta
Seharum wangi kemboja
Mekarlah bunga cinta
Di taman kita sejiwa

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Kids Talk!

Spent half of my day with my lil' cuzzins over at my parent's place.. Before going over, I went to Bedok Library with my sis, cuzzins, Zaki & his lil noti bro, Ariff.. Sat down at BK for our drink & fries session before proceeding to the library.. Actually before we went over to BK, tis notty, cute Lil' Ariff was asking me.. "Kalau Arip jalan-jalan lepas tu haus cam ner eh?" I burst out laffing..See, how devious he is asking me tat question instead of telling me tat he wants a drink.. So off I told him tat we gonna go in BK..He was so ecstatic upon hearing tat..With his BIG smile, he entered BK....

Ordered ice-milo & fries for him...I have to entertain him with his colok-ness.. haha..Asked tis & tat which make me wants to cover his mouth..hehehe.. But children will always be children, full of questions asked!!

We went to library after tat.. Being so jakun, as his first time visit to a library, he kept talking and talking endlessly with his loud voice..We had to remind him to talk softly...But he was soo cute with his jakun expression...

Went back to my parent's hse around 2.45pm..I ate home cooked Chicken Rice for my lunch...Chatted with the rest for awhile before I started to entertain tat notty boi again.. :) Around 4pm, I told my sis tat I wanted to see my other lil' cuzzin, Hidayah cos I've not seen her for quite some times...So my sis & Zaki agreed to fetch her from her hse at Chai Chee..Before tat we did ask my aunty for permission to bring her over..

Yaya came over and she was soo cute with her short hair cut & wearing the dress tat me & hubbie gave her as her 1 yr besday gift..Luckily she can still wear only quite sendat now.. ;) And she's talkative as alwayz & her wittiness made us lurve her even more.. Both Ariff & Yaya are our cute lil' cuzzins tat we alwayz look forward in meeting..

Both of them had their drawing session while I was surfing the net...I was quite amazed with Yaya's drawing cos at her age of 3 plus, she knows what exactly happening around her..She explained what is her drawing all about.. So cute sehh!!! As for Ariff, he too has his own speciality...They both are as the same age only Yaya is younger by a week old.. I bet if u guys are to mingle around with them, surely u will lurve to have them around you all the time...

Around 6.30pm, hubbie fetched me...I asked my sis to bring them down so tat they can meet my hubbie...After 5 mins of "interrogate" from my hubbie, we went back... How I wished I can stay over at Bedok longer but hubbie if feeling tired today so have to be home early..Luckily my mum tapau Chicken Rice for hubbie and myself to be eaten for dinner..

Just heard from my sis tat Yaya oso slept over there...Ariff & Zaki will be sleeping there for the 2nd nite...Confirm ribut nyer...Anyway my dad lurve them to be around the house & they also very pampered with my dad...They called my dad "Bak" which is the same way tat I call him...

Well, I tink enuff said abt those kiddos...I'm gonna turn in now...Tired of half day entertaining session with kids.. But I'll definitely look forward in seeing those cuzzins again..

For more pics can view em' here ......

Have a great midweek tomoro...Take care!! Papai!!!!!!!!