Sunday, June 20, 2004

All lost!!

Arghhhhhhhhhh....Damn tis Maxonline connection...I've already finished my entry for today why must it has a connection problem...!!!!! Hate It When That Happens That Pisses Me Of

I will just briefly recap wat happened today...

1) Followed dad to clear Pak Long's hse in Toa Payoh as the new owner gonna moved in soon...Got 2 chairs & a table from the "clearance" to be put at one corner of my house...I simply lurve tat corner.. Here are the pics... :)

2) Went to Toys"R"us Tampines Mall with Klopez & Nahar as hubbie wanted to get a set of Monopoly board game.. He was so eager to get it today!! hehe..After tat we went to Bazaar to purchase cushion cover & table runner for my new corner of de hse.. Went to KFC for a lil' bite...

Reached home almost 10pm...Hubbie was excited to play the Monopoly so he called his nephew & niece from PIL's hse to sleep over our place...I guess hubbie gonna take MC tomoro as he did complained tat his whole body is aching & his injured leg is in pain too... Nak escape keje jer laki ako nie...hehe..

Okay lah..I shall stop here..No mood oredy cos my long entry tat I typed out just now gone just like tat bcos of the stoooooopid Maxonline connection....

Have a great week ahead of you guys!! Tata!!

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