Monday, June 28, 2004


Met my ex-colleague, Nazreen for lunch today.. It's been a long time since I had lunch with her.. So we agree to meet around 11.20pm @ Utama Cafe just a few blks away from my house...She came with a new colleague of hers, Lina...When I look at Naz with her maternity dress, my memory flashed back the time when she was pregnant Lil' Syahrun last year.. She & her big tummy @ tat time when I was still @ the old werking place..hehe.. Now tis year, she is pregnant with her 2nd child.. She's very lucky to get another child within a year or shud I say only within 5 months...Fast huh????!! hehehe.. Naz, I know u gonna read tis..!! hehe

Naz looked so cute with her short hair... We ordered Chicken Rice for our lunch... We talked as we eat..Really got soooo many stories to tell with each other.. Itu pon masa singkat..She said there are still more juicy stories to share with me but we will go out another day together..hehe.. Met Laila (SIA helpdesk) @ Utama Cafe...Managed to chit chat for awhile..

We made our move from Utama Cafe at 1.20pm.. Naz & her colleague, Lina went back to office & I went straight home...

I started cooking early today as I tot I can rest later... Started cooking @ 2pm...Today I'm extra the rajin one...Cooked 3 dishes...Usually I will cook 2 lah but today extra 1 dish...Menu of the day: Sambal Tumis Udang, Schezuan Chicken & Boncis Goreng.. Finished cooking around 3.30pm..Spring cleaning the whole kitchen before I finally took a rest..

End Result -->

Went in to ewah2 for a chat with the gang...Chatted with them till 6pm (of cos there's interval every now & then..hehe).. Received email from nz7976 on a temp receptionist position for 2 mths over @ her werking place.. She was asking whether I'm interested to take up the post as she is going on her maternity leave.. She emailed me the job scope.. Pretty simple I can say...Starting will be either 5th or 7th July and ends around 13th Sept provided she did not extend her leave.. I told her tat I will discuss with hubbie den revert back to her..

Hubbie came back around 6.30pm...Layed out our dinner at 7pm while watching Double Happiness..Did talk to hubbie on the temp post..Hubbie is okay with it as long as I'm okay with the job... Well, I shall tink abt it in awhile.. Checked my Yahoo Mail and found tat one of the forummer, cadbury82, emailed me informing tat her company needed an urgent temp doing data entry of accounts, checking & recouncilation. And she also told me tat her manager said tat there will be an opening for an Admin Asst post.. Oerhaps after finished tis part time assignment in the accounts dept, I can be transferred as a full time Admin Asst..Sounds good rite?? Who knows my rezeki is there.. But let see... I did sms cadbury82 just now.. Waiting for her reply tho'...Oh ya it's located at Cecil Street..Shall see how it goes for me... Hopefully I can get the job cos I'm just bored staying at home...At least even a part time job, I can earn $$ too.. Pray for me kay guys!! :D

Now chatting with kissy & Klopez in MSN...I guess I'm gonna go bloghopping soon.. Sian ah dunno wat to do... Shall stop here for tonite... Papaiiiiiiiii!!!

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