Friday, June 25, 2004

Pre-Advance Besdae Celebration

Met kissy @ 12.30pm @ Dhoby Ghaut MRT...We're taking the NEL to Little India as we gonna shop around @ Mustafa to get hubbie's present...Before tat me & kissy ate our lunch at Komala Villas Rest..I had Onion Rawa Tosai while kissy had Battura...Klopez joined us awhile later.. She had just finished her TP bud unfortunately, she failed her first attempt..It's okay gurl, Insya Allah u will pass in yur next attempt.. Dunt' be disheartened kay!!

After lunch, we proceed to Mustafa Ctr...Actually the Sakurapz Gurl gonna get hubbie the new Liverpoll jersey but when we went to Mustafa to buy it, there is no size for hubbie.. Ohh noo!! Where else can we find the jersey arnd Serangoon Area...? So we decided to go Bugis... Before tat, sempat kita 3 ekor tgk2 kain sari.. Klopez tempted to buy but in the end she said "Tunggu bila dah kaya sket"..hahaha...Bila nie nak kaya byk? hehehehe

We took a cab down to Bugis as shanah had already waited for us there.. Once reached we proceed to Royal Sporting House to find the jersey but hampehhhh....They dunt have it there... *sigh*.. We then proceed to Seiyu where there is World Of Sport there but again...not a sight of tat jersey again... We nearly gave up... So we tot of an alternative idea on wat to buy for hubbie...Kissy suggested tat we cclooklook at the watches in City Chain.. We spotted a nice Casio watch.. KIV...hehe.. We then decided to go Suntec's Royal Sporting House... shanah met her ahemz while we proceed to Suntec..

Over at Royal Sporting Hse, again we cudn't find the rite size for hubbie...So disappointed...I know hubbie wanted the New Liverpool Jersey but mebbe "takde jodoh" ah with hubbie..ehehe...So we have to decide on the next alternative which is the Casio watch.. Went to City Chain to purchase it.. After purchasing the watch, we went over Polar Cafe to get hubbie a besday cake.. Bought Nutella Cake...Then went over to Timberland.. I got hubbie a Windbreaker...I know he will lurve it cos he has been wanting a Timberland Windbreaker... After we had settled everything, we then went over to Marina Square Cavana to wait for hubbie, Nahar & Lenny.. Had our dinner there...

After which we proceed to Esplanade thinking of celebrating there...We, the ladies walked till there while hubbie & Nahar had to take their bikes there..sham07 came by and we decided to take a place where the strong wind is blowing... 19 mins later, hubbie called asking us to go back to Millenia BK cos Nahar's bike cudn't start at all and they will be calling a tow truck to tow away the bike.. So we then walked our way to Millenia BK..Our legs are pretty tired after walking since 12.30pm jus now...Penat beb!!!

Hir joined us at BK...We decided to start with the cake cutting ceremony... Hubbie was quite surprised...hehe.. Off he went blowing & cutting the cake.. He received a total of 3 gift from them...kissy & hir bought for him a Braun Buffel key pouch & an exclusive Parker Pen with the holder.. Very nice.. Hubbie had to open the prezzies one by one.. hehe... Rahmat, Lenny's fiancee came later... We lepak there till 10.35pm before we proceed home..Lucky for Nahar & Klopez tat their bike is able to start...Phew!!

Reached home, SIL & family are already at our house.. SIL had to sleep over at my place as tomoro she gonna cooked for us as we are having a small besday feast with some prayers within hubbie's siblings & my family...2nd besday celebration on his actual besday!! After chit chatting with SIL, I went for my nite bath...

Okay folks, gonna stop here for today...Will be having a long day tomoro... Will update more tomoro nite... Have an enjoyable weekend!! Take care!

To view more peektures tat we took jus now, please click to the yummylicious cake.. ;)

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