Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Public Holiday Meh?

Today it seems like an ordinary Sunday for me but NOOO!!! It's Wednesday and today is Vesak Day...aiseyman..Dah mcm hari Sunday ahh..Keep tinking tomoro is a Monday..ehehe.. Selamat ah utk org2 yg least ada 2 days lagik before weekend.. :)

Actually nuthing much to say today..Didn't really go out anywhere except to the kenduri tahlil lepas asar...

In the morning, me & my SIL made bfast for us to eat..We made Roti John, Sardine roll & nasi goreng..Anyway SIL gonna be sleeping at my place till dis Friday den she will "move" back to PIL hse as my BIL & family gonna go back to Melaka tis coming Friday morning..

Talking abt Melaka, we gonna go there next Friday..Tis time SIL gonna come wif us too...Can't wait to go..Lurve the kampung atmosphere...We gonna go A Famosa too..Wow! So excited..ehehehe...Let's wait for the day to come..

Ok Ok..gonna end here...Tireddddd sehh...Nak pi tido now...Papai allz.... Have a great Thursday tomoro...!!!

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