Sunday, June 06, 2004

Food, Food & more Food!!

Woke up @ 10am..Was soo sleepy actually...Slept around 3.40am in the morning...Came back from JB nearly 3am....Sakit montot ku dok atas moto..ekeke..

Well yesterday we really had a tiring but enjoyable day..Met the gang @ Marina Starbux around 5 plus..Den off to Millenia Burger King for our dinner..Initial plan was to go to LJS Marina Sq but since there are lots of renovation werk, we simply cudn't get our way to LJS..Perhaps it was temporary closed for business due to the renovation werk..But luckily I managed to grab Shrek & Princess Fiona cushion @ BK...Was soo happy!! I've got the DONKEY cushion oredy (but still with kissy tho'..hehe..she's the one who bought for me!! Thank you partner!!)Now left with the Cat...After grabbing our light dinner(must be light cos we be having our supper @ "Pak Kuntet" @ JB, we went to Marina Promenade to continue our chit chatting session...Good place to amik angin ah...Angin betul2 nya sepoi-sepoi bahasa...

We left Marina Promenade at around 10.40pm where kissy took a cab home and the rest of us headed to JB...After changing $$ & buying magazines, we went "Pak Kuntet" to eat our fill again!! niceee food!! As usual we MUST order Udang Goreng Tepong..Tis time round I ate Mee Pattaya. Hubbie, Nizam & Klopez ate their mee hong kong..But their mee hong kong is diff from wat we have in Spore..Dorang nyer mee berbalut dgn telor den the kuah, dorang tuang atas mee...bery the nicee ahh..Nahar ate kway teow goreng...We make a move @ 12 plus...Bought some DVDs den off to top up the bikes fuel...

Out from JB den headed straight to Mustafa Centre...Hubbie asked them along as we wanted to buy hair color there...As I ever mentioned before in my blog previously, Mustafa Center selling Garnier Natea Hair Color @ $5.90 only whereas outside selling at $10.90..See the diff..Now the offer @ Mustafa is tat when u buy 3 packs, each pack cost u only $4.90..See save a lot!! Den we jalan2 in the Mustafa and u know wat me & Klopez saw @ the kain department??? Kain Saree!!!!! Niceeeeeeeeeeeeee & cheappp!!! Imagine the cost of 6 metre of kain saree ranges bet $14 to $32 ONLY!! I tell u, if you gurlz go there, you will get crazy like me & Klopez over the colors & the softness of the material.. Mcm nak beli semua kaler..ekekek...Anyway we didn't buy any cos dah kene warn ngan masing2 nyer partner..hehe...Nie lah lelaki..kalau masuk shopping ctr, mesti mulut dorang membebel...hehehe...Takpe Klopez eh..Nanti kita return den beli manyak2 sampai bleh buat langsir sekali..ehehehehe..Anyway we promised to make a come back bila "DAH KAYA SIKIT" (Klopez, saya pinjam line awak eh? eheheh)

Reached home nearly 3am..Took my bath den off I went to bed..

And now, I need to get myself ready to go to wedding invite @ Yishun..Megat's sister is getting married...Will be meeting kissy @ 1.30pm over there and most probably hir too...Den after the wedding reception, off we go to Arwah Busu kenduri tahlil 7 days..

I tink enuff for today..Typed too much oredy..hehe...Will be back tomoro lah..Have a great Sunday!!

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