Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Weekdays Outingz!!

Really had fun today...Met the bunch of Sakurapz Gurlz for lunch @ Sakura Capitol Building...Hubbie & Nahar tagged along too...Total was 10 of us..Was so kecohrable in there as usual with our jokes and laffter...After lunch, hubbie went over at Police HQ @ Cantonment Rd for his reservist medical review while the others went back to their respective offices..As for kissy, nymph, shanah & myself, we went window shopping at Raffles City...Bertawaf satu Raffles City..hehe... Stopped by at BK to have our drinks as we were too thirsty by then.. Hubbie called around 3pm asking where were we...He'll be joining us shortly..nymph who was on half day, went back earlier cos she wants to accompany her beloved hubbie at home.. Brows So left with me, kissy & shanah joining hubbie at Hello Shop City Link..Tot of buying our house phone as the old one kiok oredy..And furthermore, hubbie can get Staff Discount there..But at last we decided to look around first before buying the phone..

Off we went jalan2 at City Link and then end up at Suntec where we went to Carrefour as hubbie wanted to get a badminton racket..Semangat Misbun Sidek plak hubbie ako nie.. Spinning

He gotten what he wants...kissy got herself a waffle maker & shampoo there...While shanah & me just cclooklook..hehe...After tired of walking round Carefour, we decided to go to Coffee Bean to quench our thirst..I guess it's the weather tat makes us get thirsty easily..Shanah went off first as she has to attend some classes.. Left with 3 of us..I persuaded hubbie to have dinner at Rice Table buttttt...was rejected..But he PROMISED me tat he will bring me there end of the month..I know u gonna read tis!! So MAKE SURE u bring me okay!! Promise eh??? You must say this -> I Promise hehehehehe...

After quenching our thirst, we walked back thru City Link as we gonna meet Klopez & Nahar again @ the usual carpark...We stopped by at Adidas Boutique where hubbie wanted to do his shopping..He bought 2 t-shirt and a wallet for me..Tenkiu dear!! Kiss On The Hand kissy went back while both of us went straight to meet the couple.. Then the 4 of us went to Golden Mile to book our coach tixs for our KL Trip in Aug..Call us kiasu but we have to make sure tat we get the tix before they're sold out cos we gonna go during the long weekend where the National Day week is... Went over to Alisan Travel to book the tixs...At first we were informed tat it is too soon to book but upon hearing the number of tixs tat we gonna buy, the sale person agreed to give us the tix voucher.. Who doesn't want sales rite?? Some more it involved lots of money wat...hehe..

Went to bike shop near Ah Boy...Hubbie wanted to get 2 new helmets for us..yippie!!! I've got blue Zeus Helmet for myself..but pity hubbie cos he has to keep changing on diff helmet to get the size rite...Finally he bought a matt finishing helmet tat cud really fit his "small" head..heheeheh... Jgn mare!!! Gurauan Berkasih jer ye bang!! hahahahah

Took us quite long before we finally went back home..Tot of asking Klopez & Nahar for dinner but both of them have their own appointment...Klopez need to rush to Tampines to meet her mum whereas Nahar got to go to see sepaktakraw match at Perses...So ended up we bought masala thosai for myself and prata kuah campur for hubbie @ the restaurant near our place...

Layed out dinner while watching the new 9pm Chinese Drama..Den watched CB2..I tink I better dunt comment lah on tat EXPRESSION-LESS actress...Makin gue tengok makin tak suka gue ngan dia tapi naluri batin gue mengatakn yg gue mesti nak tahu ending nya..hahahaha... So tahan jer lah eh...Nak muntah darah pon, kene tahan jugak..ekeke..betul tak kissy??????? ekekekekeke

I shall stopped here for tonite..See ya guys tomoro...Enjoy the peektures of the day ya!! Good Night

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