Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Potong Stim Abis ah!!

Iskkkkk...Ingatkan si Farhana tuh dah gol..Tapi next episode ada plak muka dia..aiseyman.. Kacau daun betul ah bila part Shahril & Julia nak kahwin, dia plak muncul..iskkkk...Dah tak happy ending ah cam nie...Tadi gue betul nyer happy bila si Farhana tu dah kiok...At least dapat gak si Julia & Shahril tuh kahwin.. For once I tot
cerita yg Julia & Dr Chopra kahwin last episode tuh gimik jer ..hmmm... Tapi si Shahril nie pon cam susah nak accept Julia balik tapi oleh kerana nak sedapkan hati mak dia sebab tuh dia terima jer lah nak kahwin ngan Julia..Kay takpe..meh kita saksikan episode terakhir nya minggu hadapan....jeng! jeng! jeng! hehehe
Alamak..maap lah eh, saya nie day ter-carried away dgn citer Cinta Bollywood 2...hehe

Hari nie takde apa apa yg best berlaku...Masak mee goreng & ayam goreng jer utk suami gue.. Selain dari tuh tak buat apa apa sgt lah..

Oh ya..cad bilang yg her manager dah confim kan yg I mula kerja Isnin depan..Sungguh gumbira hati beta!!

Okay okay...Nak minta diri dulu lah ye..Suami ku pon dah ngorok dari pukul 8 malam tadi.. Kesian dia..penat sangat kat kerja...

Sebelum saya blah...Nak share sket pasal kisah Secondary School dolu-dolu yg saya dapat dari CaRLiTA kat Friendster.. Pada sesiapa yg nak share jugak, jgn malu2 copy & paste jer kat awak nyer blog dan tukar info2 yg ada ye!! Selamat membaca!! :D

Get to know what everyone was like in secondary

Your Secondary School: Ping Yi

1. nickname in high school?

2. sport you were into?
Captain's Ball

3. had a gang of frens? how many were you?
Sec 1 - 4 of us, Sec 2 - 4 of us, Sec 3 - 7 of us, Sec 4 - 7 of us Sec 5 - 3 of us...

4. best subject?

5. worst subject?

6. a teacher you owe life lessons to?
Ms Anisah, my Maths teacher.. She pushed us to get a better grade in Maths..Her teaching technic is superb.. She always make sure I get high grade..Too bad my sis did not get her for her Maths Subject now....

7. a teacher you wanna kick in the ass?
Ermm...a few lah...

**Describe In One Word**

8. sec 1 year: innersen nonsence plus selenger

9. sec 2 year: crazy & "wild"

10. sec 3 year: maintain cool beb!

11. sec 4 & Sec 5 year: relax

12. your best friend(s) ever was?
1 - NurSuhaili Hamid

13. your worst friend was?
Quite a lot...

14. cafeteria food sucked?
No...Great food...

15. most hilarious school rule?
Socks must be folded for girls..

16. wore uniforms?
yep...pinafore (ermm do I get the spelling rite? to be exact...

17. how was the prom?
Sadly there was no prom..

18. who was prom king and queen?
No prom meaning no prom king & queen..

19. friends hang out wif?


20. were you popular?
Sort of..haha

21. best song that reminds you of high school?
Fixing a Broken Heart y Indecent Obsession - attend an audition with my classmate, Mohd, for the Teacher's Day celebration.. But he screwed up the song!! Arghhh!! But was fun lah..

22. unforgettable sec school crush? lah...

23.most embarrassing moment?
I have to tell tis one story..cos till now I cud erase from my mind - Happened during Sec 2..We had tis combined Maths lesson cos our Maths checher is away for 3 days & the checher which took us for Maths was soo boringg.. So 4 of us decided to skip the lesson..We den decided to hide inside the toilet..But after awhile, we felt so bored so one of them suggested tat we went near the hall to see other classes having PE..Luck is not on our side when we were laffing2, one of the PE checher saw us and straight away questioned us.. So after the ned of the day, when we were at the parade square, our form checher, Mrs Choo, informed each a& everyone of us tat to get ready for annoucement..*gulp* SHIT!!! We are in trouble..hehe..Before singing the Majula Singapura, our names were being called by the VP..We have to go in front of the flag pole and stand there while singing the National Anthem..After the students were dismissed, the VP told our form checher to inform our parents...One of my fren, cried..She was scared upon hearing calling od parents..So our form checher decided not to call but instead she said tat she will punished us the next day..Our VP asked Mrs Choo to put a table & chair outside the classroom for us to sit the next day.. So when the next day came, our form checher, Mrs Choo, asked us what punishment we wanted..Bleh gitu?? Gerek kan.. But then we told her up to her lah cos we're in wronged here.. And u know wat she punished us??? Sit under our table for 1 period!!! haha..But she take pity on us and made us sit under the table for just 10 mins...Gerekk ah tis teacher!!!!!
Okay tat's the story..Phew!!

24. memory you'd like to forget about sec?
all the unwanted people..

25. best memory?
Tarian (from Sec 2 to Sec 5) days

26. any regrets?

27. would you like your future child to attend your high school?

28. were the bathrooms clean?
okay lah...

29. any crush wif the seniors?
have!! I remembered few of my frens were eyeing on Aaron Aziz cos he's so damn popular at tat time in school cos of his good looking...hehhe

30. song that would best describe your sec school life:
School Song ah...Perserverance Yield Success (our school Motto) ..see I still remember tat!! hehehe

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