Tuesday, June 01, 2004

A Gloomy Day!!!

I'm feeling tired & sleepy rite now..Juz came back from late busu's hse.. Alhamdulillah, eberything went on smoothly..Selamat dikebumikan dalam kul 11 lebih pagi...Semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat ke atas rohnya..Yesterday me & hubbie rushed to hospital after receiving the news of the demise of Arwahnya.. Met PIL, BIL and some of them there..Yetserday was my first time in my life walking towards the mortuary..Was soo eerie..My hair stands up...aiyohh..luckily hubbie was wif me..Hold tite to him..hehe..
After bringing late Busu's body home, we sat down for awhile before going home @ 2am..

Reached home to get a few hrs sleep before waking up early in the morning @ 6.30am.. Hubbie need to rushed off to ofis for awhile to generate month end report while I went straight to PIL's hse to help my SIL to cook for the kenduri later...Luckily anotehr SIL (Melaka BIL's wife) of mine helping out too...Finished cooking around 9 plus before we proceed to Bedok Reservoir to see late Busu for the last time... Everybody was feeling so sad..Was a gloomy day for us...

Did not follow to the cememetry as the Jenazah bus was fully pack and furthermore I have to fetch my mum over at the busstop in front of the blk to bring her to the hse...Today was my bad tudung day..hahaha...Tak gosok tudung nyer pasal so very the leper seh..Peh tak lawa tapi peduli apa, janji pakai tudung..ekekkee..

After everything has been settled, we went home at 4 plus..Feel so fresh after having my shower..Tot of taking a nap but my eyes simply cudn't get to sleep so I login to the chat to say hi to the rest of the galz..

Now me & hubbie going to my PIL's hse to lepak there...and to have dinner there..Gonna buy pratas as there's Kari Daging...

Okay haf to pen off here for today..Early entry yah..ehehe... Anyway have a good and enjoyable holiday tomoro.. Take care... papai!!!

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