Saturday, June 19, 2004

Badminton anyone??

Made corn beef with potatoes for bfast... After bfast, I started to apply for jobs from the Recruits Section.. Did apply for lotsa jobs today...

At 1.40pm, went out to meet Klopez, Nahar & kissy at Tampines Sports Complex.. We took a cab there cos hubbie brought his niece & nephew along... He had booked the badminton court from 2pm to 4pm... Once reached, hubbie started of the game with his nephew while I was faning myself as it was hot inside the hall... Was gasping for air...I quickly went outside...Read story book while waiting for kissy, Klopez & Nahar to come.. Waited for kissy @ the entrance of the Sports Complex as she took a cab there..Klopez & Nahar came at the same time..While the rest were playing badminton, me, kissy & Klopez went up at the cafe and bought ourselves Bubble Tea...My sis came over after her tuition lesson.. We sat down and chatted happily under a full blast fan...

At about 3.45pm, hubbie called saying tat they gonna finished their game soon..So we made our way into the hall...By 4pm, we went out from the hall and hubbie went off to take his shower...

We suggested to go to Bazaar at Tampines MRT before going for Al Ameen.. Walked around Bazaar...Me & Klopez got ourselves a cute passport cover..I chose Snow White & 7 dwarf cover while Klopez had Betty Boop for herself..Cost us only $2...

We then took feeder 292 and went to Al Ameen...As all of us were hungry, we quickly ordered our food...Ate Mee Goreng Daging...Today the mee goreng daging quite salty as they added additional kicap..I bet if Aliyah gonna see the Mee Goreng, she surely gonna puke cos she HATES kicap!! hehe..

We went off at about 6 plus..Klopez & Nahar will be following Klopez's mum & sis to Tampines Mall for jalan2, while kissy made her way home to Holland Close and us made our way home by taking bus to Ubi...My sis took 17 back to Bedok...Reached home I quickly took my bathe and did my solat Asar...Then after my solat magrib, suddenly I felt so tired and dozed off...Woke up only to realised it's still early..9.10 pm... I tot it's already 11 plus...Tonite seems so bored...No interesting TV program on air... Now I;m chatting with kissy..As kissy was saying tat Saturday will be gone soon and it's pretty fast for a day to just past by...Wat to do..Tis is how a fast pace country be liked...

Well, I have to pen down now...Still feeling sleepy but I;m not gonna waste my last bit of Saturday just like tat..Gonna find something useful to do... Have a great Sunday peepz...Take care!!

Before I take my leave, wud like to share tis cute What personality elements make up your Personality cocktail? which I got from Floating Lilac bloggie..

How to make a Zubaidah

5 parts success

5 parts self-sufficiency

5 parts empathy
Blend at a low speed for 30 seconds. Add curiosity to taste! Do not overindulge!

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