Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Total darkness???

Just came back from Al Ameen meeting Klopez, Nahar & Nezam for late dinner..Phew! Luckily Ubi is not affected by the blackout else we will filled with darkness & sweatiness.. But unlucky for kissy, Aliyah & Bunnyz..Received their sms tat they were in a total darkness.. Was quite surprised tho' cos Bunnyz live quite near to me but she kena the blackout..

But tho' my area is not affected, but damn! our Maxonline is affected...We cudn't surf.. Arghh!! Expected cos Ayeh Rajah side shud be affected too...I was so sian by then.. So I pick up the phone to call kissy...Chit chat with her till she regain her electric back.. hehe.. She told me tat she was fanning herself away & listening to battery operated radio for the news update..hahaha..Dah macam kat kampung dahhh...hehehehe.. Well after put down with her, I tried again to see if Maxonline is back to norm but NO!!! Dah mcm cacing kepanasan w/o internet connection...aiseyman...

Kay lah enuff of tat...Wanna share a piece of good news...I get the job @ Cecil St as a temp..Pada takde keje...So tak cerewet ah kan.. Thanks to cad!! But have to wait for the manager to confirm the date when I can report to werk..But most probably cad said it will be next Monday.. Alhamdulillah....Dunt mind doing a part time job... But who knows tat I can get the full time Admin Post tat they gonna open soon... Pray hard!!

Oh ya...I met Buffyana @ Al Ameen just now with her family..She was filled with excitement when she salam me..So cutee of her!! hehehe..At last we got to meet each other after sooo long...hehehe.. She sooo sweet in person...Hope we can bum each other more frequent @ Al Ameen..hehehe

The whole afternoon I was not doing tat many things... I took a nap as I was soo sleepy while reading a book..

I actual backdate tis entry just bcos tat stoopid maxonline connection..hehehe..Anyway have a great midweek!! 2 more days to weekend! :D

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