Tuesday, June 08, 2004

The Day in TTSH..

Goshh!! I was sooooo tired today.. Spend the almost 7 hrs in Tan Tock Seng Hospital.. MIL was due for her check up appointment tis morning..Initially, Aqilah & FIL were supposed to accompany her but at around 8.15am, SIL called informing me tat MIL cudn't walk cos her leg is in a great pain...And need my help to accompany her too so as to give her support so tat she can walk slowly..So I rushed to the toilet and took my bathe..Headed straight to PIL's hse..Saw SIL still applying oitment @ MIL's leg.. We tot of calling Ambulance to bring her to hospital but we dropped the idea..At one moment, she can walked as normal but another moment, she was in pain....Luckily she managed to go down the blk and FIL hailed a cab there..After her tyroid appt, the doc suggested to take MIL to A&E so tat the doctor there can check on her leg as her appt with another Leg specialist is due end of July...

Over at the A&E, the waiting time was damn long!!!! Was so pissed off oredy...Waited till 1.5 hrs den MIL managed to see the doctor..Was told by the doc tat MIL need to be given 2 jabs and need to be under observation for 2 hrs..Oh No!! Have to wait another 2 long hrs...Got hold of FIL & Aqilah to inform them..Soon, we went over to 7-11 grabbing food to eat while waiting for the 2hrs to come..

Around 2.45pm, I went in the observation room to see how's MIL doing..Asked the doctor and he told me tat MIL can go back but she might need an operation as her bone at the leg is knocking with another bone and tat caused the pain..Meantime, he will give MIL a strong painkiller and she has to come back for therapy and have to go for her appt with her usual doctor and will know whether when will she be needed for an operation..

Out from TTSH at around 4 plus..By then all of us were so tired..Back to PIL's hse, I took my lunch den off I went to take a nap..Woke up only when hubbie came back from werk. I did asked hubbie to come over to his parent's hse to have dinner cos tal larat gue nam masak..hehe..

Went home only @ 8.20pm..Took my bathe and relax myself....Tot of sleeping early today..
Kay lah..gotta stop here...Byee!!

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