Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Never had a dream come true..

Well, I just finished watching ANUGERAH 2004..All the contestants were good indeed... Before tat I watch the last episode of Man @ Forty...Satisfied with the ending..So happy tat Jian Jie & Long-ge finally together!! Gonaa watched the new series of drama tomoro.. ;)

Nuthing interesting happened today..Took quite sometimes to upload my Malacca pixs before I went over to my MIL's place for lunch...SIL had informed me earlier not to cook today as she cooked a big portion so tat me & hubbie could eat there...

Oh ya..I wanna share my cute dream with you guys..Yesterday nite I dreamt of giving birth to a twin chubby & cute boys...I can see clearly their faces in my dream.. Hubbie was soo happy at tat point of time when receiving 2 heroes...And amazingly..I even got their name in my dream..haha..Farnee rite?? Wanna know what are the names of my twins?? Ahmad Asyraf & Ahmad Asyriq..Nice name indeed!! When I told hubbie abt my dream, he was so excited..Ya! As if I'm pregnant now..hehehehe... If only it will come true, we be the happiest person in the World..hehe..Insya Allah.....

Okay enuff abt my dream..Time to go to bed...Again today, hubbie had already knocked out.. I guess he's still feeling so tired after werking today...Lucky for him tat he need to report to Police HQ for his reservist check up..He'll be on haf day tomoro..yippie..And I will be meeting the Sakurapz Gurlz for lunch @ Sakura CT Hall.. Can't wait to meet them...Hopefully my dearest partner in crime will be able to make it tomoro..Poor her, she got asthma attack and was given 3 days MC.. Hope you'll Get Well Soon dear!! Dunt forget to eat yur medicine at the rite time okay!!

Kay stop here for today...Have a great midweek tomoro!! Take care!!

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