Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Woke up as usual to make hubbie's bfast..Was really sleepy actually cos I did not sleep well.. Wake UpTossed and turned on the bed but just cudn't shut my eyes.. Tot of sleeping back after hubbie went to werk but @ around 7.35am, de phone rang. Hubbie picked up the phone and looked @ me.. Chatty 2I heard his conversation "Ohh agaknya dia lupa appt mak hari nie" Ohh Shiiit!!!!!Shock I truly forget that MIL had her hospital appointment today and I'm supposed to accompany her..It just slip my mind.. Duhh!!! Club Me 7W/o giving any notice, I just rushed off to the toilet to take my bath...Didn't even have the chance to say goodbye to hubbie cos I'm late! Had apologies to him.. He was alright wif it cos he oso dunt want to make his mum wait..hehe..Called MIL to ask her where to meet her.. I went out @ 8pm and rushed to the opposite blk where MIL and FIL have been waiting for me...Hailed a cab to TTSH...Reached there quite early.. Went to the registration counter @ Or to register for MIL..I kept yawning..Yawn Awhile later a nurse Nurse took MIL in to a room and asked me to come back 2 hrs later..They will gimme a call....Oh ya..a camera has to be inserted inside her body to check whether are there any stones round her kidney or it's just a urine infection cos she been having a cramp at her abdomen thrice last yr and this year... I just sat outside the reception waiting the clock to tick for 10.45am..MIL went in @ 8.40am so by 10.45am she shud be out.. Read newspaper to kill time...FIL was nowhere to be seen...After awhile, I get bored sitting at the reception so I decided to wander around...I look down @ Lvl 1 and saw FIL was sitting in a bench. I went down..Bought coffee for FIL and Peach Tea for myself and sat down with him.. Too my much surprised that around us there are Food Junction, Starbucks, Haagen Daaz, 7-11, bookshops.. Wow!! so many amnenities around...I seldom been to TTHS and that's why I like "jakun" gitu..hehe..Too Funny
Kill my time by calling kissy and chit chat for awhile before the nurse called me around 10.40am to pick my MIL..Went up and picked my MIL..Went to take the medicine and we off to Geylang...We had so called our brunch @ Pasar Geylang. Had Chicken Briyani...After eating, we went straight home.

Once reached home, I switched on my PC and started to check my mails..At the same time login to ewah2.. Not forgetting to check who's tagging @ my tagboard in my blog.. Oh ya!! I've change a new skin for my blog...How was it?? I really lurves my blog's new look...Very refreshing..hehe... Anyway today I chatted happily as I'm back to my normal self..Terrific

Tried forcing myself to sleep but I cudn't eventho' I felt so sleepy..Finished up reading my book...I dunt have to cook dinner today as MIL had bought 2 packets of chicken rice for hubbie and myself...She told me not to cook today cos she knows I will be tired...Thanks so much MIL for yur kind understanding..Single Rose

Hubbie went back around 6.35pm.. Serve dinner. Catched the last episode of Generasi Tahun 2000 @ Suria.. Hubbie is slogging on his reports...He brought his werk home..Pity him..He's been stressful these few days..Made him a cup of Hot Chocolate...I Love You Mug 2

Watched Chinese Drama @ 9pm...Followed by American Idol....Camile Rulez!!!

Oh ya the Sakurapz Gurlz will be having lunch together tomoro...Yeshh!! Get to meet them again..Yippie...Can't wait actually..hehe...Bouncy 5

Stop here for now...Will be back tomoro....Take care and have a good nite!!

more days to go..!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Today I woke up early to prepare my hubbie's bfast but slept back after he went off to werk. Woke up again @ 10.30pm..After washing up, I switched on my PC to check my emails. Login to ewah2 for awhile and at the same time login to forum to read any interesting thread..Pop-ups

Logout from ewah2 and made myself a beef burger for my brunch...Burger 2 After my brunch I login again but chatted for awhile only. I decided to clean my fridge..After cleaning, I sat down and read my book..Login again to ewah2 but suddenly no mood to chat.. Just hit Enter..the gurlz kept asking what's wrong with me cos I'm not like this as before.. I just feel so b-o-r-e-d.... Dunno what's gone into me today...Simply got no mood to do anything... *sigh* Mood gone down to z-e-r-o percent!!!
gurlz and thanks for your concern…Hope my mood will get better soon.

Anyway I cooked kway teow goreng kicap with some cilipadi and ayam goreng ketumbar jintan for dinner today…Hubbie came home quite early than before…Serve dinner den watched G2K @ Suria followed by Police & Thief @ Ch 5… Had my nite bath and now getting ready to watch Beautiful Trio in Ch 8.

Stop here for today and will be back again tomoro hopefully with a better mood. Take care guys.Goodbye, Chow

days to go!!

Monday, March 29, 2004

I woke up late today as my nose still giving me problem...The flu bug still stuck on me...Did not do any bfast for my hubby this morning cos I just cudn't bring myself to the kitchen as my head was spinning at that moment... Sorry dear!! Thanks for yur kind understanding...
Anyway I washed up myself and on my PC...Checked my mails and login to ewah2...Chatted for awhile before my SCV connection went off...Awww Shucks Then I received a call from my MIL Chattyinforming me that she cudn't get any channel @ the moment..Asked me to check on mine...
Quickly went out to check my Cable TV....I cud not get any channel thru indeed...Check the channel over @ my study room..Same...
Called MIL back and told her that I've got the same problem as hers....Called Starhub to check.. Apparently, Ubi area is having a disruption on the connection with the Maxonline & the cable TV and their engineers are currently looking @ the problem... I was like wundering how long will this gonna end...Was damn bored w/o internet connection..What am I supposed to do?? Bor-ing Called MIL and my hubbie to inform on this... Then I went to open Saturday's Recruit section from the Straits Time to scout for jobs... Managed to find 2 that is suitable... Wanted to apply it online but suddenly remembered that my internet connection is down @ the moment...Arghh!! Fed up man!!
I then took out my MD Player and a blank disk and started to record songs..I was a bit blur at first cos I did not use my MD to record songs for quite a long time...Phew! managed to record 17 songs... Gonna bring my MD and the disk that I've recorded during my KL Trip...

Anyway, I managed to get connected after 1½ hrs...Quickly apply for the online job and login to ewah2... Today I dunt really have the mood to chat tho' bcos of my flu... I logoff and continue to read my book...

Hubbie came home late today...Pity him, he works hard but nobody appreciate it...Pissed I can see that he dunt have the mood to werk @ his company anymore..but what can he do..He have to wait for his PB in July den find a job that is suitable for him... And he's taking his MCSA soon.. Hopefully once he gotten his MCSA, together with his existing CCNA, he will get a better job offer.. Insya Allah.... Stay strong dear!! I will be behind you to give you my support! Hug

After dinner, I cleaned up the kitchen and watched G 2K @ Suria... Now I'm chatting with kissy and waiting to watch Beautiful Trio over @ Ch 8 @ 9pm...

till then..will be back tomoro....

more days to go for my KL Trip!!

Sunday, March 28, 2004

Today me & hubbie went wedding invitation @ Tampines...Dad's relative's son got married...Reached there around 1.20pm..After eating, I told my dad that we're going back cos we need to drop by @ PIL's house..

Went my PIL's house to lepak....We have VCD marathon there...First my BIL watched Janji Diana den followed by Lang Buana but we watched it haf way tho' cos we found the story so lembab...Switched to Rohaya Roy..Ohh yesh! Ari Wibowo is sooo handsome..Blushy 2 After watching Rohaya Roy, we continue to watched Jutawan Fakir...Really had a laffing session...Apek as usual will be the clown of the movie..hehe...When we were about to leave, my Pasir Ris BIL came over with his family... We took our leave @ 6.30pm...

Now I'm gonna do my ironing of clothes..Then lipat-ing all the dried bajus...Then gonna eat my flu tablet cos I'm down with a flu..Pill Hate it man!! Feel like taking off my nose..arghhh!!

Anyway I'm logging off now...Have a pleasant week ahead of you guys.....and Happy Werking tomoro!!

more days to go for the KL Trip!

Saturday, March 27, 2004

Today me & hubbie went to catch The Eye 2 with Aliyah, Jaybonz, kissy and her niece, Smoochy...Set time @ 2pm but we were late cos we have to get PIL's bus ticket to Malacca for the Good Friday...Have to grab the tix now else it will be sold out soon...Reached Plaza S'pura @ around 2.50pm. Bought the tickets for 5.25pm show cos 3.20pm show onlye left seats with is in the front row.. Nahhh!! Not going to stick our head up to watch the movie...Neck pain u know!!! Went to have pur lunch @ BK...Den we off to the Game Arcade...Played Daytona but haf way it "hangs"..i tot only PC hangs but Daytona also can "hang" hehee...Wasted my 2 tokens...oops actually hubbie's token..Damn Damn

At around 5.10pm we went up to the Cinema...Bought Nachos, Popcorns and Ice Tea... Sharing PopcornProceed to go into the cinema..Actually me & Aliyah were quite scared to watch the movie but hmmm..was dragged to watch..ehehe...Oh ya...have to tell u guys this... We went Carefour before watching the movie just bcos Aliyah wanted to get a small pillow to cover her face while watching The Eye 2..hahaha...She managed to find a baby's pillow @ a good price...We were laffing @ her...Rolly

Anyway when the movie started, Aliyah had her pillow ready in front of her face while me & Smoochy had a piece of paper holding just in front of our faces too..hahaah...And u know what...My hubbie took out a small brochure in a form of book which he took from somewhere and pretend to read in the dark when the scary scenes were shown... We were laffing @ each other....Spinning kissy & Jaybonz were so steady as if there were not watching a scary movie..ekeke... But overall the story was okay lah...It's not the ghosts that make us scared but it's the sound effect that really makes everything seems so real and scary..Our hearts went thumping all de way during the movie..hehe...Heartbeat

After the movie, we sat @ the Starbucks outside..I wunder why there were lotsa people outside..when we went nearer to the crowds, we saw a whole bunch of different age people dancing all the way with the tempo of the music being aired...It's line dancing...Anyway we had entertainment while having our "drinking" session @ Starbucks..Tengok si nyonya and apek dancing berkobar-kobar seh..hehe

Went off around 9.30pm... Took my bath and now logging in my PC to check emails, read forum and went on blogging...

Will take my leave now and be back tomoro...See ya guys.... !!! Enjoy yur Sunday!!!! Hugs And Kisses

Friday, March 26, 2004

I'm not in the mood to write a journal rite now...Dismay I guess I too tired...Had spring cleaning with hubbie just now...Anyway today I did not do much things...Just cooked Nasi Lemak, sambal tumis udang and ikan selar kuning for dinner....Watched the Chinese Drama @ 9pm den off I do the spring cleaning in the kitchen...

Now I'm going to take my hot nite bath & will continue my reading after tat...I guess kissy has yet to come back from her D&D @ Swissotel The Stamford & Raffles The Plaza ...Hope she'll had a good time despite her headache and flu..Hope you get better soon dear...Animated Flowers

Will be back again tomoro..Enjoy yur weekend guys...take care....Papaiiiii...!!!

Thursday, March 25, 2004

Today I managed to sleep back again after hubby went off to werk..Woke up @ 10.30am...As usual will on my PC then off to wash up...Surprisingly today when I check my mail, there was no mail from the gurlz...At one moment I tot my email server has gone ding dong but then I guess they must be pretty busy..Asked kissy over the phone whether was there any morning mails from the gurlz but she said there was none..hehe...As usual I login to ewah2..Chatted till 12 plus before I did my housewerk... Called my parent's home and was surprised to hear my dad's voice...Chatty He supposed to be in his office but he at home at tat moment??? Dad told me that his company had 2 days shutdown so there he was lazing around at home...Good for him..Thumbs Up At least he can have a good rest...I told him that I'll be coming over earlier since he's at home...

At around 1.45pm, I went off to Bedok Library before coming over to my parent's hse...Borrowed some books...Uncle Mat & Aunty Ani were @ my parent's place..Husband And Wife Good to see them as it has been quite sometimes that I met them..I guess the last time it was during hari Raya Haji..Gosh it has been a month plus!! My bro was @ home too...I tot he went to werk oredi but he said that he gotten 2 days MC..and got to know tat he met with an accident yesterday morning...Eyes Poppin A taxi knocked him down...Luckily it's not tat serious but was quite shocked to see his injured leg, hands and even his right side of his face...He still can walk as normal but a bit of limping... Luckily he's off tomoro & Sat..

I watched American Pie 2 with my bro @ sis's room...He was watching the movie when I I joined in since I've yet to watched the part 2....But before tat I ate my lunch cos I'm really² hungry..Mum cooked Nasi Rawan...Wow!! Delicious..With the bagedil, paru, acar, fried chicken and ayam masak tomato...Superb!! Goofy

At around 4.45pm I login to ewah2...Chatted for awhile with the gurlz & guys...Hubbie reached at abt 5.30pm..Today he managed to knock off an hr earlier...Wanted to serve him Nasi rawan but he said later... At the mean time, he watched VCD titled Blue Streak..At about 6.15pm, hubbie wanted his dinner.. I ate again...hehe..but this time just a lil' rice...but with 2 bagedils...My faveret!! yummiee...

My dad was asking me to accompany my sis to buy earing for her as she just pierced her ears last week.. It's her 2nd time cos the last time there was an infection so the doctor advised her to leave it till it closed... But luckier this time for her that it went well.. Off I went with my sis to Bedok Interchange to scout for her earing @ Taka Jewellery...Not tat nice but the price is so ex....Went to SK Jewellery and saw wuite a few nice design with a good price...Called my dad to check whether the price is okay for me to buy for my sis...My dad just leave it to me to choose for her...Choose a simple white gold stud for my sis... It cost $139 for just a small stud..My sis can't wear a designer earing to skool anyway...So we settled with the small one...Paid using my dad's NETS card... Went back after that..

Watched TV with my parents & hubbie and started talking abt Malaysia politics..As usual will touch abt the Malaysian Election...My bro went out for awhile to meet our cuzzin, Umeer, who had just book out from Tekong..

We went off @ 8.35pm...We stopped by @ 7-11 Ubi to buy ice cream... Ice Cream 4My bro called me to inform that he's at our blk..He wanted to borrow DVDs...Bought for him ice cream too...I bought Crunchies Ice Cream for myself and bro while my hubbie bought Mars & Cadbury Fruit & Nut Ice Cream...

At home, my hubbie wanted to eat the Ramly burger so I made one for him and one for my bro.... Then we sat down to watched the 9pm Chinese Drama...My bro went back after the drama and we continued to watched American Idol...American Idol Matthew is out this time...Too bad for him but he definitely has a good voice...Anyway Camile was lucky..Hope she can do much better for the next round..I like her..She's pretty and has a good voice too...

Now I'm gonna read my book Reading that I borrowed @ the library since there's no one in the MSN that I can chat with..kissy is oofline..I guess she's getting ready for her so called "Beach Babe Suit" for her D&D tomoro...hehehehe Star 6....Anyway hope u enjoy yurself tomoro my dear partner...Bouncy 8

Will see you guys tomoro....It's Friday tomoro!!!!!!!!! Yippie!! Good nite!!!