Friday, March 19, 2004

Today was a tiring day but I really enjoy myself today.. Woohoo Early in th emorning received a call from my dad informing me that my bro is in Tekong joining the forces to nab the 3 robbers...He had to report @ Kallang Base @ 4.30am just now instead of 5.30am..Poor him..His off day has to be burned jus like tat... Sorry I Can't..We were quite werried abt him too..But anyway we have to pray hard that the 3 robbers will be nabbed soon.. Today hubbie took a planned MC.. Rolly..kissy, Aliyah and Jaybonz took haf day leave..We're meeting up after the solat Jumaat...As usual I will carry on my daily routine...Check my mails & login to ewah2...Chatted till 12 plus den get ready to meet kissy & Aliyah @ geylang while hubbie went to his Friday prayer... Met kissy @ 1.30pm...While Aliyah came later...She needs to change her mum's baju @ the Pasar...Meet my hubbie arnd 2.20pm..We went McDonald to grab some bites...Den off we go to Tanjong Pagar for our karaoke session..Famous 5 We took the happy hour which is from 3pm to 8pm...The rates there are quite cheap and affordable..Thanks to hubbie's colleague, Lis, for recommending the place to us.. we had to pay $56.55 inclusive the membership fee for the entire 5 hrs..Cheap rite??? We even gotten complimentary 3hrs for karaoke next time...Bouncy 5 Klopez and bf came later...

We had our dinner @ Lau Pa Sat..had satay, kerang rebus, and many more... Feed Me
Went back around 9.45pm...Went straight to take my bath.. ShowerCannot tahan oredi..Very de melekit oredi..hehe..Mal did sms me to inform that one robber had been nabbed..Now searching for 2 more robbers..
Called my dad to check whether my bro is back oredi...Apparently not...Dad told me that he just called to inform that he had just went out from the forest..but yet to know when he can go back..Hopefully he dunt have to werk tomoro...Told dad to gimme a call once bro reached home...

Uploads all the pics and video clips taken just now...Tak boleh tahan seh ketawa tgk the video clip!! Really farnee!!! Pecah2 peyut dibuatnya..Anyway I've uploaded the pics to my Online Album ...Feel free to view the pics.. Happy Went in ewah2 to chat with some of them...Now gonna have my beauty sleep oredi...Whole body aching but no matter what..I really enjoy myself today with the company of kissy, Aliyah, jaybonz (clown of the day..Head Banger, Klopez & bf...Gonna exercise my tired jaw due to the laughter we had just now... Purple Smiles..
See ya guys tomoro...Chiao!!!! Indian

Before I leave, here are some pics that I've taken just now...njOy!!



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