Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Woke up as usual to make hubbie's bfast..Was really sleepy actually cos I did not sleep well.. Wake UpTossed and turned on the bed but just cudn't shut my eyes.. Tot of sleeping back after hubbie went to werk but @ around 7.35am, de phone rang. Hubbie picked up the phone and looked @ me.. Chatty 2I heard his conversation "Ohh agaknya dia lupa appt mak hari nie" Ohh Shiiit!!!!!Shock I truly forget that MIL had her hospital appointment today and I'm supposed to accompany her..It just slip my mind.. Duhh!!! Club Me 7W/o giving any notice, I just rushed off to the toilet to take my bath...Didn't even have the chance to say goodbye to hubbie cos I'm late! Had apologies to him.. He was alright wif it cos he oso dunt want to make his mum wait..hehe..Called MIL to ask her where to meet her.. I went out @ 8pm and rushed to the opposite blk where MIL and FIL have been waiting for me...Hailed a cab to TTSH...Reached there quite early.. Went to the registration counter @ Or to register for MIL..I kept yawning..Yawn Awhile later a nurse Nurse took MIL in to a room and asked me to come back 2 hrs later..They will gimme a call....Oh ya..a camera has to be inserted inside her body to check whether are there any stones round her kidney or it's just a urine infection cos she been having a cramp at her abdomen thrice last yr and this year... I just sat outside the reception waiting the clock to tick for 10.45am..MIL went in @ 8.40am so by 10.45am she shud be out.. Read newspaper to kill time...FIL was nowhere to be seen...After awhile, I get bored sitting at the reception so I decided to wander around...I look down @ Lvl 1 and saw FIL was sitting in a bench. I went down..Bought coffee for FIL and Peach Tea for myself and sat down with him.. Too my much surprised that around us there are Food Junction, Starbucks, Haagen Daaz, 7-11, bookshops.. Wow!! so many amnenities around...I seldom been to TTHS and that's why I like "jakun" gitu..hehe..Too Funny
Kill my time by calling kissy and chit chat for awhile before the nurse called me around 10.40am to pick my MIL..Went up and picked my MIL..Went to take the medicine and we off to Geylang...We had so called our brunch @ Pasar Geylang. Had Chicken Briyani...After eating, we went straight home.

Once reached home, I switched on my PC and started to check my mails..At the same time login to ewah2.. Not forgetting to check who's tagging @ my tagboard in my blog.. Oh ya!! I've change a new skin for my blog...How was it?? I really lurves my blog's new look...Very refreshing..hehe... Anyway today I chatted happily as I'm back to my normal self..Terrific

Tried forcing myself to sleep but I cudn't eventho' I felt so sleepy..Finished up reading my book...I dunt have to cook dinner today as MIL had bought 2 packets of chicken rice for hubbie and myself...She told me not to cook today cos she knows I will be tired...Thanks so much MIL for yur kind understanding..Single Rose

Hubbie went back around 6.35pm.. Serve dinner. Catched the last episode of Generasi Tahun 2000 @ Suria.. Hubbie is slogging on his reports...He brought his werk home..Pity him..He's been stressful these few days..Made him a cup of Hot Chocolate...I Love You Mug 2

Watched Chinese Drama @ 9pm...Followed by American Idol....Camile Rulez!!!

Oh ya the Sakurapz Gurlz will be having lunch together tomoro...Yeshh!! Get to meet them again..Yippie...Can't wait actually..hehe...Bouncy 5

Stop here for now...Will be back tomoro....Take care and have a good nite!!

more days to go..!!

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