Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Today I woke up early to prepare my hubbie's bfast but slept back after he went off to werk. Woke up again @ 10.30pm..After washing up, I switched on my PC to check my emails. Login to ewah2 for awhile and at the same time login to pk.com forum to read any interesting thread..Pop-ups

Logout from ewah2 and made myself a beef burger for my brunch...Burger 2 After my brunch I login again but chatted for awhile only. I decided to clean my fridge..After cleaning, I sat down and read my book..Login again to ewah2 but suddenly no mood to chat.. Just hit Enter..the gurlz kept asking what's wrong with me cos I'm not like this as before.. I just feel so b-o-r-e-d.... Dunno what's gone into me today...Simply got no mood to do anything... *sigh* Mood gone down to z-e-r-o percent!!!
gurlz and thanks for your concern…Hope my mood will get better soon.

Anyway I cooked kway teow goreng kicap with some cilipadi and ayam goreng ketumbar jintan for dinner today…Hubbie came home quite early than before…Serve dinner den watched G2K @ Suria followed by Police & Thief @ Ch 5… Had my nite bath and now getting ready to watch Beautiful Trio in Ch 8.

Stop here for today and will be back again tomoro hopefully with a better mood. Take care guys.Goodbye, Chow

days to go!!

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