Sunday, March 21, 2004

Woke up late again today..This time it's 11.30am...Shock I guess bcos we slept @ 3am cos my bro and 3 cuzzins came by to hang around @ our house...

Not too sure what to cook today...Tot of cooking just fried mee..but there's only 1 packet of yellow mee in the fridge...Not enuff for 3 of us..Oh ya..hubbie's nephew, Farhan, came over as I need to help him on his Geography project...And you know what is the project all about??? It's about the declining of the birth rate in Spore...!! Farhan is only in Sec 2 and I guess young students @ his age knew nothing abt this birth rate thingy..Nowadays, the younger generation really have a tough time in school with all the higher standard of education...

Anyway I on my PC and chatted with Mal & shny in the MSN...Haf way thru, hubbie asked me to cook Black Pepper Chicken Rice...Chicken 2 Off I went to the kitchen leaving Mal & shny talking in the MSN!!

Finished cooking @ about 2.30pm..Spring cleaned my kitchen before I sit in front of my PC msn-ing kissy... Now I;m in ewah2 chatting with eL & shny...Hubbie asked me to get ready to go to my MIL's hse as she just got back from Melaka...She had to go for her election there cos she's a Malaysian...I miss going back to her kampung in Melaka...Like the environment there rather than in Singapore...Very I'm looking forward to my KL Trip cos after 3 days in KL, we'll be heading to Melaka for another 3 days...I miss baby Syazwan too (my bro in law's son)..The cute lil' notty boy!! Crawling Baby

I'll be back at nite to update the rest...Now gonna head to my MIL's place...See ya guys later tonite..At the mean time, enjoy yur every bit of the hrs today before going back to werk tomoro...hehee

I'm back from my MIL's hse...Now my head is spinning...Got a terrible headache......dunno why???

I guess I betta take my leave....Joining my hubbie to watch the result of Malaysia Election...and gonna rest early today...Will be back tomoro....Adious!!

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