Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Today hubbie is back to werk..As usual I prepare bfast for hubbie to bring to his werk..I slept back after hubbie went off...Woke up at 9.50pm...There's a construction going on just in front of my block..Construction Barrier They are doing some upgrading..Can't tahan the noise...Arghhh!!Pulling My Hair Out Gave me a splitting headache..Bloodshot After washing up, Brushing TeethI on my PC to check my mails and login to ewah2 as well...Chatted with them @ the same time, Aliyah asked me to help her to godeh her blog...Pop-ups

Didn't do much things today....Around 4.30pm, my eyes just cudn't open... SleepyI took my leave from the chatroom and straight to my bed...Was really sleepy...Took a nap till 5.30pm...Sleepy Went straight to the kitchen to prepare dinner...Cooked mee goreng and fried chicken....Set aside some for my PIL..MIL called to ask whether I got cough mixture cos FIL is having quite a bad cough...I told her that I come over to send the cough mixture later...After hubbie came home, I told hubbie that his dad is having a bad cough and his mum too is not feeling that well either....I suggested that we shud go and visit them..After packing the mee goreng for my PIL, we headed to their house..

Went back around 7.40pm...Serve dinner....Had my nite bath and now I'm waiting for the Chinese Drama @ 9pm and the American Idol @ 10pm for the Final 11..Today is my first day following the drama serial eventho' it has been aired since Monday..Meanwhile chatted with kissy and my sis over @ MSN...

Today is my bestest cuzzin's besday...Happy 28th besdae Nini...Hope it will be a better year for you dear...
Birthday Balloons

Gotta stop here for now..Will see you guys again tomoro...Take care and enjoy yur last 2 weekdays before the weekend is here!!! Tataaa!! Wiggling Toes

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