Thursday, March 04, 2004

Yesh..finally today I managed to sleep back after hubbie went to werk.. Woke up around 9.45am.. Feeling a bit fresh than the days before.. Smiles After washing my face and brushing my teeth, I switch on my PC..Checked my mails to see whether the Sakurapz GurLz flood my INBOX...Indeed they did!! hahaha...Well, replied a few mails to them and login to the chatroom... At the same time, I tried to altered my blog here and there...Tempted to change my blog from blogdrive to blogspot..hMm..cos over @ blogspot, I cud change a lots of skins..yippiee...can change anytime I like.. Way Too Happy HuS aka SmuRFeT too changed hers to blogspot...hahaha...Well here I am in blogspot blogging all de way....Lurve my new blog's look.. and de pix too.. oopss.. Bouncy Colors 2

Around 12 plus, I took my bath and did my housework. Cooked maggi for my lunch.. Sat down in front of the TV and tuned to MTV channel.. Saw the clip which Gareth Gates and CT Nurhaliza singing Say It Isn't So...Nice song...CT can really control her voice singing that song..I simply lurve it...After finished my lunch, I login to the chatroom. Looking outside my window, I saw the clouds turned dark..slowly there's a heavy downpour...HmMM..was thinking what time will I be able to go Bedok to meet my sis... Around 4 plus, my sis called me telling me that she finished her remedial. I told her that I'm getting ready and will meet her in half an hr time...

Met my sis at Bedok Interchange...Went to the library for awhile as I had to return my books. Drop by BK to buy chicken cheese-stick, fries and onion rings. Went to my parents' house...My sister reminded me to teach her Maths - Sine & Cosine Rules Goshh!! I bet I can remember that!! Ponder But nvm will try cos Maths used to be my faveret subject... :) But first thing first when I reached my parents' house, I switch on the PC and login to ewah2...Managed to catch up with the rest for 30 mins before I started to teach my sis...Hubbie came around 6.35pm.. Helped my mum to grilled the satay..Ya!! Satay!! She tried to cook satay using the recipe in Asmah Laili's Cook Book...It taste nice!! Yummiee...Actually after grilling 10 pieces of satay, I gave up cos it took quite a long time over a gas stove to get the satay really cooked..So I asked my mum to fried it...My mum agreed... After finished frying, we had our dinner. My dad came home while we were eating. He joined us soon after that. We talked and joke around over at dinner table. Too bad, my bro wasn't home as he is in the morning shift and will only be back around 11 plus... Haven't seen my bro for 2 weeks.. Walking Home Crying

After dinner, I continue to teach my sis Maths.. Then, Husher and Huzair dropped by.. Chatted with them in the room. My dad and mum joined in our conversation.. We were advising my sister on her studies as this year she will be taking her 'N' Level.. We are all scared for her... Hope she can make it to Sec 5 next year...

Went home around 9pm..Took a bath and here I am blogging...Can't wait for tomoro as I'll be meeting my partner in crime at 12.45am to get sumething and also going to the Career Exihibition @ Suntec City..Since I'm out of job, I tink I better search any available jobs there... Then later in the afternoon will meet the rest of the Sakurapz Geng as we have a mini gathering in Funan...Quite excited too as we are collecting the free BenQ DG Cam and HP printer @ Funan tomoro... Way Too Happy

Till then...I'm gonna catch the last episode of Trista & Ryan's Wedding...Love And Kisses Will blog again tomoro... Adious Amigos!!

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