Monday, March 01, 2004

This morning I really woke up quite late...Guess wat time? Nearly 11am...After hubby went to work, I continue my sleep.. I tink I slept like a dead log..hahaha...Quickly get into the washroom to brush my teeth and wash my face...At the sametime, switch on my PC. Did some cleaning in the living room. Heat the balance murtabak that we bought yesterday.. That's my bfast and I tink my lunch too... Check my mails...Wow! The Sakurapz Geng flooded my mailbox!! Help!!! :D Replied back to them and went into the chatroom....Chatted with them till 12.45pm. I took my bath and get ready to go to my MIL house..Need to get the ketumbar and kunyit for the ketumbar jintan paste. Hubby wanted to eat ikan selar goreng mixed with ketumbar jintan and sayur boncis goreng lada with udangz. Stayed at my MIL house for awhile before I went to GValue to do some shopping. I bought a packet of Strawberry.. Suddenly got the crave to eat those red Strawberries... yummie... I took a twin pack of Marigold Yogurt Manggo Flavo..Dunno why today I got the crave for Manggo and Strawberry...hahaha... But I guess it's just a crave..not the kind of craving that mum to be had...hehehe

Went back around 3pm. I marinated the 9 pieces of ikan selar with the ketumbar jintan paste. Put them in the fridge..Logon to the chatroom. Chat till 5.15pm and I went to fried the veggie. At around 6.15pm, I fried the fishes...Just nice hubbie came home when I finished frying the fishes... :) Serve dinner around 6.45pm... After that as usual clean the kitchen. Right after that I took a bath and had my maghrib prayers. Switch on Suria to catch the drama Generasi 2K. Slice my strawberries and soaked them with condensed milk...yummie.... soo niceeeeee.... Get hubbie to try and he too liked the taste...hehe...

Now I'm eating my manggo yogurt...Tot of eating tomoro morning but I forgot that I'm gonna fast for the Puasa Asyura.

I'm gonna stop here for today.. Will be back blogging again soon... Chiaoo!!!

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