Saturday, March 27, 2004

Today me & hubbie went to catch The Eye 2 with Aliyah, Jaybonz, kissy and her niece, Smoochy...Set time @ 2pm but we were late cos we have to get PIL's bus ticket to Malacca for the Good Friday...Have to grab the tix now else it will be sold out soon...Reached Plaza S'pura @ around 2.50pm. Bought the tickets for 5.25pm show cos 3.20pm show onlye left seats with is in the front row.. Nahhh!! Not going to stick our head up to watch the movie...Neck pain u know!!! Went to have pur lunch @ BK...Den we off to the Game Arcade...Played Daytona but haf way it "hangs"..i tot only PC hangs but Daytona also can "hang" hehee...Wasted my 2 tokens...oops actually hubbie's token..Damn Damn

At around 5.10pm we went up to the Cinema...Bought Nachos, Popcorns and Ice Tea... Sharing PopcornProceed to go into the cinema..Actually me & Aliyah were quite scared to watch the movie but hmmm..was dragged to watch..ehehe...Oh ya...have to tell u guys this... We went Carefour before watching the movie just bcos Aliyah wanted to get a small pillow to cover her face while watching The Eye 2..hahaha...She managed to find a baby's pillow @ a good price...We were laffing @ her...Rolly

Anyway when the movie started, Aliyah had her pillow ready in front of her face while me & Smoochy had a piece of paper holding just in front of our faces too..hahaah...And u know what...My hubbie took out a small brochure in a form of book which he took from somewhere and pretend to read in the dark when the scary scenes were shown... We were laffing @ each other....Spinning kissy & Jaybonz were so steady as if there were not watching a scary movie..ekeke... But overall the story was okay lah...It's not the ghosts that make us scared but it's the sound effect that really makes everything seems so real and scary..Our hearts went thumping all de way during the movie..hehe...Heartbeat

After the movie, we sat @ the Starbucks outside..I wunder why there were lotsa people outside..when we went nearer to the crowds, we saw a whole bunch of different age people dancing all the way with the tempo of the music being aired...It's line dancing...Anyway we had entertainment while having our "drinking" session @ Starbucks..Tengok si nyonya and apek dancing berkobar-kobar seh..hehe

Went off around 9.30pm... Took my bath and now logging in my PC to check emails, read forum and went on blogging...

Will take my leave now and be back tomoro...See ya guys.... !!! Enjoy yur Sunday!!!! Hugs And Kisses

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