Tuesday, March 02, 2004

I'm awake rite after hubbie went to werk... Can't sleep but I knew that I really wanted to sleep back but these eyes juz cudn't closed...Can't have bfast cos today I'm fasting for the Puasa Asyura. As usual, I on my PC and started to send emails to Sakurapz Geng to wish them Good Morning.. Then went inside the chatroom. No one is around yet. I just lazed around on the bed. Started MSN-ing my hubbie...Login to the chatroom again.This time quite a number of them were in oredi. By 10am, my stomach kept growling...This is due to the fact that I did not eat anything for sahur. Serve me right!! hahaha.. Nevermind...have to tahan liao..!!! Chatted all the way till 12 plus. Then I continue my housewerk..Fold the clothes which have been in the other room for days..hehehe.. Today I tot of cooking seafood beancurd again cos I feel like eating. Hubbie said go ahead..But need to think for other dish too...

Around 1 plus, hubbie told me that we will be having our dinner outside with Aliyah and Jaybonz.. That means I will be break-fasting outside. yippieee!!! They wanted to go to Joo Chiat to find some jamu.. den will be having our dinner at S-11 @ Haig Rd...

So around 6pm, I went out to meet hubbie @ Haig Road carpark. Reached there around 6.30pm. Waited for Aliyah and Jaybonz @ S-11 till 7.05pm. Once they reached, we ordered our food. I got the craving to eat Western food so I ordered Chicken Cutlet. Aliyah ordered a big bowl of Yong Tau Foo... Hubbie ate Nasi Goreng Kampung. By the end of the dinner session, my stomach was already bloated... hahaha... We went to Joo Chiat after that.... After getting the jamu, we went back.

After my bath, here I am logging into my PC and started MSN-ing with kissy, my sis and my cuzzin, Nini. As well as chatting in ewah2.... Now I remembered that I haven't iron my hubbie clothes for tomoro.. Hahaha.. Last nite I forgot to iron so this morning I was in a hurry to iron his clothes... *How forgetful I am*

I better get ironing the clothes else if I do anything else, I will tend to concentrate on that thing and will forget about ironing....hehee

Till I blog again tomoro.... Chiao babeh!!

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