Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Today is a bright day...Mostly Sunny was soo fresh when I woke up today.. Woohoo As usual, did a daily routine of sending mails to the rest of the gang... Surf The WebI did not login to ewah2 yet...But instead I finished my storybook first..Reading 2 Login to the chatroom around 9.30am..Chatted for awhile....Computing

Went outside to bring in the dry clothes...Shopping 2 Lucky the weather is good today... I on the washing machine to wash the 2nd trip of the dirty laundry...Washing Machine Then started to iron hubbie's werk clothes for Thursday and Friday.. Iron

Ohh no!! It started to rain again...but lucky it's not as heavy as on Monday.. Rainy

Hubbie told me that we're going to Queensway after his werk..He wanted to buy soccer boots..Soccer
We'll be meeting Aliyah & Jaybonz there...

Today kissy send me food for lunch (nice and delicious lunch) by courier..haha..I tot she was joking but indeed she really did that...Thank you my dear fren...Blowing A Kiss
Did ask her to join us to Queensway..

I met my hubbie at his werkplace @ 6.30pm. Went straight to Queensway. Meet kissy, Aliyah & Jaybonz there.Husband And WifeGothHubbie bought his soccer boots after spending nearly 1 hr at the shop..Phew! We were dead tired of standing..hahaha. Went to McDonald to have our dinner.Feed Me
Out from Queensway around 9pm.

Once reached home I quickly on the TV to catch the last episode of Aku Hero.TV Had my nite bath. ShowerAnd now Im in front of my PC. Tot of turning in early today cos Im feeling quite tired. Sleepy

Will be back again tomoro. Chiao! Cruising

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