Friday, March 05, 2004

Wow! Today quite a tiring day for me...buT was a fUn daY too..SunshineMorning after hubby went to werk, I did not manage to sleep back..Did housewerk den login to ewah2 as usual. Chatted for a few hrs den met kissy @ CT Hall MRT around 12.30pm.. We went straight to Suntec City to have our lunch cos we both really feeling very hungry..Feed MeWent to KFC to get our stomach fulled! Then we went searching for shny's prezzie.. Too bad over @ Suntec we see nOne of that "thingy" except fOr oNe shoP which I tink the design is not appropiate for her..Brows We decided to go to Marina Sq to do a search over there. But before that we went to the Career Exihibition to check out any jobs being offered. Did applied 2 posts over there..Took some MOE Teach brochure..Not too sure if I want to go into teaching...still thinking at it though...Very Confused

Went to Marina to hunt the "thingy" for shny our disappointment, they have none there....Our feet was aching by then...We really need to find a place to sit..But unless we get hold of shny's prezzie, we cudn't sit...We decided to go back to Raffles City ... Went into Robinson and Marks & Spencer but cudn't find a nice one..At last we den decided to travel 1 MRT station away..So we ended up in Plaza Singapura..Went straight to the shOp tat we had in mind. The display really caught our eyes.. Beautiful!!! HappyAfter we paid for that "thing", we headed straight to Funan by taking bus "124" Waited for my hubbie to come before we collected the printer and Digi Camera..Den we proceed to Coffee bean where we waited for the rest of the gang to turn up.. After everybody reached there, we made a surprise for shny.. With a cake and the prezzie, we presented to shny..She was quite shocked.. Eyes Poppin Had the cake cutting and blowing of candles and now it's time to open the prezzie...Guess wat?? She's even more shocked to see the content of the prezzie...ShockBut the prezzie will do her a good use later in May.. Goofy

We had our dinner @ Taco Bell/KFC/PizzaHut...had lasagne...At last get to eat it..!! ;) We stayed there till 10pm... Reached home around 10.20pm...My body is aching all over...especially my feet..hahaha... But it's worth the pain..hehe... Really had fun today with the rest of the gang... Finished uploading the pics to my PC and started to upload it to Ewah2 Gallery..
Now msn-ing kissy and Mal...

Gonna sleep soon...can't tahan oredi....Till I blog again....Chiao... Before that I'm gonna share the interesting pics of the day!! Spinning

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shny's bursday cake! Delicious rite?  

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 The prezzie tat I mentioned! Sexy

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