Friday, January 23, 2009

Alisha's first celebration

I sent Alisha to skool this morning as she started her session at 8am.. Upon reaching the skool, I was so shocked to see the kids dressed up in their home clothes.. some in cheongsam.. ermmm.. I asked Alisha whether her teacher had given her any letter to bring home? She said no except for the term break listing..
Called home and asked MIL whether is there any notice letter from the skool saying that Alisha need not wear her uniform. MIL said she received none except were told by the teacher that the class session starts at 8am to 9.30am..
So I brought Alisha back to change and sent her back to skool... Luckily I did that cos when I entered the classroom, all her frens wore either cheongsam or home clothings else she will feel so inferior.. I looked at the notice board and saw the notice that the kids need to be dressed up and also bring some goodies.. errr...
I think the school should at least give the parents letter of notice for such cases as they can't expect us, working parents, to check the notice board frequently.. And those maids and also grandparents who pick the kids up, of course they won't understand or even look at the notice board on what's happening...
Anyway below are some pics that I took of Alisha...
Alisha in baju ala ala cheongsam

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Expect the Unexpected..

Yesterday was the start of my 2nd semester and also was the result day.. And yesterday was my first time ever came to class 1.5hrs late.. All thanks to the early GIRO Payroll that need to be done by yesterday! I was feeling so tensed up as the amount did not tally and finally both my kolig & me spotted the mistake at 8.05pm.. arghhh!!
I was told to take a cab to school and claim the fare.. Alhamdulillah... Luckily I'm not alone who was late (altho I'm the latest), one of my team mates was also late.. so got fren lah.. :)
An envelope was given to me and I knew it's gonna be my exam results. I tot of opening it later but my fren urged me to open it ASAP.. So slowly I opened the letter while the lecturer was talking about some political issues.. Upon seeing the grades, I so wanted to jump but I contained myself.. Syukur Alhamdulillah, all my hardwork really paid off..
I hope that I can maintain these grades for this semester and next.. Insya Allah...
For now, have to work harder this semester as there are 4 modules with 2 of it are considered heavy subjects!
Syukur Ya Allah!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

I feel...I wish...

... I wish I can be at East Coast now, enjoying the cooling weather...
... I feel like going to karaoke but arghhh..this coff is soo irritating...
... I wish I can go on a long leave but so many things to be done and feels like running away from everything...
... I feel ...I wish...I feel...I wish...
Arghhh.. I will be starting my 2nd semester this Monday! Mon, Wed & Fri will be filled with my nite class! I so just can't wait for my exam results!
Pardon for my crappy entry!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sentimental Value

It's just an ordinary Mickey Mouse plush.. But to me it's a very valuable toy that I had since I was in K1.. That was 26 years ago.. 1982.. This Mickey Mouse plush has 'seen' me grown ever since I was a 6 years old kid till a mother of 1..
It's dad who bought the Mickey Mouse & other mickey/minnie mouse related items for me when he was in US for 4 months for his overseas assignment.. That was in 1982 where my mum was pregnant with my bro.
So that explained why my daughter loves mickey & minnie mouse so much. She has taken after me all this while.. :)
Now dad still buys Mickey/Minnie Mouse related items not for me but for his one & only grandaughter

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Boredom Strikes

Help!! I'm just super bored!
.. No other webisites to surf
.. Dunno what other games or applications to install in my iPhone
.. No good TV programme to watch
.. I have lotsa magazines that I bought from JB but juz simply lazy to read
.. arghhhh! Working tomoro.. sien..