Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Expect the Unexpected..

Yesterday was the start of my 2nd semester and also was the result day.. And yesterday was my first time ever came to class 1.5hrs late.. All thanks to the early GIRO Payroll that need to be done by yesterday! I was feeling so tensed up as the amount did not tally and finally both my kolig & me spotted the mistake at 8.05pm.. arghhh!!
I was told to take a cab to school and claim the fare.. Alhamdulillah... Luckily I'm not alone who was late (altho I'm the latest), one of my team mates was also late.. so got fren lah.. :)
An envelope was given to me and I knew it's gonna be my exam results. I tot of opening it later but my fren urged me to open it ASAP.. So slowly I opened the letter while the lecturer was talking about some political issues.. Upon seeing the grades, I so wanted to jump but I contained myself.. Syukur Alhamdulillah, all my hardwork really paid off..
I hope that I can maintain these grades for this semester and next.. Insya Allah...
For now, have to work harder this semester as there are 4 modules with 2 of it are considered heavy subjects!
Syukur Ya Allah!

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