Monday, July 31, 2006

Well spent Weekend..

How I wished I'm at home resting on my bed now! The weather is just super cooling! I was actually half hearted whether I shud take urgent leave and rest at home but then decided to wake up and headed to the bathroom for my showe this morning.

So here I am in the office struggling with my half-open eyes.. So what did we do on weekends?Shoppings! Not in SG but in JB or more precise in Jusco Tebrau City. Not 1 day but 2 days straight! Badan dan kaki ku pon mintak ampun beb!

Our weekend started on Friday nite where we attended hubbie's working team BBQ. Hubbie and the rest of her team mates organized BBQ at one of their kolig's condo. Situated at Bedok Reservior View, the Clearwater Condo. Reached there almost 8.15pm due to the accident just outside the Condo and we have to make a big turn back to the condo. When we stepped in the condo, we went WOW!! upon seeing the swimming pool. Being a jakunist, we kept saying that the pool was the main attraction. Got Jacuzzi, SPA pool, Baby Pool, Adult Pool. Hubbie said next time we can return there to swim together with his koligs. When we reached the pit, they have started the BBQ. Food ordered from Nice and yummie bbq food. Event finished at 11pm. By 11.30pm we're off from ClearWater. Send 2 of hubbie's kolig home and we went back.

Saturday morning, I just cooked Bee Hoon Goreng while hubbie spring clean our study room. The Town Council guys have cleared our 2 wardrobes and study table. That makes our study room super spacious. Next task is to paint the room. That will be this coming Saturday and waiting for the new study table to arrive on 12 Aug. At 4pm, we went out to fetch my dad, sis and my uncle at Eunos MRT. They were from Airport, sending off my mum, and my 2 aunties. The "3 degrees" whom my uncle called them, went to Bangkok for a shopping spree! For my mum, it's just within a month she went back there again! Hmmppfff so jeles!! But nvm, we shall go there again next year hopefully! :) Have listed down the things that I want mum to buy tho' :)

After picking them up, went straight to Woodlands Checkpoint. A massive jam! haiyahh.. Stranded for nearly 2 hrs before we managed to clear both checkpoints. Then off to Jusco Tebrau City but due to road diversion, we missed the slip road to Carrefour and ended up we need to find a U-Turn which was further up.. Finally reached Jusco at 7.15pm. Our stomach were all growling for food!!We entered the Manhattan Fish Market which is exactly like SG Fish & Co. Had a sumptous dinner. Perut masing2 dah boncitz! We got 10% discountdue to my uncle's peramah-ness by asking them "Takde discount ker? Kasi lah 10% ker 20% ker".. End up we got 10% discount from the supervisor :)

Then went over to MAC. Bought my lipstick. My sis bought blouse at Dorothy Perkins. I din buy any there cos I just bought mine at SG Dorothy Perkins. Off to Jusco Supermarket as need to stock up our things. After finished shopping in the supermarket, it was already 9.45pm. Time is just so short. Went over to BreadTalk and grabbed some buns to tapau back home. Went to the car and back to SG. Hubbie was contemplating to go again the next day but yet to confirm. Send Uncle Mat home first then my dad & sis and we went back.

Sunday morning, hubbie decided to go JB. Called dad to inform him and asked him to get ready. By 10.30pm, we picked dad & sis up and headed to Woodlands Checkpoint. No jam. Smooth ride to Jusco. Once reached, both hubbie and me went to the optical shop recommended by my cuzzin. Both of us made our specs there. A good bargain indeed! 1 hour express service. Cool!! We then went for bfast cum lunch at the foodcourt. Both days, dad paid for our food. Then we started our shops rounding. Good bargain as Mega Sales is on. Bought a Blouse from East India Company courtesy of Dad. Jusco is just super big with lotsa stores. Penat kaki ku berjalan! We shopped for more things there. Collected our specs and by 4.30pm, we off to Xtra. Had our car washed at our regular Car Washing Service and we went to Xtra Supermarket to buy some stuffs. Hubbie as usual buy his DVDs. We then went to the foodcourt for a drink. At 6pm, we're off from there and headed back to SG. Cleared both causeway within 45 mins and off to Bedok to send dad & sis. Went over to MIL's place to sent her stuff and went back home. With my aching legs and body, I ironed our 2 days working clothes and folded 2 trips of dried clothings with the help of hubbie. My Lil Kenit keeps messing her toys all over the house and I so tak kuasa with the messed..Cos if we were to pick up and clear, the next minute same mess occured. Pening kepala!!

I went off to my dreamland by 10pm and my Lil Kenit dunno wat time she slept but according to hubbie, she slept by her own around 10 plus..

That's all what we did over the weekend. Today is back to work and it's just soo mendak!!

Peektures are open for viewing..

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Received letter from HR last Friday. Before that I was told by my supervisor that HR will pass a letter to my boss abt some changes in my contractual terms but she does not know what changes. Leaving me to think on what will be the changes.. I was hoping for the worst! Shorten contract period? Pay cut? Suddenly my hands shivered. But was comforted by my koligs, Nollie & hubbie. They said to look at a brighter side. Who knows I will be converted to perm? I wished!! When I was trying to stop thinking, a letter was passed to me by dunno who..

Opened the sealed, confidential letter, my eyes felt like popping out!! A pay raised within 6 months of working. Alhamdulillah! I cudn't ask for more! What is stated in the letter is far from what I expected. Quite a sum I must say as I dunt expect this much cos we know how our company pay raise is like! (READ: PATHETIC!) :p But whatever it is, as what Masliak said..REJEKIK... :)

So come August, I've extra ka-chings in my bank account for me to save! Alhamdulillah... Syukur..

Monday, July 24, 2006

Sweet Seventeen..

She's 17 today! How fast time flies and next mth she will touch her 1.5 years! Wow!

At 17th, she:
  • Can call Abah, Mama, Air (water)
  • Likes to imitate what people does
  • Lurves to run
  • Lurves to "housekeep" (read: make a mess) the house
  • Cannot sit still for a minute
  • Lurves to throw tantrum
  • Likes to take out her toncet whenever I tie her hair. (will tie till 5 times then she will just leave it)
  • Salam with her two hands together
  • when hear the azan, she will ask people around her to pray by saying Allah
  • very talkative but conversing in her own language

Too many too list down but that's HER!! :)

Video taken when Alisha trying to imitate her atok "lenyeking" Ubi..

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Alisha's 1st Trip to Sentosa..

Early in the morning I had prepared kway teow goreng for our Sentosa trip. By 9.30am, we were all ready to go. My sis came over my place while Aqilah slept over our house.

Getting ready to set off to Sentosa..

Weather seems good and we reached Sentosa around 10.20am.. Just paid $2 for the car drive-in since I got the free passes for us. Parked our car at the Visitor Arrival Centre. Took a bus to Dolphin Lagoon. Bought the ticket for Dolphin Lagoon & Underwater World. We were just in time for the Dolphin Show at 11am. Alisha soo excited upon seeing the Pink Dolphins. When the show starts, she seems enjoying every bits of it. She also clapped together with the crowd! So happy seeing her enjoying the show.

The Dolphin Show @ Dolphin Lagoon..

After that we walked along the Pahlawan Beach. It was soo nice but too bad we won't have any picnic this time round. Proceed to 7-11 to buy some drinks & munching stuffs. As were were finding the bus stop to board the bus to Underwater World, it started to rain! Gosh! We dashed to find shelter. Luckily the bus stop was quite near but we did get ourselves wet.

Pahlawan Beach

Just the 2 of us..

Next stop to Underwater World. It has been a long time since I went here. I guess the last time I went to Underwater World when I was in my secondary school days.. They got beautiful & he-yu-ge fishes!! At first Alisha was scared to see those fishes swimming in front and on top of her.. But slowly she beginning to enjoy it and kept pointing to the fishes and uttered her own language.. We spent 45mins in there. Went to the gift shop and Aidah, Aqilah & myself got ourselves a pair of nice sandal..

Underwater World..


The fish sandal..

We then took Blue Line bus to the main building which is the Ferry Terminal building. Went to Burger King and we had our kway teow goreng lunch there. We did bought some finger food from BK tho'.. :P .. After resting for awhile, we took the bus back to the Visitor Arrival Centre and back to our car. By the time it was already 2.35pm and Alisha was already super ngantok at that time. She slept all the way back. Sent my sis back home and we went back.

It was fun day at Sentosa despite the rain... Next time we might have a picnic there... So enjoy the peektures..

Monday, July 17, 2006

Why Siti Why???

Telah terbongkar sudah rahsia si Siti yg memilih utk berkahwin dgn Datuk K! haizz..mcm lah takde lelaki bujang lain yg jadi pilihan dia..apsal tak amik Dr Fazley??? Disappointed sungguh beta!!!

Dulu betul2 nya tepis2 bila kene gossip dgn Datuk K tuh!! Sekarang buat kenyataan dia nak kahwin dgn Datuk K plak.. aisey!! Why must you hide the truth in the first place when that Datuk K is yur choice??? Duh!!!!

Maap lah ye pada peminat Siti yg terbaca entry ni..Saja nak luah kan apa yg tersirat! hehe

Satu hari suntuk ku tak buat keje sebab dok layankan emel, sms, dan forum pasal cerita SENSASI lagik terkini! hehehe

Weekend Updates

Why must today be Monday?? Why it can't be Saturday again?! Weekend not enuff!!

Anyway our weekend started on last Friday. After maghrib, went over to my parent's house. Mum cooked Korma Daging. Hubbie bought Delifrance Baguette. Rest and relax there till 10.30pm. Decided to go Mustafa Centre. Dad followed us. Dint buy much things there tho. Then dad wanted to go for Supper. So we went to Mak's place. Reached there around 12.30am. After finished our supper, sent dad home. We went back. By the time Alisha was already sleeping.

Saturday morning, spent my morning making samosa. Packed some for MIL and some to stock up in the fridge. We went out to Compass Point at 3.30pm. While waiting for Abg Long's family, we went for some shoppings. Got myself working blouse at Metro, Charles & Keith working shoe, Alisha's sandal from Royal Sporting House and Alisha's straw cup & pyjamas at Kiddy palace. We then had our breakfast cum lunch cum dinner at Banquet with Abg Long's family. Hubbie sooo "mengidam" the brown Chinese Bee Hoon there so that's why he wanted to go Compass Point Banquet... hehe.. I had Tom Yam Yong Tau Foo and Char Kway. We left Compass Point at 7.30pm and proceed toPIL's house..

Alisha with her blue tudung

Sunday noon, we headed to Tampines St 33 for Ellia Maisarah's (or lebih dikenali sebagai Elly M) 1st Birthday Bash! Fuh sungguh cantik menarik rumah si Maslia aka esBokz ni! Sungguh retro! I liokeee! hehe.. While waiting for Kak Sun, Rosie & AH Tam, we ate our fill first. Food was great! We lurve the otak2... The Cupcakes by Ayu sungguh lawa dan kalerful! Kak Sun, Rosie and Ah Tam came shortly. Too bad Zana, Cen and Juju cud not make it. Elly soo cute lah with her maroon dress.. She was soo excited to see the cake so she get to touch the cake before we begin singing! haha.. Cacat lah itu Secret Recipe cake! hehe.. But she is such a cutie afterall.. :)

And my Lil Alisha really knows how to enjoy life there... Dia buat muka sardin and buat rumah Maslia mcm rumah dia sendiri! haha.. She sungguh like the retro cushion ah! Dia sungguh frenly sekali tapi bila dah nak tido, siaplah dia punya crankiness.. We made a move first as we need to go over to Abg Chik's house. Hubbie has to "godeh2" their PC. After lepaking at Abg Chik's place at Pasir Ris, all of us went to Carrefour Suntec.. Bought a few things there. Went over to Vhive and nearly we wanted to buy the computer table that hubbie is eyeing all this while but we decided not to buy first. Will be going down to another Vhive branch soon. We decided to revamp our study room too with new wall color and scrap those old cupboards & computer table. Then we off to Mak's Place again for our dinner. Reached home at 9pm.. Sungguh fenat!!

That's what we did for this weekend... Can't wait for this coming weekend as we going to Sentosa! I got free pass this time to Sentosa!! Gonna go Underwater World! yay!!
More pic can be found here!

Friday, July 14, 2006

Perginya Seorang Pelawak Tanahair

Terkejut sungguh apabila mendengar berita tentang pemergiaan, Allahyarham Ishak Ahmat.. Malah seluruh penduduk Islam Singapura pasti terkesima mendengar berita sedih ini...

Walau apa pon, Allah lebih menyayangi nya.. Semoga rohnya di cucuri rahmat oleh NYA dan ditempatkan dikalangan orang2 yg beriman...

Salam takziah buat keluarga Allahyarham....

Setiap yg hidup, pasti akan mati satu hari nanti... Life is really fragile...

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Something up in our sleeves!

Am looking forward for the MMVD "BIG PROJECT" .... Sungguh tak sabau saya lah!!! *wink to all the 7 other members* eekekek

We will make it happen!!! Let's DO it!! (",)

Will blog about it when the time is right!! :)

Sunday, July 09, 2006

AchOOoOoOoooom Weekend..

I'm suffering of "idong melecet"! Arghh! All thanks to MR FLU who decided to be with me till now! Today is better but yesterday was worst!! I'm totally not in mood yesterday all bcos of the sneezing and the blowing of nose!! Sorry mayang, mk & Pujangga Malam and specially to the host, Aliyah & Jaybonz as I'm really not in the mood to talk much.. :) Oh ya, yesterday was NurKhairina Sophia's cukur rambut so we were invited to the majlis. Food was really great but too bad I only eat a little as no appetite ah!

We made a move and only got to know that our car kene saman. Hubbie forget to put the parking coupon.. $30 will be gone soon! Tot of meeting hir but last minute he cud not make it as he's rushing home after work. So the 3 of us together with the besday girl, Nollie, went to United Square to lepak at Starbucks. Tot of getting Alisha Guess clothings as it's having sale but forgo the idea as I'm not in the mood to shop. After sitting down and chatting for 2 hours, we sent Nollie home. Last minute decided to go JB to top up petrol. Traffic was smooth. By 10.30pm reached home.

Today, we went to Vandien & Lady Vandien's wedding at Zhenghua CC (Bukit Panjang). Met Nollie, Hairul & nur21 there. The food very the pahwer!! Catering by Ainon Haji Sulaiman...

After the wedding, we got no where to go so we ended up at Abg Long's house. We only went back home at around 6.45pm. Now Alisha is sleeping sooo soundly after having so much fun at her Pak Long's house. And now I'm contemplating whether to watch the World Cup Final.. hmmmm... Anyway I'm rooting for France to win 2006 World Cup!! Go France Go!!

Hokay, shall stop my blabbering here. Enjoy viewing some peektures taken for this weekend...

Sleeping in tonggeng position.. *sama kes cam Elly plak! kenyit kat Masliak*

When Rian & Icah meet.. *Eksyen malu-malu konon!!*

Alisha in action..

Selamat Pengantin Baru, Rostam & Ayu..

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Happy 29th to my dear fren..

Wishing my dearest partner in crime, Norawati Sadli aka Nollie aka Norah S, a HAPPY 29th Birthday! Semoga di panjangkan usia dan dimurahkan rezeki dan agar dipercepatkan mendapat jodoh.. Insya Allah..
Stay cheerful and pretty alwayz!!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Resting at home..

Latest Update!
Was given MC for today to recuperate. So now I'm at home. Just taken my medicine (total 5 of them..yuckiesss)
Off to dreamland liao! ZzzZZZzZZZzZZzz...

I feeeeeeel soooooo sick!

Now the baton is in my hand! My turn to fall sick. Rite now, rite here, I'm shiverring..Yesh! I'm in the office rite now. On my way to work, my whole body felt so weak. Mt throat seems burning!! I feel so lite and tot that I cud fly anytime.. I hate this feeling now. I'm feeling sick sick sick!! Perhaps I tink I have not enuff rest since Alisha falls sick till now.

My doctor appointment will be at 11am. If I got an mc, I tink I will not fetch Alisha first but instead I will go home and rest!

Need to stop here..Cannot tahan oredy..soooo cold!!! grrrrrrrrrr...

Monday, July 03, 2006

Kene TAG again!!

This Mama Rian hor, tag me back leh! This time the TAG must embed with a picture of what inside my bag.. So here it goes..
Things that are in my bag:

- My purple brolly
- Pierre Cardin Wallet (cheap cheap only)
- Winnie the Pooh key holder (bought at World of Cartoon Sungei Wang Plaza)
- My pinky make up bag (bought at Chatuchak Market in BKK)
- My Sony Ericsson earphone for my mp3
- My Malay Novel (reading Malay Novel currently)
- Today Parents Magazine (July Edition)
- Watson Tissue (terselit beb)
- My SE W800i phone (not in the pic cos I took the above pic using the phone)

Now I want these people to pls take peekture and state what is inside yur bag! Xie Xie!!

Not in random order:
- All The Donnatz Clan
- HuS
- Ogy

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Poor Sick Lil Icah..

My darling Alisha is down with fever, cough and throat infection. This is her first ever so called serious sickness she ever had. Her fever shoot up till 39.7 ... Both hubbie & I were quite panic seeing the thermomether shoot up. We sponged her times and times again.

It's all started with a bad cough yesterday morning. She vomitted out 2 handful of phlegm. She kept crying and then her temperature shoot up. We were about to get ready to go to Zikry & Ilham's bday party but we have to forgo it. I'm sorry mk & girlnani for not attending yur boys' parties. Will be posting the boys' presents soonest. Hus, sorry to you too as I cud not pass Atikah's gift to you! Will post it to you too! We brought Alisha to the GP around 4.30pm. She kept crying when the doctor did a check on her. Once back home, gave her the medicine and she fell asleep soon after that. Only to wake up at 7.40pm. She seemed to be active after her bathe. We went to my parents' place for awhile as my mum cooked Briyani Dam. Alisha was super active at Bedok Home. We went back at around 10.15pm. Alisha dozed off after her medication.

But early morning, she was so cranky and woke up from her sleep. Her whole body was hot. Temperature shoot up till 39.7.. Quickly sponged her. She kept crying. I feel like crying too but have to be strong for the sake of Alisha. Try putting her back to sleep but she keeps waking up every 20 mins and I have to soothe her down everytime she wakes up. By 9am this morning, I'm feeling groggy due to lack of sleep. Alisha still having high fever. Gave her bread for breakfast but she only ate half. She has no appetitte. So we gave her milk but ended up she vomitted out all the food and milk she ate. Tot of bringing her to KKH but the tot of them (the nurses) bathing her with cold water, or perhaps warding her up, we changed our mind. Instead we called up the clinic and was told to bring Alisha down again. We quickly brought her to the clinic and was given priority to meet the doctor first. Doctor checked the temperature and it was 38.7. Luckily it went down a bit. He then inserted bullet to Alisha'a anus to bring the temperature down. He prescribe antibiotics for her too. He also said that Alisha's having bad throat infection. Poor Icah.. No wonder she has no appetitte at all.

After collecting the medicine, we went over to PIL's house. She's a bit cranky and wanted only me. No one else. She started to perspire and one moment, she is all by her feet and start to walk around. I guess the "bullet" really works on her. Alhamdulillah, the fever has really gone down and she is back to her active self. Now I can see her smile, cheeky-ness and her croak voice. I just missed her activeness this morning and good that I get to see her playing happily just now. We just need to monitor her fever still. Now finally she is sound asleep. I pray that the fever, cough and throat infection go off soon. It just sad to see her in pain.
Alisha's sick face

Another note, HAPPY 28th BIRTHDAY TO PUAN MASLIA aka esbOkz aka Mama Ellia Maisarah.. Semoga dipanjangkan usia dan dimurahkan rezeki dan ditambahkan cahayamata ;)