Monday, July 24, 2006

Sweet Seventeen..

She's 17 today! How fast time flies and next mth she will touch her 1.5 years! Wow!

At 17th, she:
  • Can call Abah, Mama, Air (water)
  • Likes to imitate what people does
  • Lurves to run
  • Lurves to "housekeep" (read: make a mess) the house
  • Cannot sit still for a minute
  • Lurves to throw tantrum
  • Likes to take out her toncet whenever I tie her hair. (will tie till 5 times then she will just leave it)
  • Salam with her two hands together
  • when hear the azan, she will ask people around her to pray by saying Allah
  • very talkative but conversing in her own language

Too many too list down but that's HER!! :)

Video taken when Alisha trying to imitate her atok "lenyeking" Ubi..

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