Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Received letter from HR last Friday. Before that I was told by my supervisor that HR will pass a letter to my boss abt some changes in my contractual terms but she does not know what changes. Leaving me to think on what will be the changes.. I was hoping for the worst! Shorten contract period? Pay cut? Suddenly my hands shivered. But was comforted by my koligs, Nollie & hubbie. They said to look at a brighter side. Who knows I will be converted to perm? I wished!! When I was trying to stop thinking, a letter was passed to me by dunno who..

Opened the sealed, confidential letter, my eyes felt like popping out!! A pay raised within 6 months of working. Alhamdulillah! I cudn't ask for more! What is stated in the letter is far from what I expected. Quite a sum I must say as I dunt expect this much cos we know how our company pay raise is like! (READ: PATHETIC!) :p But whatever it is, as what Masliak said..REJEKIK... :)

So come August, I've extra ka-chings in my bank account for me to save! Alhamdulillah... Syukur..

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