Sunday, May 25, 2008

The New 'Toy' Part 2

... Finally we purchased that new 'toy' yesterday.
... Hubz is one happy man! Been smiling from ear to ear.
... Today we brought the new 'toy' for outing.
... We're so lurving it.
Presenting our new addition to the family...
............ Our DSLR Canon EOS 450D .............
EOS 450D, Tripod stand, bag
Mr Happy

Saturday, May 24, 2008

The New 'Toy' Part 1

... Soon we'll be fiddling with our new 'toy'
... Hubz will be so happy to own that 'toy'
... Hopefully today we can get hold of the new 'toy'
......... More updates will be given soon.
... Have a great weekend peepz!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Getting Crossed!

I'm still figuring out how to cross blogging from multiply to blogspot eventho my cross-post to Blogger is activated.. *sigh*
Been trying very hard since afternoon together with Umi Dibak.. It used to work back then but not now.. iskk...
I dunt tink I wanna abandon my blogspot which I've started it since Jan 2004.. It's been 4 years.. So sayang to just delete off the blog.. I've actually started to blog on & off there.. But sometimes the mood is just not there to blog since I've been using my multiply for updating of photos and blogging.. so lazy to copy paste there.. But I guess it really helps if the cross-post to blogger is working!
Nehmind...will try to figure out till I get it done successfully....

A Hungry WoMan is An Angry WoMan!

Yes, I'm super duper hungry now! I din take any bfast this morning nor any drinks! Just plain water and "kuaci" .. Yes Hajira called me a parrot!! haha.. What to do, I saw kuaci on my table so I started eating.. All started with Farhan who went to my table to get some kuaci from me.. So from there I cudnt resist and started eating it..

We're going to Fork & Spoon now for lunch! Yes, I wanna eat Japanese Food! Just feel like eating Salmon Terriyaki Set... yummy!!!

Off for lunch now! Papai!!