Monday, May 31, 2004

Gone peacefully

Sad to hear tat my hubbie's aunty (Busu) had passed away peacefully few mins ago.. Blowing NoseSemoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat dan di tempatkan bersama org2 yg beriman.. Amin...

Boredsaurous & Brain Dead Monday!

Hmmppp....Nuthing much to say today...Was at home all the while...Didn't even managed to have lunch with the Sakurapz Gurlz @ BK Raffles CT.. The 2nd time I've been missing on the lunchie appt..Nvm, shall join other days okie galz..

Cook simple dishes today - Telor scrap, ikan selara goreng ketumbar jintan with kicap cili padi as the dip sause, mixed veggie & calamari...

Tot of going library today with my sis but I forgo the idea as am too lazy to go out.. Postponed it till Thursday as I'll be going Bedok afterall..

Spent the whole day chatting & surfing minus the masak time, jemur baju time, lipat baju time..hehe..

Aiyohhh, brain dead now...seriously dunno wat else to type..Club Me

Well, well, well, guess haf to stop more idea wat to write oredy.. Hopefully tomoro can have some juicy stories to share wif..hehe.. Hope u guys have a great day tomoro...Take care...

Wud like to share tis quote tat I find it interesting...

"A boyfriend stabs you in the heart, a stranger stabs you in the front, a friend stabs you in the back , but best friends don't carry knives" by Brittany Cardinal

Sunday, May 30, 2004

Bollywood Fever..

It was raining heavily in the afternoon...Feel so lazy to go anywhere.. Took a short nap as I'm having a bit of flu...Woke up around 3.20pm and watched DVD - Hellboy...Tot of lazing around after it ended but luckily at tat pt of time I was sms-ing kissy asking her what is she doing den she replied tat she was watching the IIFA Award..Aiyohhh...How cud I forget...Shit!! I miss 45 mins of the show..But nevertheless, I managed to catch lotsa handsome & beautiful stars... Love tat Preity Zinta.. She is sooo pretty & sweet with her dimple.. Viviek Oberoi is cute indeed..hehe..Kept exchanging sms with kissy everytime we saw the hunks & babes of BOLLYWOOD!! How I wish I cud meet them in person..Shud have went down to Mustafa Centre when they were shopping tat day..hehe..

Anyway after the IIFA Award show ended, me & hubbie went out to hospital to visit his aunt. Met the rest of the families there... Left the hospital at 7.45pm den proceed to PIL's hse...Kecoh satu rumah dibuatnya dgn seramai-ramai nya manusia..ehehe..

Finally went back home @ 10pm...Luckily I've ironed hubbie's werk clothes...My SIL & family slept over @ our hse as PIL's hse is too cramp with ppl...

Oh well...tomoro is another brand new week..How fast time flies...June is around the corner....For those who are werking tomoro, hope yur Monday will be a cheerful one.. Take care!! Byee!!

Faces of cute Lil' Syazwan..

Saturday, May 29, 2004

Great place, good companion, yummie food!!

Yawn I'm soooo tired!! I tink if I were to put my head on my pillow, for sure I will dozed off immediately.. Sleepy Was out since 10am tis morning..Went over to PIL's house for bfast den at abt 11.30am, all of us went to hospital to visit hubbie's aunt...She looks critical.. Sorry I Can't

At about 2.15pm, we made a move and headed to Rex Rest @ Prinsep Street for our lunch.. Met kissy, arone, Klopez & Nahar there...All of us ate chicken rice..Den around 4.20pm, we proceeded to Coffee Club @ Rendezvous Hotel where we had made reservation for 20 pax.. Cushion seats somemore u know..hehe.. But upon reaching there, we got only 2 tables..WHAT 2 TABLES for 20 pax?? Giler ker??? We saw 3 groups of peepz still lazing around the table tat we had booked.. Tat made us soo angry... Steamed The manager told us to hang on cos they were there since 11am and have yet to get out from there.. So we have to sit @ other place...But soon, we got an idea I've Got It whereby all of us cramped at the tables & seats and made some noises so as to irritate the peepz there.. At last cabootz gak manusia2 tuh cuma ada 2 ekor nie punya lah degil...Still buat dek jer..bleh order lagik nak taplek jer.. But wat we care..we turned tat area upside down with our laughter & jokes!! Pi mamposhh!! hehehe...Anyway all of us gave Coffee Club business wat today..Over $100 plus dorang untung dari kita tau..!! hehee...

We proceed to discuss the details on our KL Trip in August..Most of us had already now we need to buy the tickets and booked the hotel so tat to avoid disappointment cos tat week will be a peak period cos of National Day Holiday!

After tat, we browse thru shny aka nymph's wedding albums...Very de nicee ahh..hehe.. Cam nak sanding lagik ah.. Bride And Groom

We made a move from Coffee Club @ around 7 plus den proceed to M.A Deen Rest (Beach Rd) for our dinner.. Kak Sun & Abg Mie did not join us as they have a movie date.. Romantik seh akak kita sorang nie.. In Love Shny & Fan too have to go to a birthday party @ Woodlands..

As usual we jokes & laff all the way thru our dinner...Our victim for today is Miss Kissy..hehe..teruk dia kene kacau ngan kita.. Pukul abis ah kissy kene..ekeke..kesian dia...Everybody trying to matchmake her with ada jer manusia2 tuh..ekeke..Sorry hOr kissy...No joke no fun leh!! Too Funny

We made our move from there @ around 9 plus..Head back home..Hubbie tapau 5 packs of mee goreng for his brader & family as they are going to sleep over @ our hse tonite.. They came from Malacca yesterday nite just to see Busu @ hospital...

Now still msn-ing with Klopez & shanah..Too bad kissy can't join us in the conversation as her PC cudn't get connected to the internet.. Shud be the virus infection ah..iskk. Pity her..Her mum was out masak-ing for owang kahwin...Her dad just went to Indonesia.. She was all alone @ home..Aiseyman..Confirm boring dia..As she too can't live w/o internet connection..hehe..Sabar eh kissy...We try to find solution for u soon!!

Okay just finished uploading the peektures we took just now.. I'll end here for tonite.. Byee guys!!!

Click on the thumbnails to view a bigger version of the peekures..

Friday, May 28, 2004

Healthy Lifesyle!!

Phew!! Just came back from Tampines Swimming Complex..Hubbie & I had our swim there.. SwimmingToday seems our healthy lifestyle day..hehe..In fact we actually proposed to have games of badminton but the court @ Tampines Sports Complex was fully book according to LeNNy.. So instead we went for a swim but too bad Klopez, Nahar, LeNNy & Rahmat cudn't joined us.. Nvm, we shall go swimming together2 at the New Wild Wild Wet at the Downtown East there.. Brows

We tot of going to Hospital to visit hubbie's aunt but since most of them had went back, we decided to pay a visit tomoro noon before we meet the rest of ewah2 gang...

We then went to Al Ameen for our dinner..I had Mee Hoon Tom Yam & hubbie had Kway Teow Pattaya..Both of us had blueberry drink!! Later we shared 1 cheese prata.. Goofy

Reached home @ 8.30pm..Keep reminding hubbie tat I wanna reached home fast cos I wanted to see Marah-Marah Sayang @ 9pm..

Now I feeling quite tired but still can maintain..ehehe..I'm chatting with kissy @ the moment while waiting the clock to strike 9pm..

Kay lah I wanna stop here..Wanna get my 100 plus drink plus some snacks to get ready in front of the TV screen...Have a great weekend guys!! Take care...!!!!

CD Ting Tak Kenting Tang Ting Tak Kenting Tang Ting CD

Thursday, May 27, 2004

American Idol Fever!!

Goshh...I'm feeling lethargic today.. Just came back home around 10.30pm...I went to the hospital twice today..Was with my PIL in the hospital since morning till 2.30pm den I went off to my parent's place..Upon reaching Bedok hse, I quickly went to the kitchen and have Soto Ayam tat my mum cooked.. Wah lau..My stomach making lotsa tunes oredy.. Apa tak nya...since morning tak makan seh...air pon tak minum..ekekek..

After my lunch, on the PC at my sis room to login to ewah2..Chatted for awhile before I dozzed off @ my sis bed...Ngantuk beb..In the end me, my sis & my mum had our afternoon beauty sleep..eheheh..Tat was around 4.30pm..Woke up and realised it's already 6.15pm.. Hubbie called to say tat he's coming in 10 mins time...

Quickly washed my face and get prepared for his Mee Soto..Then my dad came home with lotsa mangoes...I lurve mangoes!!!

After our magrib prayers, me & hubbie then off to the hospital..Quite a number of relatives visiting Busu..She still the same as what was when I reached there early morning.. Doctor said there's blood clot in her head & her left side of her body is paralysed...Iskk...We really pray for miracle...

Went out from the hospital @ 9pm where we went straight to PIL hse.. Ada org kampung datang..So jengok jap lah...

It was abt 10.30pm when we reached home..I quickly took my bathe and sat in front of the TV to watch the Final of American Idol.. Eventho' had already knew the result tat was already out in the AI's homepage still I wanna see the "live" performances.. Anyway I like the performance by the Top 12 of American Idol... I can see Camille & La Toya again..!! Too bad Latoya was out else she make a good fight with Fantasia..Anyway congrats to Fantasia for clinching the American Idol title..

Actually I was toggling around with 2 channels..One is Ch 8 where I watched Meteor Garden II and Ch 5 for the AI.. I did not miss watching Meteor Garden I last season but tis time I did not really follow the episode..Nvm, next week can start to follow the Hensem F4 guys episode..hehehe...

Well, I managed to catch kissy & Klopez online for awhile before we all went to bed...

Stop here for the nite...Have a great Friday eberibodi!! Take care!! Byee!

Be prepared!!

Now I'm gonna rush to Changi Hospital with my MIL to see hubbie's aunty (Busu).. Doctor kata dia dah nazak...She actually suffered from a fall at home and was admitted to hospital yesterday..She was diagnosed with muscle stroke but at tat point of time she can still talk as normal..But yesterday nite around 11 plus, her daughter received a call from the hospital and was told to come down to hospital to see her. My PIL and Busu's daughter, Kak Ton rushed down to hospital..

It will be miracle if she cud pull thru!! Pray hard for her!! Will be back again tonite for more update...Insya Allah!

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Wet Wet Wet!!

Today is a very wet day...At last it really rained!!!!Thunderstorms I took the oppurtunity to go to GValue eventho' it's raining outside.. Lurve the feeling of walking in the rain but with my brolly of cos..hehehe..

Cooked kway teow goreng today and fried Ayamas Chicken.. Today I'm unable to join the Sakurapz Gurlz on their lunch outing.. Sorry gurlz..Next outing perhaps.. ;)

Was in front of my PC for quite awhile, applying for jobs online as well as bloghopping.. plus chatting as usual..hehe

Now I just finished watching Cinta Bollywood 2...Makin ku tgk cite ni, makin ku benci si Nuraliza Osman's acting..eyuuuckks!! Oh well, gonna catch the Final Two Performance of American Idol 3 @ 11pm..

Guess better stop here cos I got nuthing much to say today... See ya guys tomoro... Papaiiii!!!

Leaving you guys a quote tat I got thru sms...

"Friendship is a dance of give-and-take between people who have chosen to care for one another..."

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Back to the Past!! was a sleepy day for me..Feeling too lazy to do anything except for sitting down in front of my PC chatting, surfing, blogging, forumming.. See..lazy bum rite???? hehee..Well today again I dunt have to cook cos my dearest MIL gave me 2 dishes - Asam pedas & Ayam Masak Kicap..Niceee!! Initially I wanted to cook Kway Teow Goreng Kicap as hubbie wanted to eat tat for dinner but have to postpone it till tomoro..

Oh ya the Sakurapz Gurlz gonna have lunch together-gether tomoro at our usual place, Sakura Rest..But I have yet to ask hubbie for permission to go...We'll see...

Finally me & kissy had finalised the venue for tis Saturday gathering..Purpose of gathering - to discuss on our August KL trip..Our initial plan is to have gathering @ Coffee Bean Airport but after some totz, we decided to make in centralised so as to make things convenience for all of us..Final Verdict: Have our lunch @ Rex Prinsep Street & discussion over at Coffee Club @ Hotel Rendezvous..DECISION FINAL!! NO MORE CHANGING!!

Watched the 7pm & 9pm Ch 8 Chinese Drama...Den followed by Anugerah @ Suria Was laffing away with hubbie like mad...The audition really tickled us off.. Some of the contestants were sooo farnee...They just cudn't sing well.. Their choice of songs did not blend well with their voices and tat make a horrible output..hehe..OOoopss...Sorry if offended anybody...but betul pee!! hehee.. I admit tat I aint' any better...hehehe..Suara ku dah cam katak bentong..ekekeke

Ohh's Incredible Tale is quite errie and creepy..I kept calling hubbie to accompany me to see the IT but dia buat dek jer..hehe..He's busy with dunno wat in the study room..ehehe..As much as i dunt want to see, I still cudn't get my eyes off the tv screen..hehee... Tot of catching the Melodi after the IT but I tink better not cos I need to sit in front of my PC and catched kissy online in MSN..hehe...

Yay! Tomoro is midweek oredy...2 more days to stay strong guys till Friday.. Wakka Wakka

Oh ya I bought old time feveret crackers from the Mamak Shop opp blk.. I saw Kaka too but was contemplating whether to buy it...At last just bought Kropok Ubi..

When I saw those crackers, it brought me back to the primary skool time where I used to buy it after coming back from skool..How time really flies!! *sigh* If only I cud rewind back, I wud lurve to go back to the past...Anyway life has to go on as it is now.. Suddenly feel so old oredy..Tis year gonna turn 28 oredy....Do I feel tat I'm late 20s?? Hmmm.. Even sometimes I just have tis feeling tat WHAT?? I'M MARRIED?? Eventho's it's oredy 1yr 5 mths..hehe..crazy rite..anyway I lurve my marriage life now & my dearest hubbie..Circle Of Hearts wah why suddenly I feel so lovey dovey... In Love helep! helep! Gue jiwangz plak... aisey bedah!! aik bedah?? why I call my own name?? hahaha...Aku dah siowwww!!!!!!!!!

Kay lah better signed off now else I get so giler and wrote a mengarutz entry..hehe..
Kay peepz..Enjoy yur midweek and have fun!! Waving

Monday, May 24, 2004

Shud I or shud I not??

Guess what?? I did not go for the interview tat i supposed to go @ 2pm..Actually I was contemplating to go the interview..Just then I realised tat the company tat I'm going for the interview was actually a Finance Company..Thanks to kissy who made a call to the company for me...I got the feeling tat the post tat the company offered me gonna be a sale position..SALES??? I hate to do sales...Salary wised must be based on the commission..No fixed monthly salary..Arghhh...Who wants it?? I dunt!!! Hubbie told me not to go too..He was saying tat the company must have came up with a tactic of making the position name soo cheem so tat people tot tat it must be a good post offered...Well what can I say..Me too was so taken into the post called Business Development Executive..But one thing for sure, it involved sale cos I did heard the guy who called me up saying tat I have to assist the manager in doing Sales.. Hmmm..nvm..I just hope tat I will get a genuine offer next time...Anyway the company didn't even bother to call me up being tat I missed the interview so I guess they shud have more interviewees tat are being "trapped" by them..hehe..

Today I did not cook as MIL gave me sambal goreng...I just fried ayam ketumba jintan for dinner..So today spent my time online..Did changed my blog skin but now the background peektures are gone..So sad...even kissy's blog too having missing background peektures.. Anyway I had email the creator of tis skin getting help from her to get the background pics back.. I shud have saved the peektures @ my own server..aiseyyy....

Now waiting for the Ch 8 Chinese Drama...Meanwhile I'm chatting with kissy, Klopez, Nini & hubbie's niece, Aqilah.. Okay I tink I stop here for now...

Oh ya..Today is Aliyah & Jaybon 1st Wedding Anniversary...Happy Anniversary Semoga perhubungan antara kamu semakin erat dan kekal hingga ke syurga..Dan juga, semoga dikurniakan cahayamata secepat mungkin..Amin!!

Kay here is the peektures taken @ Anjung Warisan on Saturday..Nice ambience there..Thanks Klopez for the nice peektures..

Sunday, May 23, 2004

Cooling Effect...

Today woke up a bit late cos me & hubbie went to JB yesterday nite with Klopez, Nahar & Nizam dE Badutz...Met them @ 10.50pm den off we went to Anjung Warisan to have our nite supper...The place is cool... Most people called it Tempat makan atas pokok..Indeed, it is..We sat at the upper level where we were surrounded by trees.. Bersila kita semua...Powerr!! hehe...Ordered quite a few dishes and th ebest is their OTAK-OTAK...Power beb!! Tak leh angkatz!!! Anyway I forgot to bring my camera with me but let's wait for Klopez to upload the pics taken there..

Today did nuthing much at home...Went out to meet Klopez & Nahar at 3.45pm @ Ah Boy's shop...Hubbie bought his bike's brake & air horn and off we went to Ah boy workshop @ Kallang...Mak aii..tunggu peh lama...panas plak tuh... Me & Klopez were fanning ourselves...Was soo hot...We called LeNNy & kissy to meet us in Plaza Sing (nak aircon nyer pasal) at 5.45pm...By the time the mechanic finished fixing the parts, it was already 6pm..Rushed to Plaza Sing to meet LeNNy, Rahmat & kissy..

As we were damn hungry, we went straight to KFC to have our late lunch (in fact it was dinner time oredi..hehehe)...Each of us ordered 2 pcs Extra Tasty Chicken meal.. After our lunch cum dinner, we went jalan2...Kasi makanan turun..ekekek... I bought My Girl VCD @ Carefour...Then we went to Starbux to have our drinks there..Weather is so hot so we need more fluid in our bodies...ehehehe.. Sat there and started chit chatting & full of jokes & teasing around...

We went off from PS at 10.10pm...First thing first when I reached home, I on the aircon full blast..hehe..Panas beb!! Then off I went to have my shower & now in front of my PC uploading the pics and surfing thru other websites..

I need to sleep early today cos I'm feeling quite tired...HmMm..tomoro I'm gonna attend one interview @ 2pm over at former IBM Towers...We'll see how it goes....Hopefully it's a job tat I really wanted...Jgn plak mengarutz nyer job scope..

Kay eyes cannot carry anymore ngantuk oredy...Have a good brand new week ahead of you guys!! Happy werking & take care!! Byee!!! Ehh wait...come let's see today's peektures

Saturday, May 22, 2004

Boring Saturday!!

So unusual of me updating the entry siang2 bored lehh...! Dunno where to go? :( kissy going to JB with her parents and uncle's family for their relative's wedding.. At least she goes somewhere...Us?? aiseyy...!! Hubbie said mebbe later in the evening we go out..But where????? helep! helep! I'm so bored at home... Just finished our lunch.. Today dishes simple & nice.. Cooked SDT (SOTONG DALAM TIN) *wink @ Klopez* , fried bende goreng and papedum..

Nvm lah..I tink I just surf around till I really get bored to death..hahah..

Check tis out "Your True Nature" tat I got from some of the bloggers page...Quite interesting.. :)

Your True Nature by llScorpiusll
The quality that most appeals to you:Strength
In a survival situation, you:Do what is necessary
Your hidden talent is:Adaptability
Your gift is:Genius
In groups, you:Work for a common goal
Your best quality is:Your sense of humour
Your weakness is:Your coldness
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!

Hmmm...wat can I say of my new found True Nature?? hehehe...

This is cute and farnee.... "My Celebrity Family"

My Celebrity Family
by popstarprincess
Your Name
MomJulia Roberts
DadJon Bon Jovi
BrotherColin Farrell
SisterMandy Moore
BoyfriendAshton Kutcher
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!

Wow!! Power lah deyy!!!! My bf Ashton Kutcher..Tat hensem guy!! Fuiyooo.. kalau kahwin ngan dia tak kasi dia kuar rumah ah..muakakaka... oops..jgn marah ye hubbie ku.. ekekekek

Okay lah enuff...I;m gonna surf around tis cool website for more juicy things...I will be back later tonite wif more updates hopefully..hehe.. Njoy yur weekends guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, May 21, 2004


Hubbie is on MC today as his flu still bugging him...After making for him his morning bfast, I went out to follow my mum & sis to buy her watch @ Tampines Mall.. Met them @ Bedok MRT and off we went to Tampines..I was so confident tat there is a City Chain in Tampines Mall..Sekali pegi, dah tutup lerrrrr..aiseyy.. But luckily mum found her new watch opposite the old City Chain shop..Vincent Watch...She chose very fast one... She saw a nice rectangular Citizen watch and wanted it..She handed me dad's ATM card to pay...ya Dad gave his ATM card to mum and asked me to key in the pin to purchase the watch..Dad called me before I went to Tampines asking me to just use his card if I want to purchase anything..I told him tat I dunt need anything now as I just gotten the new hp... :)

After purchasing mum's watch, we off to Century Square Food Court where mum belanja me & sis Yong Tau Foo...Went back after eating.. I went back Bedok first as mum cooked bubur for my sick hubbie to tapau back home...After my bro had installed wateva stuff & s/w inside my new phone, I went back home..Mum kept asking when will I go home as poor hubbie will want to eat the porridge for his lunch...ok ok I will go home lah....

Back home, hubbie was watching Zoolander DVD when I reached home...Served hubbie his porridge before he can take his afternoon medication..Me too eat porridge for lunch...kissy called me to login to the chatroom...So off I went to sit in front of my PC and started chatting..heheh...

By 5.15pm, me & hubbie getting ready to go & meet kissy, Klopez & her Bamz...I can see hubbie was feeling okay at tat time as he had so much energy to tease the gurlz in the chatroom...Supposedly to meet kissy @ 5.40pm..But we are still at home at tat time..So re-schedule the meeting time to be @ 6pm...Reached Orchard @ around 6.10pm...Straight went to Paragon to wait for kissy...Then we headed to Lucky Plaza Lvl 6 foodcourt for our dinner...we ate first while waiting for Klopez & her Bamz to arrive...I ate Laksa with lotsa cockles while hubbie & kissy ate Chicken Cutlet..Klopez & Bamz came around 7pm.. She had Chicken Rice while Bamz had laksa...After finished eating, we proceed to walk slowly to Paragon Starbucks where we usually lepakz...sham came down...Ordered old time feveret, Thomas Kemper Rootbeer..hehehe....As usual, we will talk cock sing song there...hehehe...Actually we were discussing on the details for tis coming 29th May gathering...We gonna have gathering for those who joining us to KL tis August..We gonna be discussing on the details, iteniary & finalised the Hotel by 29th May..& not forgetting our newly wed couple, shny & her hubbie, Fan gonna come down and bring her wedding photos...yay!!!

Hmmmm..We are still thinking on where shud we gather them tat day...Need to find an enclose cafe as nowadays the weather is hot and we dunt want to sweat like hell upon discussing the KL details...Anyway the venue - TBA...Left Starbucks around 10.30pm as Bamz looked so tired and sleepy...& the rest of us getting restless...kekeke...I felt so sleepy too but I know once I'm back home, my eyes will be wide open after the nite bath...

True enuff, after reached home and have my nite bath, I was wide awake and now gonna surf around and chat with kissy.. Hmmm...tomoro can wake up late..yeshh!! Meantime, I can surf till the wee hours.... :P

Oh ya...I got a reply via post from MOE on my CSO application..Sad to say tat I was rejected... Well nvm, not my luck anyway..Tis afternoon, a guy from Raymond Low & Associate called me to come down for an interview tis coming Monday..Post: Business Development Executive..I can't remember whether I did apply for tis job but I guess I did not lah.. His name is Jeryl.. He said he has my resume with him..I can't really catch what he said on the job scope but nvm, I'll just give it a shot for the interview..Will asked for more infos on the job scopes etc...Monday, 2pm @ Anson Road...Wish me luck guys!! ;)

Okay..I'll stop here...Have a happy & enjoyable weekends guys! Bye bye!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 20, 2004

My new gadget!!!

Today I went to my parent's hse quite early..Reached there around 3.15pm..My bro & sis were in too..My dad was on leave today but he followed my uncle to settle his house selling @ HDB together with my grandma & grandad..But he came back around 4 plus...We sat down and chit chatted happily.. Then my dad was asking whether we wanted to go Bedok Central to check out the Nokia 6600 price...So around 6pm, me, my sis and dad went to bedok Central.. Brows

Guess what????? I got my Nokia 6600 liao!!Hysterical Wat my bro said is true as he predicted today for sure 6600 will be mine...hahahah... Dad paid for the hp.. Got it @ $328 after trade-in my 7250 plus upgrading my M1 line by signing up for another 2 years... My wish came true..Thank you soooo much Dad!!! You're the best dad in the world..!! I mean it!!

Here is my beloved phone -->

But my mum didn't know about it..haha..If she got to know, aiyohh..surely kena screammm..ekekeke... But my dad say it's okay..eheheh..Anyway he gonna buy my mum a watch tomoro.. He asked me to bring my mum and my sis to City Chain Tampines and let mum choose a watch tat she like... She longed to have a nice watch...So tomoro morning I got an appointment with my mum & sis...

Hubbie is sick today...Sicky He came my parent's hse but for a lil' while only..After eating the mee soup tat my dad bought for him, he wanted to see doctor before it gets worst... So we off to the doctor abt 7.45pm....Pity him.. His voice soo sengau and his flu was terrible...Doc gave him MC for tomoro..Hopefully he can rest well tomoro and get well soon...I'll be yur nurse tomoro okay dear..hehe Medicine

Now I'm fiddling my 6600..So excited..ehehe..but need to wait for my bro to input some images, tones and songs inside my hp tomoro.. Then it will be full of exciting things inside..Now it's rather plain and boring...ekekekek

Oh ya American Idol just ended @ Ch 5...Jasmine deserved to be out but can I bring Latoya back..hmm...Anyway let see who will be the next American Idol next week..hmmm..I tink it's gonna be Fantasia but who knows Diana can be too..Well nvm..we shall see.....Ponder

Okay lah..gonna continue chatting with kissy and soon will be turning in too...Will be back tomoro ya.. Have a great and enjoyable Friday tomoro... Take care!!!!