Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Today I was feeling very down.. Teary The reason being tat I need a job ASAP..Making A Wish I was beginning to feel soo stress and pressurized.. I've submitted countless of job applications but none came back to me.. Was so dejected.. Lately I noticed all the ads appeared in the Recruit Section or in the online job preferred either Mandarin speaking or Chinese as a race... *sigh* Are they trying to be racist here?? What's strong employing other races besided Chinese? Aren't they competence enuff? We do stand an equal chance oso what???? But who cares...I just go ahead to apply tat kind of adverts anyway... Thanks to the Sakurapz Gurlz who always give me words of encouragement.. Really appreaciate it gurlz..You guys are the best...Thanks to my partner in crime too, Ms kissy who non stop giving me links for agencies and job vacancies...Also thanks to Kak sunflora and Bunnyz who helped me just now forwarding the list of job vacancies too..And to the rest of the gurlz, thanks for keep looking for job vacancies for me...

I followed MIL for her tyroid check up at TTHS just now..It was raining heavily when we went out..Luckily we managed to get a taxi fast.. Reached TTHS real early..It was a fast check up tho'...Syukur tat her blood shows improvement...But she still have to continue the tyroid medication for another 4 weeks before coming back for another appt... We took Bus #21 home...Went back to MIL's house to have roti kirai & chicken curry.. At the same time tapau for hubbie's dinner..Luckily today I dunt haf to cook as instructed by MIL...

Reached home at about 5.30pm.. Straight away I on my PC and login to ewah2..Tot of continuing to find jobs but I was too tired....waited for hubbie to come home...Served him dinner... As I was watching the 7pm Chinese Drama, I felt asleep...So I took a nap for awhile w/o realising it was already 9.03pm...Quickly switch on the TV to watch Spice Siblings....continue to watch Cinta Bollywood after tat...I tink today's episode I give a thumbs down..with tat Nuraliza Osman being so kaku just now...and one thing..I tink there's a blooper in one of the scene where Julia, Nurul and Nurul's mum were talking and was shocked tat the dialog bet Julia and Nurul's mum was repeated twice...HmmMm...disengaja kan atau tidak?? But anyway I only like Julia, Aaron & Nurul's acting...They are superb.. Well anyway sorry to criticise CB2..But sincerely, I feel that CB1 is much much more interesting than CB2..

Just read CaRLiTA's msg in my tagboard..She was complaining abt her job and she HATES her job oso....Geez..I've applied a post in her company liao...Now I'm having a second thoughts if they were to call me..oops!! Nevermind, I shall see...hehe

Now it's time to sleep....My eyes can't take it anymore...Gonna turn in early today...Tomoro is another day..Going to my parent's hse for dinner..Yippieeee!! Can get to see my parents & siblings...!! My dad was asking my mum tat day why I did not call home for few days..Sorry dad...!! :>
Okay guys...hope u haf a great Thursday tomoro...Take care ya.....Good Night

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