Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Wet Wet Wet!!

Today is a very wet day...At last it really rained!!!!Thunderstorms I took the oppurtunity to go to GValue eventho' it's raining outside.. Lurve the feeling of walking in the rain but with my brolly of cos..hehehe..

Cooked kway teow goreng today and fried Ayamas Chicken.. Today I'm unable to join the Sakurapz Gurlz on their lunch outing.. Sorry gurlz..Next outing perhaps.. ;)

Was in front of my PC for quite awhile, applying for jobs online as well as bloghopping.. plus chatting as usual..hehe

Now I just finished watching Cinta Bollywood 2...Makin ku tgk cite ni, makin ku benci si Nuraliza Osman's acting..eyuuuckks!! Oh well, gonna catch the Final Two Performance of American Idol 3 @ 11pm..

Guess better stop here cos I got nuthing much to say today... See ya guys tomoro... Papaiiii!!!

Leaving you guys a quote tat I got thru sms...

"Friendship is a dance of give-and-take between people who have chosen to care for one another..."

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