Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Today I did the "palak becah" for my so called bfast.. It was nice indeed...But I doubt hubbie will like it cos he doesn't go for sweet stuff..hehe

Today I did my housewerk before I really sat myself down in front of my PC to chat and flooding emails to the Sakurapz Gurlz...hehe..

I surprised hubbie by making Kentang Daging Berkeju..I know he sure to like it and indeed when dinner was served, he was like drooling seeing the Kentang Daging Berkeju..hehe.. He ate 5 of it... Goofy.. He even suggested tat I can make it during Ramadhan..Aiseyman way to go lah dear.. Nanti I buat kan lah..hehee

Just finished watching tat CB2...Wah lauuuu...So childish ah tis episode.. The part yg Shahril terpekik pasal Julia tuh..Dah cam budak2 seh dialog dia..ekeke..Den tat Nuraliza Osman's acting wasssss sooo FAKE man!!! Sucks Big Time!!!! She cannot act lah dey!! Every movement of hers and her facial expression wasss soo fake and kaku...aiyohhh!! helep!helep! can't even stand her now...Actually I forced myself to see today's episode...What a letdown man!! Tongue On The Floor

Enuff about CB2 else my darah go upstairs..ehehe... Now I'm turning in oredy ah...Seems so tired ah today... Haf a great day tomoro....2 more days to weekend ya.. Take care & tata!!!!

psssssstt..okay I've removed the palak becah pic..hahaha..Ku tgk pon seram..ekekeke

 Kentang Daging Berkeju


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