Saturday, May 29, 2004

Great place, good companion, yummie food!!

Yawn I'm soooo tired!! I tink if I were to put my head on my pillow, for sure I will dozed off immediately.. Sleepy Was out since 10am tis morning..Went over to PIL's house for bfast den at abt 11.30am, all of us went to hospital to visit hubbie's aunt...She looks critical.. Sorry I Can't

At about 2.15pm, we made a move and headed to Rex Rest @ Prinsep Street for our lunch.. Met kissy, arone, Klopez & Nahar there...All of us ate chicken rice..Den around 4.20pm, we proceeded to Coffee Club @ Rendezvous Hotel where we had made reservation for 20 pax.. Cushion seats somemore u know..hehe.. But upon reaching there, we got only 2 tables..WHAT 2 TABLES for 20 pax?? Giler ker??? We saw 3 groups of peepz still lazing around the table tat we had booked.. Tat made us soo angry... Steamed The manager told us to hang on cos they were there since 11am and have yet to get out from there.. So we have to sit @ other place...But soon, we got an idea I've Got It whereby all of us cramped at the tables & seats and made some noises so as to irritate the peepz there.. At last cabootz gak manusia2 tuh cuma ada 2 ekor nie punya lah degil...Still buat dek jer..bleh order lagik nak taplek jer.. But wat we care..we turned tat area upside down with our laughter & jokes!! Pi mamposhh!! hehehe...Anyway all of us gave Coffee Club business wat today..Over $100 plus dorang untung dari kita tau..!! hehee...

We proceed to discuss the details on our KL Trip in August..Most of us had already now we need to buy the tickets and booked the hotel so tat to avoid disappointment cos tat week will be a peak period cos of National Day Holiday!

After tat, we browse thru shny aka nymph's wedding albums...Very de nicee ahh..hehe.. Cam nak sanding lagik ah.. Bride And Groom

We made a move from Coffee Club @ around 7 plus den proceed to M.A Deen Rest (Beach Rd) for our dinner.. Kak Sun & Abg Mie did not join us as they have a movie date.. Romantik seh akak kita sorang nie.. In Love Shny & Fan too have to go to a birthday party @ Woodlands..

As usual we jokes & laff all the way thru our dinner...Our victim for today is Miss Kissy..hehe..teruk dia kene kacau ngan kita.. Pukul abis ah kissy kene..ekeke..kesian dia...Everybody trying to matchmake her with ada jer manusia2 tuh..ekeke..Sorry hOr kissy...No joke no fun leh!! Too Funny

We made our move from there @ around 9 plus..Head back home..Hubbie tapau 5 packs of mee goreng for his brader & family as they are going to sleep over @ our hse tonite.. They came from Malacca yesterday nite just to see Busu @ hospital...

Now still msn-ing with Klopez & shanah..Too bad kissy can't join us in the conversation as her PC cudn't get connected to the internet.. Shud be the virus infection ah..iskk. Pity her..Her mum was out masak-ing for owang kahwin...Her dad just went to Indonesia.. She was all alone @ home..Aiseyman..Confirm boring dia..As she too can't live w/o internet connection..hehe..Sabar eh kissy...We try to find solution for u soon!!

Okay just finished uploading the peektures we took just now.. I'll end here for tonite.. Byee guys!!!

Click on the thumbnails to view a bigger version of the peekures..

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