Monday, May 24, 2004

Shud I or shud I not??

Guess what?? I did not go for the interview tat i supposed to go @ 2pm..Actually I was contemplating to go the interview..Just then I realised tat the company tat I'm going for the interview was actually a Finance Company..Thanks to kissy who made a call to the company for me...I got the feeling tat the post tat the company offered me gonna be a sale position..SALES??? I hate to do sales...Salary wised must be based on the commission..No fixed monthly salary..Arghhh...Who wants it?? I dunt!!! Hubbie told me not to go too..He was saying tat the company must have came up with a tactic of making the position name soo cheem so tat people tot tat it must be a good post offered...Well what can I say..Me too was so taken into the post called Business Development Executive..But one thing for sure, it involved sale cos I did heard the guy who called me up saying tat I have to assist the manager in doing Sales.. Hmmm..nvm..I just hope tat I will get a genuine offer next time...Anyway the company didn't even bother to call me up being tat I missed the interview so I guess they shud have more interviewees tat are being "trapped" by them..hehe..

Today I did not cook as MIL gave me sambal goreng...I just fried ayam ketumba jintan for dinner..So today spent my time online..Did changed my blog skin but now the background peektures are gone..So sad...even kissy's blog too having missing background peektures.. Anyway I had email the creator of tis skin getting help from her to get the background pics back.. I shud have saved the peektures @ my own server..aiseyyy....

Now waiting for the Ch 8 Chinese Drama...Meanwhile I'm chatting with kissy, Klopez, Nini & hubbie's niece, Aqilah.. Okay I tink I stop here for now...

Oh ya..Today is Aliyah & Jaybon 1st Wedding Anniversary...Happy Anniversary Semoga perhubungan antara kamu semakin erat dan kekal hingga ke syurga..Dan juga, semoga dikurniakan cahayamata secepat mungkin..Amin!!

Kay here is the peektures taken @ Anjung Warisan on Saturday..Nice ambience there..Thanks Klopez for the nice peektures..

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