Saturday, May 01, 2004

Today I had a shopping spree with kissy, shanah, Klopez & also Smoochy....At first I tot my hubbie wanted to follow us but just bcos there's no other guys going so he let me go with the gurlz...Met Klopez @ Kembangan MRT and headed to Somerset MRT to meet shanah & kissy.. As kissy & Smoochy were late, we proceed to Burger King Orchard Emerald to wait for them..Ordered our lunch there...After about an hr plus, we proceed to Winsland House to go to the Body Shop Sale.. Was quite worth it to buy the body shop stuff there as the sale was super low the cost...Bought quite a number of things there...

After the shopping spree @ the Body Shop Sale, we then proceed to our next destination..S'pore Expo..Yeahh..we went to Robinsons Sale... Took MRT there.... Not tat bad the sale tis time.. Quite cheap stuff.. But so sad tat I cud not get the Perllini bag tat kissy got on Friday 2 for $9.90.. I wanted the design tat kissy had but left only the obit2 design...So forget it..but I did buy a nice small bag tat cost only $9...I oso bought bedsheets...Yeshh..I cudn't resist it when I was at he Bed Linen Dept...Was sooo cheap..Actually I told myself tat I will not buy any bed linen stuff as there's one bedsheet which I bought @ Metro Marina closing sale which I have yet to use it @ home..hehe..But end up, I bought one...The one tat I wanted @ Plaza Sing when they had a sale tat time..But tat time the price was around $49.90 and believe it or not, I got it @ only $12..Cheappp rite???? Well the payment queue was quite long but it was fast cos I tink there's over 40 cashiers there... By then I was sooo tired as I had a flu tat day...My throat was not tat good as it sore a bit...Anyway I did not sleep well the last nite...Only managed to sleep @ 4.45am and wake up @ 9.30am...My head was grogy and I tot of taking a cab back home but when kissy told me there will be a surcharge of extra $4, I leave the idea behind...Called hubbie..At first he said he gonna pick me up..Pheww..was soo happy but then he called back and told me tat he just realised tat he had washed his helmet and it's still wet...Sighhh....So have to join them taking MRt back home...

Reached home @ around 7.10pm.. By the time my head is spinning...I took a shower then ate my flu tablet...I tot I can take a nap after maghrib prayer but my BIL from Malacca came by for awhile...Oh ya BIL & family came down tis morning as Mon & Tue is a PH for Malaysia...They just pop up over at my MIL hse w/o giving any warning..haha..He likes to to tat...hehe... So I was so paiseh if I want to continue my sleep then I woke up and greeted him...He came by for while before we all went over to MIL's place... Was so kecoh at MIL's place as my eldest BIL and family were there too...My SIL and family have to sleep over my place as the house was to cramp to fit all of them SIL and family plus 2 of my Malacca niece, have to sleep over here... Came back home @ 11pm.. Had a chit chat with SIL before me & hubbie went out again to Al Ameen to meet Klopez & Nahar...Noticed tat Klopez oso had a terrible flu..hahaha..The 2 sick ladies.... Anyway I ordered a Chicken Porridge there...And had a bluberry drink..was so nice...Will ordered tat again when I come to eat there.... Went back almost 2am..

Anyway I back date this entry as I was too tired to make any entry of this blog... hehee... I'll stop here for tis one... Will continue my next entry soon...meantime enjoy the pics taken while the gurlz had their GURLS DAY OUT today...More pics come click here!

Pictures of the day..

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