Friday, May 14, 2004 so many to story about..hehehe...I shall start one by one kay..hehe... Me & hubbie went out @ 9pm tis morning... Reached Orchard @ 9.30am and hubbie straight went up to take his MCSA exam...After wishing him luck, I went over to Lucky Plaza bus stop to wait for kissy... Pagi2 dah merayau kat Orchard..Lengang sehh....bestt!! hehe... kissy alight from bus service 111 and we went 7-11 first to but ST before proceeding to Takashimaya McDonald... Upon reaching there, was quite shocked tat they didn't serve morning breakfast.. Soo hampehh!! We then make our way to Wisma McDonald to have our bfast...I ordered Big Bfast while kissy had her Hotcakes with sausage.. Been quite sometimes since I ate the McD bfast...Finished our bfast at about 10.50am...When we were about to jalan2 at Wisma, hubbie called... He said tat he had finished his exam and wanted to meet us at Taka to have his bfast..Kept asking him how he fare for his exam but he didn't want to tell me yet.. Met him @ Taka den we proceed to KFC.. Hubbie had 2 pcs Chicken meal and cheese fries while we just sit down and accompany him... Oh ya!!! He finally pass his MCSA exam..Now he is certified as MCP...Congrats dear!!! He scored 860 out of 540 of the passing mark.. Now he's studying for another paper... Soon Insya Allah he can be certified as a MCSA & MCSE holder..

After tat, we went jalan2 while hubbie went for his Friday prayer @ Al Falah Mosque.. me & kissy rounding2 satu Takashimaya... Met hubbie back at 1.50pm.. Sat at Coffee Club Express at Paragon to kill time but we didn't ordered anything..hahaha..We set off to Tanjong Pagar at 2.20pm...Poor kissy had to take MRT while we took our bike..Wanted to accompany kissy but ermmm...hehehe....anyway before we went ahead to Tanjong Pagar for our karaoke session, we bought Chicken rice from McKenzie Rex @ Prinsep St to tapau there.. Tat's our lunch..!! kissy met Aliyah at Tanjong Pagar MRT...Oh ya...Aliyah is on MC today but she went back to werk just to clear her remaining stuff... Pekerja Contoh lah katakan..ekekek... Hubbie had his lunch at the carpark just in front of the Karaoke place...tak sabau2 ah..ehehe..Anyway we tot there will be a table outside the place but it seems tat they have yet to take out the tables and chairs... As soon as the place opened, me and hubbie make our way in to book a room of 7 people... We went in first and chose our songs... a few minutes later, kissy, Aliyah & Jaybonz came..Jaybon oso took leave.. hehehe...We had a fun time singing all the way thru..Klopez & Nahar joined us @ 3.45pm..Klopez took time off just to join us for the karaoke session..hehehe...We had the Happy Hour session...From 3pm to 7pm - $32 (inclusive of 6 drinks but excluding the tidbits and fruits)...Gerekkk ah the place and affordable too..Anyone who wants to karaoke, I'm willing to rekemen the place..Tag me, email me or call me!! ekekeke... Famous 2

We had tonnes of fun & laughter there...We proceed to have our dinner @ Sakura CT Hall.. kissy had made a reservation...Aliyah & Jaybonz did not join us as they have to proceed to Jaybonz's family gathering.. but Bunnyz & Hirman joined us instead....Me & kissy ordered Oyster Chicken Noodle, hubbie & Nahar had Hong Kong HorFun, Klopez had Roasted Chicken Rice, Bunnyz & Hirman had Cockles Fried Kway Teow but Bunnyz chose w/o the taugeh..hehehe.. After dinner all of us went home instead of lepak-ing...That's unusual of us going back early on Friday nite..ehehe.. But anyway it JUST bcos of the Pesta Perdana & the last episode of Spice Siblings..heheh...Reached home at 8.40pm...Luckily Pesta Perdana just started...

This year Pesta Perdana not bad lah!! Good host! Great winners!! Maudy & Syafinaz were lovely with their dresses, make up & hairdos..GREAT werk!! Suhaimi Yusoff & his kelakarness...gue asyik ketawa jer..BIG CONGRATULATION to Nurul Aini...She won the Pengacara Terbaik tis year and beats Suhaimi Yusoff, Dalina Jaapar, Khairuddin Shamsudin & Siti Zurairiyah..You Go Girl!! You really deserved the prestige award!! I was sooo happy tat Rahsia Perkahwinan won 7 awards altogether..Pelakon Lelaki Terbaik (Khairudin Shamsudin), Pelakon Wanita Terbaik (Sharon Ismail - really happy tat she won cos she was sooo good in performing her role as Rozita), Bintang Kanak2 (Nur Syaqilah - the cute lil girl), Best Drama, Pelakon Harapan Terbaik (Nuraliza Osman - eventho I dunt really like her acting..hehe), Penerbit & Pengarah Terbaik & Perlakon Veteran Terbaik (S Affendy as Abg Farid)..Kudos to Rahsia Perkahwinan..good job Ku dah mcm REPORTER tak BERGAJI ah..ekekeke... Bouncy 5 Oh ya my congratulation goes to shny's sis, Suraya too as she and her team (Mediamorphosis) won the Rancangan Informasi/Budaya Terbaik for Zoom Thailand...Saw her taking the award.. :)

well, well, well..enuff of Pesta Perdana..ekekeke... Spice Siblings ended today with a sad ending...Uwahhhhhh...Wen He matiiiii.....So sad till I really cry...Hubbie cakap aku siaooo!! Bleh gitu..ekeke..Kata tgk drama mesti penuh dgn menghayati citer tu..hehehe...But anyway was toggling between Suria & Ch 8 jus now..hehehe.. Let see if tis coming Monday drama is good to follow thru..hehehe.. Mampus gue addicted balik ngan drama cina nie..ekekek...

Gue dah penat typing nie...Dah mcm typing test plak..hahahah.. nak tidoo ahh... tomoro gonna go NTUC to do groceries shopping..Hubbie gue dah gaji!! yay! yay! Ku pon akan dapat gaji..ekekeke...Tomoro, Klopez, Nahar & kissy will be coming my hse..Kita nak masak2 lagik...Hubbie & Nahar gonna go to bike shop to change some parts of their bikes.. while we, the gurlz have to cook for them..Kissy gonna buy kerangz @ Tanglin Halt market & her mum gonna make for us sambal kicap to be dipped with the kerangz.. But now I can't tink of wat to cook for tomoro..Tot of cooking Chilli Crab..but we'll see how tomoro..hehehe... Brows

Okay now I'm gonna bloghopping & surf other websites...Have a great weekends & enjoy yurselves guys!! Take care & papaiii!!! pssssttt..sorry for the long entry..kalau boring tuh..minta maap lah saja ye...Cheq dah terober plak hari nie..hehehehe..

aiseyyyy...fotopages down ner nak upload gamba2 tadi..iskkk...Kan dah togel blog gue tanpa images..hehehe Will upload tomoro ah kalau dia dah baik..eheheh...ok ok I go now..papai again!... Face Plant

As is the pictures!!

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