Thursday, May 20, 2004

My new gadget!!!

Today I went to my parent's hse quite early..Reached there around 3.15pm..My bro & sis were in too..My dad was on leave today but he followed my uncle to settle his house selling @ HDB together with my grandma & grandad..But he came back around 4 plus...We sat down and chit chatted happily.. Then my dad was asking whether we wanted to go Bedok Central to check out the Nokia 6600 price...So around 6pm, me, my sis and dad went to bedok Central.. Brows

Guess what????? I got my Nokia 6600 liao!!Hysterical Wat my bro said is true as he predicted today for sure 6600 will be mine...hahahah... Dad paid for the hp.. Got it @ $328 after trade-in my 7250 plus upgrading my M1 line by signing up for another 2 years... My wish came true..Thank you soooo much Dad!!! You're the best dad in the world..!! I mean it!!

Here is my beloved phone -->

But my mum didn't know about it..haha..If she got to know, aiyohh..surely kena screammm..ekekeke... But my dad say it's okay..eheheh..Anyway he gonna buy my mum a watch tomoro.. He asked me to bring my mum and my sis to City Chain Tampines and let mum choose a watch tat she like... She longed to have a nice watch...So tomoro morning I got an appointment with my mum & sis...

Hubbie is sick today...Sicky He came my parent's hse but for a lil' while only..After eating the mee soup tat my dad bought for him, he wanted to see doctor before it gets worst... So we off to the doctor abt 7.45pm....Pity him.. His voice soo sengau and his flu was terrible...Doc gave him MC for tomoro..Hopefully he can rest well tomoro and get well soon...I'll be yur nurse tomoro okay dear..hehe Medicine

Now I'm fiddling my 6600..So excited..ehehe..but need to wait for my bro to input some images, tones and songs inside my hp tomoro.. Then it will be full of exciting things inside..Now it's rather plain and boring...ekekekek

Oh ya American Idol just ended @ Ch 5...Jasmine deserved to be out but can I bring Latoya back..hmm...Anyway let see who will be the next American Idol next week..hmmm..I tink it's gonna be Fantasia but who knows Diana can be too..Well nvm..we shall see.....Ponder

Okay lah..gonna continue chatting with kissy and soon will be turning in too...Will be back tomoro ya.. Have a great and enjoyable Friday tomoro... Take care!!!!

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